Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Hell?

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By Teal Scott

In this episode of Ask Teal, the topic addressed is: Suicide.TealScott2

In this episode, Teal explains that suicide is a topic which has been shrouded in stigma for hundreds of years. In our society today, suicide has become taboo because it is so tightly interwoven with the concept of sin. Teal explains how the concept of suicide as a sin originated and then goes on to say that those who commit suicide DO NOT go to hell. Suicide is the byproduct of the feeling of total powerlessness. It occurs when someone has focused negatively for so long or with such intensity, that they become cut off from the natural stream of well being which created their life in the first place (their higher self). Teal explains that suicide could be accurately seen as pushing a re-set button. It is not a decision which is good or bad in and of it’s self. Source (that which is often called God) does not condemn nor condone the decision. And nor should we…We can not say that suicide is wrong without also saying that death is wrong.

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One thought on “Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Hell?

  1. This is a really good topic. I feel that only people who have been depressed and suicidal have any opinion to give. Its not a matter for the intellect, but depression is a spiritual journey that introduces us to the concept of death and what it really means. As humans, we’re terrified of the subject and suicidal feelings bring us to the brink and makes us stare it in the face. I think suicidal feelings help us contemplate who we REALLY are, when we’re not in this body. It was like that for me anyway. Thanks for such good subjects, and Teal seems to think quite deeply.

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