4 Minute News from Today

AngelicView: I think this is a very important 4 minute News from Suspicious Observers. This guy is really on to something regarding earthquakes and spaceweather!

(Please click on video to go to You Tube to get to the list of links he has posted).


4 thoughts on “4 Minute News from Today

  1. SO also has other videos that he creates from time to time, that explain certain things. I should do a summary of his useful ones into the one post on my blog sometime.

  2. This is really interesting observation. I’ve heard a lot about this, but never seen a video quite like this!

    By the way, I’ve done a blog about crystals in order to promote a blogging friend’s book. If you like the look of it, I’d be grateful if you’d pass it on. But only if you like the look of it. Trying to promote the good things in the universe! Thanks! Here’s the link

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