The Fall of Consciousness (Part I)

AngelicView: This is the story, as told by Jim Self, how we became 3rd density Beings. A three part series.

The Story of the Fall of Consciousness Part I

By Jim Self

In 2002 I asked an archangel what I thought was a simple question. I expected a simple answer. What I got was not a simple answer, but instead the story of “The Fall of Consciousness.” The answer is still not complete and the wonderful conversation continues.


How did the Fall of Consciousness occur? What was it? Who was involved, and how has it continued to unfold to this day? The story is told by Archangels Uriel, Zadkiel, Michael and Metatron.

Uriel starts by explaining…There was no war. There were no bad guys. There was no angel that betrayed Creator and ran off with all the knowledge. It didn’t happen that way.

Let’s keep it simple… A long, long time ago the Creator wished to know itself more fully. So Creator reached into itself and created many new aspects of Itself. Aspects that you know as the Holy Spirit, the I AM Presence, the Christed Light and much, much more. Creator also reached into Itself and created an infinite number of beings known as creator gods. Creator sent them out to explore and create new possibilities. To assist with their creation, Creator developed and provided a blueprint or schematic and gave it to the creator gods to use. Thrilled, the creator gods created.

Using this blueprint they created magnificent creations with the Light of the Creator. They created universes, new aspects of consciousness and realms of thought and wonderment, all new and all very exciting. This went on for a very long time, although time as we know it did not exist.

At some point in the process something unexpected occurred. Somewhere in All- That-Is, a creator god did something new and unintentional. Instead of following the blueprint, which said put blocks one, two, three and four together, this creator god stacked the blocks differently. They were stacked three, one, two and four instead. At first no one really noticed this change and this new pattern became more widely used. At some point this new way of creating was indeed noticed. This discovery caused tremendous excitement within the creator gods. This was a brand new experience, something that had never been present before. All became very excited.

The creator gods went back to Creator and asked for even more ability to create even bigger and grander things. Creator agreed and gave them a new blueprint, one that was much more full, containing many, many more aspects of the Creator’s consciousness. This became known as the “Will” of the Creator; the first Ray of Creation. This Ray contained the intention of the Creator. It contained everything in total alignment with the Creator’s intention. This first Ray was very vast. One of the new components it contained excited the creator gods very much. It was called free will. Up until that point, free will was not available. The creator gods had always followed the original blueprint.

Equipped with these new tools, the creator gods went out and created in the most amazing ways. That was their job and they loved their job. The Creator also created another creation—the Archangels and the angelic realm. The Archangelic realm, VisionOfClarityaccording to Uriel, had a very specific purpose. It was created to be, in simple terms, the spectators, participants, and audience of the great creations of the creator gods. Their job was to go to the great theaters, in a manner of speaking, and enjoy the performances. They did their job well and they loved their

The creations continued, and continued. The creator gods not only created more, they also created more creator gods. They had all the capacity to do that. And those first creator gods created more creator gods ,and those creator gods created more creator gods, and the process continued.

The creator gods loved their creations and although all created within the Light of the Creator, some of the creators gods began to use more of their own light to create with, rather than the pure Light of Creator. As these creator gods continued to create, and create new creators gods, this experience of creating with their own light was passed on. As this was all still within the Light brought forth by the Creator this was not noticed at first.

But with this unfolding, small ripples and wobbles began to appear in the creations. This began to be noticed by many of the original creator gods and the Creator. These newer creator gods didn’t have the same level of wisdom, knowledge and experience as the creator gods before them. Many of those younger creator gods were very enamored with their creations. Within their free will, they began to use more of their individual light and not the pure, balanced Light of the Creator. Their creations contained less and less of the Creator’s Light. They contained less of the intention of the Creator and much more of their own unique intention. These creator gods were very excited and they were having so much fun with their new abilities, they didn’t really concern themselves with this.

This continued to be noticed by Creator, as there were growing numbers of these creations made without the full, original Light. To bring about a correction and assist these creator gods to return to the use of the original blueprint, two new Rays of MySacredSpaceCreation were given to all of the creator gods. Because there was free will, it was only suggested they be used. These Rays provided opportunities to expand All-That-Is.

The second Ray of Creation was drawn from the first Ray. This Ray holds all color. Color, until then, had never been experienced. The second Ray also held the capacity to step energy up and step energy down, much like a transformer. This brought about many more possibilities of creating in larger and smaller ways.

The third Ray holds frequencies and sub-frequencies in many different configurations and arrangements. Energetics, they are called. These are enormous building blocks of constructive energy, which hold all possibilities. The first, second and third Rays were used during all steps of the creative process.

These three Rays were developed to uplift the distorted creations, raising them back to higher levels of Light. Creator wanted these distorted creations and the creator gods themselves to return to using the original blueprint that was in greater alignment with All-That-Is.

Other Rays were also offered freely by the Creator with the intention to bring all back into the original Light. Because of free will, creations cannot be taken back or erased.

A point was soon reached when many of the newer creator gods were using very little of the original blueprint to create with. Uriel explained that at this point, there was a line drawn and Creator said something very simple, “If you wish to create with the Creator’s Light all is available to you on this side of the line but if you are going to create with your own light, then you no longer have access to the Light of the Creator.”

Many understood the importance of what was being offered and they returned tocreate solely with the Creator’s Light and the Rays of Creation, but many did not. Those who did not return loved their creations. They were enamored with their creations, and they continued to create with their own light.

But you see, by this time the distortions and mutations had the capacity to replicate and regenerate on their own. The distortions self-organized and did not follow patterns of Light held within the Rays. They had a mind of their own ,in a manner of speaking, mutating into expanded distortions with even less Light. These distortions began to have a great impact on not only creations but also all creator gods.

The more they created outside of the Creator’s Light, the more distortions and mutations were in their creations. More wobbles and ripples appeared. This continued to be of concern to Creator and all those using Creator’s Light. Creator saw the potential of this pattern spiraling out into darkness. Therefore, more Rays were offered, with the continuing purpose to bring back all who were creating outside of the pureness of the original Light, as well as add to the expansion of possibilities within each creation itself. With every new Ray that was created, it
worked really quite well…JimSelf

Until it didn’t.

In part 2: How and why the mutations and distortions that contributed to the fall
started to occur.

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