Life After Death: The Other Side

By Dolores Cannon

After dying, there may be a period of confusion for some souls, but not all. It depends on the manner of death, whether it was natural, sudden or unexpected, peaceful or violent. Throughout all my past life regressions, the main thing I have found is the assurance that one is never alone after dying. We all are helped through the life after death experience.GuardianAngel4

While deep in trance, one of my subjects related the following about life after death, specifically the first experiences of the spirit on the other side: “There is a period of orientation, or re-orientation which could be confusing to some as they figure out where they should go. But they need not worry because help is sent immediately. Usually a handful of souls will come that you have had close karmic connections with in former lifetimes. They are in between incarnations themselves and will be there to greet you.”

The subject went on to explain that you will recognize the souls who come to greet you. You will remember the last life that you experienced with them, and then begin to remember other lives you had with them before that as your “soul memory” reawakens.

Due to karma, not only is there life after death; there are many lives after many deaths.

Whatever guidance a soul needs after transitioning the death experience will be provided. Life after death is guaranteed because the soul is indestructible. For humans, accepting death should be as easy as embracing life, because one cannot exist without the other. The spirit is not just a thing that resides in a body; it is eternal energy, created by Source.

If life after death is assured, what do we do after our soul leaves a physical body before it reincarnates to live another life on Earth? My subjects have described a state of being where the soul is taught lessons by great masters and has access to all the information it needs to learn and grow. These schools of knowledge exist on the astral plane, which may resemble the physical plane of Earth, but is far more evolved and refined.

You may see incredibly beautiful buildings, landscapes and greenery – all bathed in energy and colors that are more pure and vibrant than any on Earth – what you might call Paradise. When experiencing life after death, Paradise could be thought of as the higher astral planes of Earth, where souls go to study and learn about their physical experiences.

The concept of Heaven is abstract and difficult to describe in terms humans on the DoloresCannonphysical plane can understand. It refers to the higher planes where everything is energy. Souls that are learning about their lives on Earth go to Paradise to study life after death. When souls finally learn all the life lessons required they no longer need to reincarnate on Earth and can merge with the pure energy of the Creator in Heaven – the ultimate goal.

Dolores Cannon

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