Why Don’t We Remember our Past Lives?

By Teal Scott

We are eternal. This means we have been projecting forth into physical lives and withdrawing from them over and over and over again. You are the culmination of every life you have ever lived. When you die, you line up with everything that life has caused TealScott2you to desire. That is pure positive energy. Which means that you don’t drag baggage with you. You may choose to “opt” into new contrast though based on a past life you have lived.

Your eternal aspect is not oriented towards the past; it is always using the past as a platform for what is to come. We are always oriented towards the expansion the improvement. When you come into a new life, you close your eyes to the past, in order to open them to a new existence. The benefit of a new life is a new perspective… other than a perspective that is an accumulation of every other life as well. That would be like trying to listen to a billion channels on a radio at the same time. Our eternal being (often called a soul) manages to be all these channels at once. Which is why you can see your past lives when you withdraw your focus and re-align with your eternal consciousness like when the Buddha was meditating under the Bodhi tree. 

We come into one singular life focused on this singular life.

We sometimes refer to this as going “balls deep” into the program. Doing this benefits us greatly. Isn’t it a different level of experience walking into a movie theatre and having no memory of life before you entered the movie theatre than it is when you’re aware of the life that exists before and after the movie theatre?

The idea that we must be here in order to clear karma accumulated in past lives is another very outdated very human understanding of this universe. The current understanding of karma, makes God or the Universe out to be a kind of parental figure that gets to dictate what lives you live based on what he or it sees as essential for you to live in order for you to achieve his pre determined idea of perfection and make up for past mistakes and learn the lessons the universe wants you to learn.

Your past lives do not hold the key you are looking for… If it seems like a past life did hold the key, it is because you managed to relate to a past life maybe not even YOUR past life that better symbolically represented your current struggle and when you released the pain relative to the symbolic past life, you also released your resistance relative to that current struggle.

We are here to facilitate our soul’s expansion in this lifetime. We cannot do this and be continuously immersed in the past. It is a vibrational contradiction. We cannot look behind us and move forward at the same time. In truth we cannot look behind us and even be in the present moment at the same time. And that is why most of us have chosen to let go of the memories of our past lives at the same time as we chose to participate in this one.

5 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Remember our Past Lives?

  1. I do agree the interpretation of Karma is not quite right. The soul has a different let’s say mind set. It looks on life as an experience in a multitude of experiences. If an experience needs revision and deeper understanding. The soul will seek a method for full inter fraction of the experience. To this end it will engage other souls who also need to further experience to develop a plan to explore these aspects. The soul is quite existential in its approach to experience unlike our aspects which by nessesity during life here need to be innocent of any design. Hence one returns after being wiped clean of residual unessesary memory that can disturb or contaminate the desired learning. Uncomfortable for us but not long lasting.

  2. I have had the experience of past life recall (DNA content perhaps?) during this life time, and I can attest to what you say that the purpose for it was actually to help me heal in this present life. The memories usually happened at the same time that energy blockages or negative patterns were removed or a major life event or relationship needed to be understood from a wider perspective in order to facilitate that healing. Good read, I enjoyed it! ❤

  3. Simple answer to why we can’t recall our past life when the human race was created it was as a slave race by the Annunaki, they made it so a light being when reincarnated into a human body it has amnesia and also they wiped the light being memory with a machine, move to the present day the machine is no longer in use due to benevolent ET but even if a light being has never been here on earth before and is reincarnated into a human body they would have amnesia but may remember who they are in time, now if said light being was to die it would have it memories back and when the body is asleep the light being walking about would know who it is but once awake it’s back to amnesia, but there is a catch to this the amnesia becomes permet the more you reincarnate. You wish to learn more about light being then read Alien Interview.

    • Well, that is one theory that is “out there”, I have pretty much read them all, I think. One person or group claims they have all the answers while another person or group claims the same. I think we just need to be satisfied with whatever resonates with us, personally, because we won’t know for sure until we are done with this life and we can go to the other side of the veil and check out what the real answers are.

      It is my theory that 3D Earth life requires a veil, and it is placed on us with our permission, so that we can live this life without knowing all the answers. If we knew all the answers to the test, then what would be the point in testing?

      I do not believe that any nefarious group has done this to us. But it doesn’t really matter what you or I believe at this point. The point is to live our lives and to love. Love is the key and the power behind creating the life we want.

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