Pi – The Great Work

“The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.”  ~Galileo


AngelicView: I have never been a good student of Math. I didn’t like it in school, and I’m not too fond of it to this day. I think it has something to do with the rote memory factor of learning it. In Math, as I see it, you just have to learn a bunch of things that don’t make sense and do it “just because that’s how it’s done”. In my life, whenever I have learned anything effectively, I have learned it in a way that tells me the “why’s” it is the way it is. And if there is a “why” to Mathematics, then the American education system has failed me, in that respect.

Perhaps this is the reason I never really could understand Numerology, including Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence, Pi, and everything that goes with it. However, as a student of esoteric knowledge and philosophy, I have to consider that when someone (or many someones) are getting so excited and standing upon rooftops and shouting about something, then there’s probably something to it, and I’m just not getting what it is. And so it is in this category that I place Numerology – for me.

With that said, I did find this week’s “Truth Hour” very interesting, even though there’s a big question mark in my head about some of it.

Video Description: Recorded on 3/27/13
Tonight on The Truth Hour… Pi — The Great Work… Join host Johnny Guzman and Special Guest Marty Leeds… Marty will explain the mathematics behind the great mysteries of ancient stories and the English alphabet… A must see show!!! See us live here on Facebook, and in www.bonaccithefilm.com … For all of our previous shows go to our YouTube Channel: QL Television


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