Life After Death: The Transition

By Dolores Cannon

OBENDEWhen I lecture or write about the death experience that can occur during hypnotherapy and past life regression, the big questions that most people have are what is it like to die and is there truly life after death? The answer to the second question is yes.

As for the first question, perhaps it might be best to let my subjects speak about the death experience in their own words. But to begin, let me say that with death comes wisdom. Something happens with the shedding of the physical body; an entirely new dimension of knowledge, previously unknown to the subject during their conscious life, opens up. Life after death reveals answers to questions that have haunted us since the beginning.

A human being’s true nature, the soul is hampered and hidden within the physical body. The personality or spirit that existed before the body was born continues after it dies. Once freed form the physical body, the spirit can perceive much more than we can ever imagine during our lives on Earth. Thus, when I talk to people who have experienced life after death, I am able to obtain the answers to many puzzling and perplexing questions.

What is revealed during sessions that involve life after death depends upon the personal spiritual growth of that particular soul being regressed. Some have more knowledge than others do because they have learned more lessons over many lifetimes, and are able to express truth in terms that are easier for those of us still in the physical form to grasp.

The most common descriptions I have found of the moment when death occurs are that there is a feeling of coldness, and then suddenly the spirit is standing by the side of their former physical body. At first, they usually cannot understand why the other people at the scene are upset because they feel wonderful. The overall sensation the spirit experiences when discovering there indeed is life after death is one of exhilaration rather than dread.

The following is a quote from a woman in her 80’s during a past life regression when she was about to die and began to realize life after death is real. It is a typical example that I have witnessed time and time again: “I move slow…takes so long (moaning). There’s not much joy anymore. I am so tired.

Since she was obviously experiencing discomfort, I moved her ahead to a time when the death experience was over. When I finished the count to move her forward, the subject’s entire body jerked on the bed, and she suddenly smiled. Her voice was now full of life, nothing like the weary tone she uttered only a few moments before. She exclaimed, “I feel free! I am light!” Once she knew the truth about life after death, she was in bliss.

When a spirit is free, having left the physical body and the controlling conscious mind behind, life after death becomes reality.

Dolores Cannon


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