Truth, Technology, and Freedom


AngelicView: These lovely people do a “Truth Hour” once a week, and I enjoy watching it. I don’t always 100% agree with everything they say, but it resonates enough to where I really like to hear their points of view. They generally discuss current events happening around the world, focusing on a certain theme for each show.

Video Description:Recorded on 3/24/2013
Tonight on The TRUTH Hour… “Truth, Technology and Freedom” Join host Johnny Guzman Kate of Gaia, Tony Z and Special guest Santos Bonacci… For as long as anyone can remember the truth has been hidden from the masses both in the dark halls of secrecy to encoded, in plain sight. Tonight we will take a deeper look into some of the aspects of this and what it ultimately means for our true rights, freedoms and ultimately our “Unlimited Consciousness” and us as the “human race”… Please visit our YouTube Channel: QL Television… Facebook: qltelevision… Web page:


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