Jesus: The Essenes and the Messiah

By Dolores Cannon

As we approach Easter, a time of renewal, not just for Christians, but a time of new beginnings and a new year for many ancient cultures, I thought it would be topical to share insights revealed to me about Jesus through my many past life regressions.

In the early 1980s, I worked with a bright, young subject I called Katie. She was a self-educated young woman who didn’t graduate high school but was wise beyond her years. Although she was raised as a Christian in a strict religious household and was aware of the teachings of Jesus, she had no formal education that would give her any real knowledge of the ancient world in which he lived, died and was reborn in Spirit.

Once Katie and I began our sessions, it was immediately evident that she had a natural ability to reach the deepest levels of hypnosis. After reliving many dozens of lifetimes going back in time in chronological order, we finally arrived at the time that Jesus lived.

What happened next was astonishing and quite unexpected: Katie relived a life of an Essene teacher named Suddi who lived in the mysterious enclave called Qumran, high atop a bluff in the West Bank overlooking the Dead Sea. It was near here that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered nearly 70 years ago. And it was in Qumran where holy men of the Essene way of life prophesized, waited and prepared for Jesus, the Messiah.

Through my sessions with Katie I conversed with Suddi at many different times: before the birth of the Messiah, during Jesus’ youth, when he received the ancient Essene teachings along with John the Baptist, as well as his travels and search for knowledge.

With his uncle Joseph of Arimathaea, and sometimes his mother Mary, Jesus traveled the known world and sought council with the wise men of India, Egypt and ancient Britain before returning home to Judea, a meeting place of east and west, to perform a myriad of miracles and teach the people with his ministries before his death and ultimate rebirth.

According to Suddi, from a very young age Jesus radiated a calm wisdom and empathy. He readily absorbed the knowledge taught to him by his Essene masters. To my surprise, Suddi quickly dispelled one of the main doctrines of Christianity.

When I asked Suddi if there was anything unusual about the birth of Jesus, he replied: “Just that he was born in a cave and there was a star gathered overhead. This was the only unusual occurrence of his birth.” When I specifically asked Suddi if Jesus’ mother was a virgin, he answered, “This is not true. His mother was a woman like others, just like his father, he was a man.” I reiterated the story we have been told for centuries: the mother of Jesus was a virgin and his father was God. Suddi’s answer was profound, “We are all children of God. Jesus was more open than others, and it was time for the knowledge to be brought forth.

In celebration of Easter, I will write more of my stunning revelations about Jesus.

Dolores Cannon

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