The River of Life

AngelicView: I have found some examples of different people speaking about “the River of Life” in their NDE’s. Is it an actual place? Is it more like a metaphor? Hard to say, until we get there. RiverOfLife1

I was shown what appeared to be a flowing river. It was silver and shimmering as it flowed. The drops in the river were each a different color yet all flowed together as one body of water. Nothing gave me the impression this was actually water or a river but this is the best descriptive example that can be given of something I witnessed for which there are no words. The main body of the flow was silvery shimmering lights with different colored drops on the flow.

I understood (I use this term because I did not actually hear) the colored drops were the experiences of all who had lived. The experiences existed as separate items yet belonged to the whole. The whole was the collective knowledge of all. I understood there was no individual, just one, yet each experience was individual making up the whole. This concept of ONE is so foreign to any description I can give, there seems to be no way now of describing it. My previous understanding of ONE was a single uniqueness. In this case ONE is something else. Many being ONE and ONE being many, both existing simultaneously in the same time and space.

I further understood that the collective experiences are omniscient knowledge. Everything that has been spoken, heard, and experienced. These colored drops contained each experience down to the memory of every cell division, every thought. All experiences were known at once by the collective consciousness that was the stream. Any experience could be known as if it were a first person experience happening at the time it happened originally.

I then found myself moving rapidly far above the “ground,” and then saw a beautiful ribbon of blue in the distance, which soon became a very broad, glassy surfaced river as I first turned and hovered over it, at which point it “spoke” in the same way, out of the life that was within it, “River of Life.” I then traveled down this river bounded on both sides by beautiful sculpted mountains of breathtaking beauty, the beauty so intense that it was difficult to endure, and increasingly so as I went…  I was about to then pass around an exquisite bend near the surface of the water, but then was suddenly taken out of heaven and back. 

I said, “You’re Jesus aren’t you?” He gave me that smile that only Jesus can give and I knew the answer without him having to say anything. We walked and talked for a while beside the River of Life.  One of the many things I loved there was that Jesus and I did not verbally speak to each other. He knew and answered my thoughts without having to open my mouth.

I walked about 100 feet where I approached a body of water. This body of water was not very wide, The water was the clearest I’ve ever seen. I remember picking some of the water up with my hand. It did not feel like water. It came into my hand and I could feel great strength and health enter my body. I had a body, strong from the beginning of this trip, but after the water touched it I felt much stronger. I visited what I believe to be the river of life.


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