SO Explains “Earth Footprint”

AngelicView: I found this in the comments section today’s Suspicious Observers’ 4 min news video. Since I didn’t know what he was talking about when he discusses the “Earth Footprint”, I thought others might have the same question. So here’s his answer:

Start with this article: “Magnetic Portals connect Earth to Sun” — in 2008 NASA officially got on board with one of the highest principals of the electric universe, that there are magnetic connections [think of them like tethers of electromagnetic force] of the planets to the sun. This jumps around the solar surface a lot, but mostly resides on the western 2/3rd of the sphere as we look at it [right side in my visuals shown here]. It acts like a direct wire between objects, so even a flare or filament eruption on the backside, which would normally not affect earth at all, can have dramatic effects on our planet if the magnetic connection [footprint] is hit with the blast. This results in energetic particle flux at earth and can result in ultra high radiation levels for astronauts, airplanes, and residents at high latitude. This happened a few days ago, and was a significant aspect of the space weather impacts last weekend. [March 21, 2013]

6 thoughts on “SO Explains “Earth Footprint”

  1. There are those of us who subscribe to the Electric Universe theory . The whole thing is an electrical system producing fields that can produce magnetic flux and react in the strange balances we see around us. We are consequently electric beings encased in a magnetic shell. When we are regarded as energetic systems that is exactly what we are.

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