“The Laughter of the Spheres”

AngelicView: Here I have put together a post that includes excerpts from NDE’s. They are portions of the NDE that were especially meaningful to me. These are ones that are not posted on AngelicView – so they’ll be new to you. The last time I did this was on Christmas Day, 2012. This one comes on the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere of the Globe). I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


I am still in complete awe of what lies beyond, what supports us all without our knowledge, at all times, of how loved we are. If all people knew what NDErs know, there would be no wars, no bigotry or prejudices, no greed, no crime, no fears. Then again, that would be Heaven, wouldn’t it?

 I feel now that experiential evidence is certainly the more significant when compared to scientific evidence.  I mean this in the sense that if personal experience informs me of a certain reality that science theory perhaps says can’t be true, that science theory is clearly wrong and must be expanded to include the experiential evidence.

Being a homosexual had no meaning on the other side… it didn’t matter. I mattered.

I used to worry I’d done the wrong thing or said something wrong. I know now that what happens is the way its supposed to be and that as long as I live with the belief that love and compassion are paramount that my life will unfold as it should.

I have the feeling that this experience is indeed part of my life path. 

 Where I was it was not like earth at all. It was a place of another dimension where bodies are remembered like they looked only in memories but were masses of colorful light. That seemed normal in that place. God was in every being in the varied spectrums of the lights that were coming out of the light beings that we were in that place. We continue as spiritual emotional beings of an incredible spectrum of amazing lights. Sharing my experience with anyone gives me the opportunity to help others realize that everything we do counts no matter how small or unseen or the good by other people. It goes with our spiritual God spectrum of light as we go on to another place that houses our emotional lights of life. We will burn brighter and more colorful as we love and pass on that love to others and help them experience the profound meaning of what it means and why it is the most important thing and how it connects us with God in what we do.

 The thing I remember the most is how distant I had become from the physical body. When we express as humans the hope to one day be reunited with departed friends and family there is no way to explain how we will truly be together again. The reunion is not as Father and Son or as our dear friend. It’s as if our souls are part of an atom that had been split with all the destructive force of the universe and then suddenly come back to form a single atom again.  I can feel a sense of love and understanding for everyone in knowing that we are all alive in each other. Existence breathes collectively outside the confines of this life. If I had hand written this in blood on tear stained paper I could still never tell the experience from my Earthly heart.

I ‘wanted’ to believe in  a divine purpose, in a force greater than ourselves – but I had given up.   I had spent many years coming to terms with the ‘knowledge’ that if it isn’t scientifically defensible, it doesn’t exist.  There were rational people, and then there were those who wore crystals, and fell into the ‘wackadoo’ territory.  This experience told me ‘not so fast, there is much more to this life, to this existence than you think’.

I heard music which sounded like the most beautiful laughter of children or I thought, “angels! the Cherubim!”….it was more beautiful than any music I had ever heard on earth, and I felt that the angels laughed when good things happened on earth.  I felt this was the music of the spheres.  The angels (whom I never saw) were like petals of the Rose that enfolded me with love.  I felt safe, free and certain that this was the gateway to Heaven.  I cannot describe the utter joy and peace.  And all this while I heard what was going on below, and realized that as long as earth remains, there is always a fraction… that what seems to be “accident” here is Reality there.

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