Journey of Souls – Audiobook

AngelicView: I was surfing You Tube today and ran across the full Audiobook of “Journey of Souls”, by Michael Newton. I have read this book in my distant past and it now sits on my bookshelf in the basement collecting dust.OurInnerEye

Something like this could be a good way to get this information out to people who are blind, if you know of any. Also, my home office sits right across from my bathroom and I’ll often put on a video like this one to listen to while I do my hair and get ready for my day.

Whatever the reason someone might be interested in an audiobook, this is a good one, in my opinion.

Michael is a regression hypnotherapist and he stumbled upon regressing people to life between lives, and learned a lot from it. He also has regressed people to remember more about their NDE’s. This audiobook is read by real people, rather than a computer voice (which is annoying for me – and hard to understand).


4 thoughts on “Journey of Souls – Audiobook

  1. I don’t see how it can fit into 2 hours and ten minutes! That doesn’t make sense! My reading speed is probably below average, but even if I was reading it at an average speed which is about the same as speaking it out loud, then it would probably take a good 10 hours or so. (very rough guess)

    • Hmmm… I don’t know! But your comment sparked for me to go looking for my book. I thought I could compare the words at the end and the beginning to what’s in the book and then we’d know for sure. Well, of course, I can’t find it. I bet I loaned it out at some point. Either that or it’s in a box rather than on my book shelf. I suppose we’ll just have to be grateful for the 2 1/2 hours and hope it contains the whole book. (Unless you want to look at yours’, perhaps?)

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