Does “Hell” Really Exist?

by AngelicViewAngel55

Well, the short answer is “no….. and yes”.  I say “no” first because there is no place called “Hell” that we can ever go to and burn and be tormented for eternity. That place does not exist.

The reason I follow that up with “yes”, is because webeing the great and wonderful Creator Beings that we are, can create Hell for ourselves. We can create it here on Earth. For some examples, imagine living a life in prison, or addicted to crack or heroin, or a life of abuse. We can also create that for ourselves in the after life.

Here are some explanations of what Hell is and how some people find themselves there after death:

Hell is a State of Mind

Hell refers to levels of negative thought-forms that reside in close proximity to the Earth realm. It is where we go to work out, or remain within, our hang-ups, addictions, fears, guilt, angers, rage, regrets, self-pity, arrogance, or whatever else blocks us from the power of our own light. Dr. PMH Atwater

Hell is a psychological condition which represents the hellish inner thoughts and desires within some souls. In hell, souls become uninhibited and their hellish condition is fully manifested. No demons are there to inflict punishment. Each soul acts out their own anger and hatred by warring and tormenting others. Emanuel Swedenborg

Hell is Having Earthly Desires That Can’t Be Satisfied

Hell is a place where everyone retains the physical desires they were fixated on without a way to satisfy them. Hell is real hell for anyone who lives only to satisfy their selfish desires. Arthur Yensen

Hell contains people who have been alcoholics or drug addicts, who find these cravings still with them after death. They stay near the Earth to be near alcoholics or drug addicts who are still in the physical body, in order to participate vicariously in the sensations which alcohol and drugs give. They can be helped in the world beyond to clear their soul bodies of these cravings so that they, too, may go on and progress. However, this is a long and tedious process. Margaret Tweddell

Hell is Caused By a Lack of Spiritual Development

Hell is a spiritual condition we create by being away from God until we choose to return to God. Hell is a spiritual condition that is totally devoid of love. Sandra Rogers

After death people gravitate into homogenous groups according to the rate of their soul’s vibrations much like throwing a small pebble into a threshing machine. It goes into the box that fits its proper size and weight. After death, we are sorted by the high or low vibrations of our soul. Everyone goes where they fit in! High vibrations indicate love and spiritual development, while low vibrations indicate debasement and evil. All one has to do is to love so unselfishly that their soul-vibrations rise high enough to fit into heaven. Arthur Yensen

People who have an orientation of hate, for instance, find themselves unable to appreciate a realm of love and harmony. Therefore, they continue in their state of bitterness and are ‘closed’ to the glory which exists around them. Margaret Tweddell

Hell is Neither Condemnation Nor Judgment

Those with too many negative thought patterns might flee the light of God after death because they are too ashamed or too afraid to have their inner thoughts and negative natures revealed to everyone. Dr. George Ritchie

AV: I think the above is an important one. Once we begin the process of traversing the tunnel, many people know what comes next – The Judgement! Who judges us? We do. We always judge ourselves. And we realize this. And if someone knows they have hell4led a very bad life and have hurt many people, they are going to be afraid of this and turn away from the light. They will be stuck in the lower realms or the “Earthbound Realms”. They may even plant themselves in the tunnel.

Now, why would someone be afraid of “judgement” if they know that they are the ones who judge themselves? Because when we do the “life review”, we live the lives over that we just lived, and we also live it from the perspective of all the people we interacted with. Someone who was very bad to others might be very afraid to go through this.

And like Dr. George Ritchie says above, the person will know that everything they’ve done will be laid bare for everyone to see, and they may be too ashamed of themselves to move on.

God does not condemn anyone to hell and there is no eternal damnation. We have the ability to condemn ourselves to the hell we create within ourselves. Kevin Williams

The God of love suffers for those in darkness, ignorance and misery. Nora Spurgin

Many people believe that those who don’t give verbal assent to Jesus are cast headlong into eternal fire to burn forever. It should be common sense to anyone that a God of love would never treat people this way. Kevin Williams

AV: Okay, now that we know what it is and how we got there, now let’s look at how we get outta there!

How To Escape From the Earthbound Realm

While Benedict was in hell, he called out to the light and the light opened up and formed a tunnel that insulated him from all that fear and pain. (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

The way out of these hellish realms is to have a willingness to see the light and seek love for others and God. (Angie Fenimore)

The gates of hell are open. Those in hell will eventually join up, link hands, and walk out of hell together. (Mellen-Thomas Benedict)

Accept the greater power around you and let go of the Earth and its desires. (Margaret Tweddell)

AV: In the hellish NDE’s that I have read, I have seen where a person would call out to Jesus or God to help them. That shows a willingness on the part of the person experiencing Hell to do what it takes to progress. One NDE I read was a guy who had read NDE’s before. He was thinking to himself while in the Hell realm, “I gotta think of love… I gotta think of love… my daughter! Yes! I love her!” and his hellish experience ended right then and there.

The best advice I could give someone who is in that situation is to let go of any Earthly desires (like alcohol or drugs, or sex addictions) and know that something better awaits you. Also, to not be afraid to face the bad things you have done in your life. I think most of the people reading this blog probably haven’t been that bad! Nothing to be afraid of.

Negativity Must Be Removed to Enter Heaven

At this point, I could feel this group of beings eliminate or pull from me the negative energy of my life in the physical world and fill me with love beyond what I can describe. (Sherry Gideons)

AV: The above is an example of someone calling out for help. If I was there – I’d be calling for someone to come help me! But, that is testimony of someone who didn’t want to be in a hellish realm. They had the willingness and desire to move on.Angel56

After death, if a soul has been too bad, they go to a realm of lower vibrations where their kind of thoughts can live. If they entered heaven, they would be annihilated by the Master-Vibration of God. This is because souls gravitate into groups according to the rate of their soul’s vibrations. If the percent of discord in a soul is small, it can be eliminated by God; then the remaining good can live on in heaven. However, if the percentage of bad were too high, this couldn’t be done, and the person would have to gravitate to a lower level and live with people of his own kind. Birds of a feather, flock together. (Arthur Yensen)

AV: While the above is true, I have to say that people only go where they are comfortable. Don’t be afraid that maybe you have been “too bad” or that you will be “banished” to a Hell realm. People go where their vibration is similar to the vibrations of others around them. And so your level of comfort will be okay no matter where you end up.

Negative thoughts cannot be expressed in the heavenly realms – only positive ones. (Ned Dougherty)

AV: Yes! That’s why we come to Earth, so that we can experience “bad” things. 

Different types of Hell

AV: There are different types of Hell in the afterlife, and one can only take a stab (pardon the pun) at why each person finds themselves where they do.

In the Earthbound realm, which is just like what it sounds like, they’re stuck here on Earth, the spirits usually seem to be there because of a lust after something that they lusted for during their physical life. Even someone who committed suicide might be begging his parents for forgiveness – in vain – because they cannot hear him.

The ones who find themselves in the Hellfire and Brimstone type of Hell are usually Fundamentalist Christians. That was what they feared their whole life, perhaps, and so that was what they created for themselves.

Someone who plants themselves in the tunnel and refuses to move becomes stagnant and disassociated. 

Then there is a dark, dank, dismal city type of Hell. It’s cold and wet. And it’s just a lower vibration for someone who needs to develop more spiritually.

The important thing to learn from this, if you didn’t already know, is that (according to NDE research) there is no place called “Hell” that someone will decide to send you after a “judgement” of you – and you will be banished there forever.

“What all people seek, what sustains them, is love, the light told me. What distorts people is a lack of love. The revelations coming from the light seemed to go on and on, then I asked the light, “Does this mean that humankind will be saved?” Then, like a trumpet blast with a shower of spiraling lights, the Great Light spoke, saying, “Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem and heal yourself. You always have. You always will. You were created with the power to do so from before the beginning of the world.” In that instant I realized even more. I realized that WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN SAVED, and we saved ourselves because we were designed to self-correct like the rest of God’s universe.”

Mellen-Thomas Benedict

3 thoughts on “Does “Hell” Really Exist?

  1. I think I would be willing to face Judgement (if there was Judgement) just to get out of there. First thing I am doing when I die (once my mind understand I am dead) is calling for help. This seems to be enough. Yes, I remember that Love is important too.

    I wonder what is the drive behind all the learning souls must do. Why are they always trying to raise vibration, even if it costs so much. Is it really so important to be like God? Why are they not happy just to be?

    • Well, let’s look at those questions in the context of *infinity*… that’s a long time! I think souls get bored just “being” and want to learn and do more. Also, soul evolution gets you (in a way) physically closer to God in that you are able to exist in higher and higher heavenly realms – which are more beautiful and fantastic as you go up. 🙂

  2. There are an unknown number of claims and descriptions of the soul that gives it a need to react based on negative abilities and purposes. But who signify the truth about the soul’s purpose. Who knows how to put together the points in time that will give credibility and location of the soul in contrast to the creator and ourselves. We are creatures between a and b. We start and end here in flesh and blood. All we are is thoughts in time. The soul is probably more a replacement since the creation and the creator can not belong to the same point without dissolving creation. But what is the purpose of creation ?. 13.5 billion years ago began everything through the simple device of two elements and advanced simple to complexity. The first and only step taken with a purpose. To go from simple to complexity. We are reflections of this development. Nothing is created without purpose. Evil is simple but care is complex. Everything is made to collide. Friction is prosperity. 🙂 Search your perspective’s outer limits and you will see for yourself. Good luck friend

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