Getting Close?

by AngelicView

Hello to all my friends out there. I just wanted to write a little post to check in with you all.Lightworker14

As you all know, I don’t post every day. The way I like to do things with this blog has to do with “quality” not “quantity”. In other words, when you come here and see I’ve posted something new, I want you to be confident that you’re going to Love it!

I spend at least a little time each and every day researching NDE’s and searching for other interesting stories to bring to you here. And I want to make sure that it’s a story that you won’t find on 20 other blogs. Unless it’s a really really good story and I want to spread it far and wide.

Just a few months back I did a “reshuffle”, where I took the greatest NDE stories that were buried on the back pages of the blog and moved them up more towards the top, so that people could find them easier. The problem is that when I did that, I lost the comments and Facebook shares on those articles. I was really bummed! Especially to see that the comments were gone, but even the Facebook shares (see, you can tell that people are really liking the story and really resonating with it if they are willing to post it on their Facebook pages for their family and friends to see)  😉 And so I won’t do another “reshuffle” again.

Those fantastic NDE articles are already pushed onto page 2 of the blog since I did that. So what I want to remind everybody of is to use the “Category Cloud” feature. Whatever topic you are interested in, just click on that topic in the Category Cloud in the lower right corner of your screen and all the stories related to that topic will pop up.


The other thing I’d like to tell everyone about – and the reason for the title of this article, is the possibility of some kind of natural disaster coming soon. Now, I know that most of the channels will tell you not to worry and that no disaster will happen. And I’m not “worried” about it, per sé, because I would welcome death if it were to come my way! However, I also feel that if I had to live in a world without electricity for a long period of time (for example), I need to know how to take care of my family. How to find water? Food? Keep warm? I feel that it’s my responsibility to let you all know that I feel  a natural disaster may be on the horizon.

Why do I think that? There are a few sources that I am getting this from. Let me just list them off. 

  1. Remote Viewers have seen it. They targeted the date of June 1st in many areas all over the world and have seen the aftermath of some kind of cataclysm. 
  2. NDE’s have prophesied it. I haven’t always posted NDE’s in the past which contain prophecy of cataclysms. I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to cause fear. I also was worried about the Law of Attraction and the potential of bringing on something that we didn’t want. More on this later.
  3. Clif High / Webbot data. More below.

I felt it was good and right to let my readers know that I’ve been researching this potential and that I feel it might be a possibility. If you want to blow it off then by all means – do! Take what resonates and leave the rest behind, always.

GaiaProtectsMeI believe that some people might misunderstand the Law of Attraction and so I’m going to try to put my understanding into words here. We’ll call it “LoA” for typing purposes.

LoA is real. However, if I’m putting away a few extra cans of food, a few gallons of water, extra kitty litter, etc. and then going on with my days in joy, then I am not bringing on “bad” things in my life. I am just taking responsibility to care for my family if times of need come along. What matters with LoA is your energy frequency. If your energy frequency is high, then that’s what you put out into the field around your-self, and that is what you are also spreading around in the world as you go about your days. Congratulations! You are doing your job in helping the world out of it’s slump – just by being You!

However, if you are so afraid of a cataclysm that you go around each day worried and scared and are constantly “prepping”, while also telling everyone you know that they need to prepare, then the energy field around your-self is going to be one of a much lower vibration and that’s what you’ll be spreading around as you go about your business. If 70% of the people in the world were spreading this kind of energy, then you can see just how low a vibration we’d be bathing in. This is the vibration of fear.

About the Clif High Webbot Data… in the past you would have seen a lot of negative things about his studies. For one thing, there are a slew paid internet shills out there to discredit people like him. For another thing, his process of fore-telling the future through webbot spiders and then coming up with language is a learning process for him. It is a new thing – never tried before. He admits that sometimes he misinterprets the data. But with practice, he has improved his interpretations, and has had many many predictions come to fruition. He has the catastrophe narrowed down to sometime around the 20th of May. But it could be anytime between now and June 1st.

I’ll tell you, with the three of those sources, listed above, I’m going to do at least a bit of minor prepping. (Actually, I have already started). I am a single mother with a 13 year old girl. I have very little family living in my area of the world. Just my parents, who are getting on in age (sorry Mom and Dad). 😉  I feel it’s my responsibility to do something if I know about something that may happen in the future.


But that doesn’t mean that I spend my days worried about it. I am in a state of joy nearly all the time. I always day-dream about good things to come for Humanity, as a whole, not about any cataclysm!

So I’m going to bring some articles to your attention. Click on them if you feel it is good and right for you to read them. 🙂  The links will open in a separate tab, so you won’t lose this page.

1. “Love Earth and She Will Protect You” by AngelicView

2. “I’m Back!” by AngelicView

3. “Global Coastal Event” by Laron at

4. “Earth Changes from Tolec’s Perspective” by Tolec shared on

5. “Apocalypse” on AngelicView

6. “QHHT Session with Susan” on AngelicView

And remember, it’s always the Darkest right before Dawn. Love! Love! Love!


16 thoughts on “Getting Close?

  1. The ‘Expected’ event does appear to be around about June or July . Unfortunately for most people it will be a matter of being surprised and shocked. There are dedicated folks out there who will attempt to minimise any harm. It’s always a pleasure reading your blog

    • Thank you, Frank So, do you see this event in something like a “vision”, or are you thinking June or July based upon something that you’ve read? Just trying to get a feel for what you are thinking 🙂

      • This was Frank’s reply (he has given me permission to share): I see it as a ‘ feeling ‘ more than a vision. I feel something spectacular may well happen but I certainly don’t feel afraid for myself or anyone else.if you look at the amount of comets, asteroids and meteors about lately I think maybe we have entered an area of space that is dangerous. I do prescribe to the thought that it is needed as a catalyst for world change. I still retrain images of such an event as perhaps we all do. When people talked about the 21: 12:12 event I always thought to myself perhaps June 2013 may be more likely. We live in a world that reflects our minds and minds can change.

  2. Thanks for sharing such concerns and taking the time to post it here.I hope your readers will appreciate your sincere feeling for our safety and your measured and cool way of letting us know that such thing can happen. My blessings!

  3. When I saw your article “QHHT Session with Susan” I became highly interested in your blog.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t her SC say that there would be a big solar flare… Right about now? The session was in November 29 and her SC said that a potential flare would manifest in 2-3 months. Have you been in contact with your friends? I’m really interested to know more!

  4. Thanks for the gentle reminder. I think it’s always good to be prepared if you live in…earthquake country, tornado country, flood country …or crazy country!
    Wonderful posts. Keep up the good work!

  5. It’s always good to be prepared for time without the comforts we’ve been accustomed to. A few oil lamps, a rain catch system (even crudely built), fireplace or outside fire pit for cooking and a very small yard garden are tops on my list to have at all times. In the event of contaminated rain, start collecting water now…. or buy it while you can.

    Even if nothing ever comes it mentally conditions us to be more self sufficient.

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