Be Still and Know That You All are God

AngelicView: One of my friends on Facebook who calls him or her self (I’m sorry, I don’t know if you are a man or woman – I just know you are a beautiful soul) “Ras Namaste” wrote this incredibly brilliante and beautiful passage. Ras says it’s okay to share it, and I want to share it with you. Ras is speaking about Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique).


QHHT showed me God and believe it or not, you were all there, happy & fine on the other side of matter, I knew you ALL (simultaneously), we can all do that when we’re in that no-form. I am to show you the levels of Light you created.
The Ultimate Light that conceived you was Nothing, Void, Empty-ness, Nothing IS Everything and at that time of no-time, everything was Nothing, our 1st concept had not begun, only Peace, only Pure, Silent Consciousness… Enlightenment was inevitable!
From nothing, we shed an aspect of our energy, we became something & spun a United-Verse into being, from the macro to the micro was emotion (energy in motion) – Love in Unity
I was shown that through meditation & gentle control over the mind we can get back to the rest of ourself, to gain access to the greater part of us as we are the Universe & beyond (all of us)
Training on “going within” allows us to see much more than “going without”, we can travel the whole Universe in one thought and go even beyond the realms of Heaven (which is another self created metaphore), even in Heaven they know there are higher levels of Learning that are outside of that concept.
We’re here simply to behold our creation (all Life) Yes, you created it, every bit of it, from the micro to the macro, YOU CREATED IT ALL! Every Atom and Electron you know personally, every design of every Animal, all of it, you created it, remember or not.
Your Purest Form is LOVE, remembering that every cell of your body is made up of the Light Particles of Love being given “Space” to choose from myriad choices unconditionally, regardless of the choices made, One can ALWAYS return home to LOVE… 

“Become Silent within your mind and watch me Breathing, Listen closely & you can hear my heart beating, my breathe & your breathe cannot be seperate, my Heart & Your Heart beat the same rythm… be Still & know that you ALL are God”


5 thoughts on “Be Still and Know That You All are God

      • Dear Angelicview:

        I highly recommend you make the time….will change your life for the better. Would give you a session as I was trained by Dolores Cannon, but I am living in Mexico at this time. Go to her website, there are lots of people out there trained by her.

        Best regards,

        • Yes, well it doesn’t have as much to do with time as it does with money! The practitioners that live in my state want to charge more than my budget will afford! I’m sure that you are right, though- and I’d love to have a session!

          Connected by Motorola

          • If we lived closer, i would give you one free. What you can do is look on Dolore’s website for practitioners in your area. Check with each of them until you find a person who recently completed Dolore’s training class as they tend to charge very little just to get the practice.

            Best regards,

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