I knew I Was Dead (A Fear-Death Experience)

AngelicView: For purposes of studying our reality, I am sharing this FDE (Fear-Death Experience). It’s one of the amazing pieces of the Puzzle of Life. An FDE is when someone is pretty darn sure their death is imminent, and they pop out of their body. After the incident has passed, they go back in. There are many of these, and perhaps I’ll share more in the future.


I was a young street racer. I had a very high powered, modified 57 T-bird (600 hp). We have a county black top with three gentle banked 35 mph curves. I used to love to take those curves fast, 100 mph fast. I could go in about 70 and come out about 100.

One day at about 5pm – clear and sunny – I was determined to break my record. I came in about 80 and it was all I could do to hang on. My only hope was to give it power and try to save it. I doubted I would make it, but I was going to give it my best shot.

Just when I got near the apex of the curve and I was going to need all the traction I could get, I noticed some gravel had been pulled up onto the road. At that moment I knew I was dead and instantly I was out of my body.

I was like a little fly flying around the back of my head and watching every move I made. I also had time to see everything around me and take it all in in amazing detail.

I saw the back of my head for the first time in my life and was irritated at how my part looked. I saw little spots of dirt back in hidden hard to see areas of my car. Where only something as small as a fly could get. That irritated me because I took great pride in a clean car. I saw and memorized every detail in the fields and ditches around me.

I was totally calm seemingly uncaring if I lived or died.  But obviously, I lived. Somehow I kept the car on the road. As soon as the car was safe, I was instantly back in my body. When I got home, I got two mirrors (I swear first time ever) and looked at the back of my head. It was parted exactly as I saw. I took a small mirror and flashlight out and looked for those small hidden areas of dirt. They were exactly like I saw them. I again drove out to the corner and all the surroundings and gravel were just as I saw.

End of story.

Thank you Milo


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