They Walked with Jesus IV

(Continued from Part III)

Jesus4AngelicView: Dolores Cannon had told us previously that she has not encountered very many people who had met Jesus in a past life. But she has had two who, in hypnosis, recalled Jesus. 

The second one is Anna, who’s name in that life was Naomi (pronounced “Nî-õme”). She was Jesus’ niece. She was the daughter of Joseph, Jesus’ half-brother and first-born son of his father (with another woman). Naomi was not too sure about all the family dynamics, as girls in that day were not told all the specifics on these things. In fact, she admitted that she could have been mistaken about the above part because that just came from overheard hushed conversation.

Anyway, Naomi is just a young teenager, and she’s decided that she wants to “walk with the Nazarene” (that’s what she affectionately calls Jesus). The book goes on about her for awhile. She has to cut her hair short to look like a boy – because girls were not allowed to do anything other than marry and care for children in those days. And Jesus goes along with her little white lie. She says, “he introduced me as Nathaniel. Nathan.”

The first place they are going is the Village of the Lepers, where Jesus visits often. For those of you who are healers, you’ll definitely want to read this one. 😉

(Below is from the book)

It was obvious Naomi was having her first exposure to
someone stricken with the worse stages of the disease.

A: I’m trying to be very strong but… (softly) it’s difficult.
He’s in very critical condition. It seems that all that can
be done now is to try to ease his pain, and hopefully he will make the transition out of his body soon.

D: You said there were three of you who went in there. Was
Jesus one of them?

A: Yes, and one of the older ladies. She has a parcel with
bandages and different powders she can mix to help
soothe some of the soreness. It*s soothing but nothing
seems to really conquer the disease. Since I have been
here I have seen it in such different stages. And every now
and then it gives you hope it won’t get worse. But these
people do the best they can to live with faith and help one

D: You said this man is so bad that they will just try to ease
his pain. Is the woman going to do that?

A: Yes, but she is here to mainly bandage and try to soothe
the worst of the decay. Jesus is praying and laying his
hands upon the man. And… it’s almost as if I can see a
light emanating from this man’s face. The Nazarene
placed his hands on the top of the head, the crown, and I
see this glowing light. And then he places his hands on the
man’s heart. He stays this way in silent prayer over the
man. And I see this golden glow from his heart area.
(Emotionally:) Oooh! It’s hard to describe.

D: What do you mean?FootprintsInTheSand

A: It’s beautiful, but it’s more than that. It fills you up. It fills
up any emptiness inside you. And it makes everything feel
warm and loved, and there is no emptiness within. It is
hard to put it into words.

D: You mean you feel this way just by watching him?

A: Yes, yes. And you can tell that this man… his face is at
ease… the pain seems to be much less. And the Nazarene
the other day… he lifted my hand, and with a finger he
drew a circle in my palms (she went through these
motions). And he said, ‘This, too, is the heart. The center
of your palms. In the center is another heart chakra’. And
that’s why there is so much power in the healing of these
hands, because of that energy coming straight through.

D: Did he use the word ‘chakra’?

A: Heart… center. Heart… chakra? I’m not sure.

D: Did he mean your hands, or his own?

A: I think he meant everyone’s hands. He took my hand… and
he took the other one, and he said, ‘These, too, are heart
centers. (She again went through the motions of drawing 
circles on the center of her palms).

D: He drew a circle in your palms?

A: Yes. Maybe this is just part of my teaching, because I have
always felt the energy and the strength there. And every
time he would touch me it was so strong. So maybe if you
know the connection, if you are aware of the connection,
and it’s done through the heart and with purity, then the energy is just a direct connection. And that energy from the heart is the strongest medicine of all.

D: Many people wouldn’t understand that, would they?

A: I guess not, but it just seems so natural to me.

D: Then he means that in addition to the heart inside your
body, there are also other heart centers in the body?

A: That’s how he explained it. That’s what I understood, and
I never heard anyone say anything like that before.

D: Maybe this explains some of the ways he is able to heal.

A: When he told me it just seemed so right. It made so much
sense. And then when I watched him, it was all so clear.
And when you look at the people, you know this is a tool.
This poor man was in such desperate pain, and his face is
so at peace right now.

D: Do you think the others in the room can feel the same
thing you feel?

Jesus10A: I don’t know. I know they must feel something, because…
the silence is so different. They must feel the energy, or
just see the love and caring flowing from him.

D: I think it would be obvious to anyone who watched him
that this is not an ordinary man.

A: No. He is so aware, so in tune with his… (she had
difficulty finding the words). God’s connection, or God
within him, or God purpose. I don’t know the right word.
But I guess most people wouldn’t even be aware of things
that are so clear and so simple to him.

D: Do you think he is different from other men?

A: He is different because of his sensitivity and
understanding, and his total lack of fear. He is so sure of
his place and duty.

D: Have you ever heard anyone say that he might be different
from other men?

A: Yes. There are people that turn him into something that is
more like a god. He has powers and capabilities such as I
have never seen. I know he is of flesh, but yet I know his 
spirit and energy is different.

D: You have heard people say they think he’s more like a

A: Yes. Because when you see him do some of the things he
does, there’s no other way to explain it. And yet he tries
hard to teach that we all are capable of being what he is
and doing what he is doing. Except that I believe most of
us can’t find the purity of heart and desire. It’s very hard
to be on a path like his, and not be drawn off by other
things that most men and women are drawn off by.

D: Yes. The human part of living would make it very difficult
to remain pure. In that way he is different.

A: In that way he is like no one else.

D: I wonder what he thinks if he hears people say he is like a

A: (Laugh) But he doesn’t accept that. Oh, I can remember
him saying — it’s something like this — he said, ‘My
brother, I am no more than you. I only recognize what I
can be and how I can serve. And I have true love and faith
in my God’. He tries to clarify what he thinks his purpose

D: What does he think his purpose is?

A: He thinks he was sent here to be a teacher of life, a ray of
life. To be an example of what humankind can be, and of
the gifts humankind has. And that people can all do what
he is trying to teach them.


D: That makes sense to me, but you know how people are.
It’s very hard to get through to some of them.

A: Yes. And most people live in such fear of something, or
many things. Until they can dispel this fear and not be
afraid of knowing themselves and listening to their heart,
then they will not be reached. They have to find it

D: Yes, that makes sense. (I returned to the scene she was
watching:) But he’s working with this man in the room,
and then the man is no longer in pain. Does he do anything
else in that little house?

A: No. He was with the man a while and then he went over to
the wife, and just held her hands. I couldn’t quite hear
what he said to her, but he said he would return. And he
was going on to the next visit.

D: Do you go with him on that visit, too?

A: Yes. We went… Oh, this is very sad. The next building we
went into housed children who were without family or
parents. You see, not all of these children appear sick. You
can’t tell that they have the disease. I guess you could
develop this disease in various stages or at different ages.
So some of them are so perfect looking. And then some of
them are so… eaten away (a deep sigh). But this is the
house of the children.

D: They live in that house together, the ones that have no

A: Yes. There is a nurse or nurse-caretaker that stays with
them all the time. And there are other helpers or
attendants that come in during the day.AkianeChild

D: What does he do there?

A: He goes to each child and… either talks to them or… He
always touches. I see him touching the face, smiling
lovingly, and then placing his hands on them. But he takes
time to talk to each of them.

D: Can you hear what he’s saying?

A: Oh. There’s a little girl sitting in a corner and… he asks
her name and… (smiling broadly) she got upon his lap.
And she asks him if she will be well or will she die. And he
tells her that she will be well, and that she will grow up
and help take care of the children. And that she must have
a pure heart, a loving heart, and not despair, because she
is where God needs her. And she will know love and…
that’s what he says to her (this was all said with such
beautiful emotion). ((AV) Earlier in the text Dolores had told us that some people are sent to the village of the lepers even if they are suspected of having leprosy by evidence of a rash or bruise.)

D: That’s very beautiful. What did the little girl do?

A: She’s just sitting staring at him. And he hugged her and
put her down. And she’s smiling. And there’s a boy he’s
going over to, who has just one leg. And oh, he’s in very
bad shape (big sigh). But Jesus is going over and kneeling
besides the boy, and putting his hands on the boy. And his
little face is looking up, and the tears are running down
his cheeks (she was almost in tears herself as she related
this). But the child recognizes something special. I can tell.

(DC) It was difficult for me to remain objective. The narrative
was so moving, I truly felt that I was actually there in the
presence of all this heartfelt emotion.

D: Could you see anything this time? I was thinking of that

A: Oh. I saw… I seem to always see the light. Maybe not as
strongly as I did before. There was something very strong
with that older man. But I always see a little glow coming
from the hands of the Nazarene whenever he places his
hands. This time I saw the glow when he put his hands on
the boy’s head, and his heart, and his legs. But I also see
the glow, the golden glow, around Jesus’ head… like a
little half circle.

D: Is that always there?

A: No, not always. It’s there sometimes when he’s with
someone, or sometimes I will see it when he is looking at
me. But it’s not always there.

D: Did anything happen when he put his hands on this little

A: Well, it eased him. It always seems to ease people. But
that’s what I saw.

D: Then a miracle does not always occur each time he does
this, or how would you define a miracle?

PersonStormLightA: I think the fact that the pain is eased and they are at peace,
I would call a ‘miracle’. But you don’t see these people,
who are this ill, get up and walk and have their bodies
grown back together. The miracle is the love and how it
eases them. And if they are meant to get better, they do. I
have heard stories that some of these people never get the
disease. And sometimes it stops, and they don’t know why.
But usually it progresses, and all you can do is ease the

D: Then it takes different forms in different people.

A: Yes. And sometimes if his energy is accepted… maybe it’s
the people that have more faith or more strength in the
things they feel coming from him, maybe these people have
an easier time. Although, he told me that everybody has
their time to be returned to the Source. They might just be
in this physical body for a while, so it’s difficult to know.

D: That makes sense. Does he have any explanation for why
people have to suffer in that way?

A: He believes it is part of the progression of the individual.
It’s very difficult to explain when you see people in such
pain and being eaten away. But he knows that reasons
exist for everything, and lessons are to be learned from everything, so nothing happens by accident. Maybe they created this learning in a prior time, when they walked here in another form. That is why people in pain or with disease are sometimes allowed to go sooner than others, because the lesson is over with.

D: Does he think that human beings have lived in other

A: He doesn’t say it exactly that way, but he says, ‘When they
have been here before. When they have learned prior
lessons’. He says it in different ways. But you understand
that he believes we visit this land more than once, for the
learning and for being of service. And that we are on
God’s mission every time we come. It is to help us learn
and get closer to where we, as a people, are supposed to
be. So there is no separation.


One thought on “They Walked with Jesus IV

  1. I just read these articles again a couple of days ago, before you reposted them. I did also read them when you first posted them over a year ago. This subject is very dear to my heart… I was told that I was there when Jesus was alive and I followed his teachings. I loved and still love the being known as Jesus, but more than that his messace touched my soul.. I’m sure that many others feel that way too. 🙂

    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

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