My “Gold” Post

by AngelicView

Okay guys and gals, I am absolutely making this post about “gold” because I was guided to. Take from it what you wish, as always.

So I was doing a meditation the other day, as Heather from TOPPT suggested… I imagined myself walking into a large building that was kind of like a warehouse. It was not any special building at all. But when the double doors slid open and I walked in, I could see that it was no ordinary building.

angel8It was filled to the brim with gold! Gold bars, gold coins, gold bracelets, necklaces, and rings! The gold sparkled, shone, nay – the gold glowed! 

I stood there with eyes wide open. I had never seen so much gold in my whole life. And I felt… I felt uncomfortable. Like I was not worthy to be standing amongst all this gold! I felt like I should back out of the room, and just walk away. But I didn’t.

I took a few breaths and told myself that I was worthy. In fact, I was just standing there. I wasn’t claiming any of the gold as mine. I was just Be-ing in the room with it. 

And it glowed brightly.

And I watched. And breathed.

I thought about touching the gold. The little devil on my shoulder told me, “no! Don’t you dare touch that gold!”

“Why not?” I thought. “I’m not going to take any of it.”

And I touched it gently with one finger.

And it glowed brightly.

And I watched. And breathed. 

And the air was…. charged in that room. And I felt like meditating some more, right there in the room with the gold. It just felt right. Like I was getting to know it better.

~End meditation~

Then I was guided to post this short snippet from an NDE.

I then immediately found myself…and I really mean I literally “found myself” sitting in a space about the size of a large walk-in closet.  There were no windows that I could see but the walls glowed and sparkled with the purest gold color that can be imagined.  The walls were sloped upward at a sharp angle and met at a point about eight feet above me, and I was aware that I seemed to be sitting inside a small pyramid, or something that had the same interior shape as a small pyramid would.  I was sitting in a low stone bath “tub” carved out of the solid rock, or whatever the gold material was, and was immersed in golden liquid up to about my waist.  My knees were above the golden water and I was taking handfuls of it and languidly letting the soft metallic streams of glowing liquid fall like silk between my fingers.  I realized that my skin was gold, as if I were the girl who had been painted gold in the Bond film Goldfinger. None of this seemed the least bit strange to me, but rather, blissfully peaceful and making the most perfect sense.  Time had no meaning whatsoever, and I could have been sitting there for three seconds or thirty years.  As I scooped up handfuls of the liquefied gold and watched it sparkle, I realized that it was alive, just as I was alive – and to my utter and indescribable joy the dawning came upon me that not only was I immersed in the gold and covered with it, but that I WAS the element of gold itself!  The knowledge crept up on me with ever mounting bliss that I could exist as a human being, but also outside of myself as an element in the universe, and that my human state was only a small part of what I really was.  The happiness and joy that came with this knowledge cannot be described other than by saying I felt that I could laugh with delight and never stop laughing about the beauty and blissfulness of the true state of our existence. It was just sheer beauty, love and peace, and timeless bliss.

Thank you Hannah


One thought on “My “Gold” Post

  1. Gold is beautiful stuff. We go gold panning / mining in the Sierra foothills, and yes there is still gold to be found. The color is soft. It is so fun to look into a pan & see the gold. We don’t do it for the money, as it is purely a hobby.
    It makes you look at gold differently when you find it in the dirt & see that it comes from Mother Earth. Just another mineral, but somehow special.

    I think I’ll try that meditation.

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