Something Strange Going On

by AngelicView

There is something strange going on regarding TOPPT on ATS (The One People’s Public Trust on Above Top Secret forum).Β SnakeInTheGrass

This is a reason why I think TOPPT is real. Let me explain.

Back on 2-12, I noticed that someone had posted a thread on ATS regarding TOPPT. It was saying that TOPPT was a fraud. Suddenly, the post had 156 flags. If you know how ATS works, you’d know that this is not possible. Those flags were somehow given by ATS administration.

I believe the OP (Original Poster) of the OP (Original Post) is one of ATS staff. This topic had previously been completely banned from discussion when people were arguing for it. Now that someone is arguing against it, it’s not banned. Then, when people had arguments for TOPPT, their post was removed. Not all of them. But just enough to make you think that there are very few people who believe in it.

If you are a member of ATS, I want you to be aware of this. I saw it happen with my own eyes. Now, on 2-20, somehow this thread had been posted on the front page as the top post. Not only that, but it is double posted as the 1st top post and the 2nd top cointelpropost. There is no other post to click on. (If it was going to be in this placement, that would have happened days ago – not now.)

In addition, the owner of ATS and the staff at ATS are all getting into calling it a fraud. The site owner… I hardly ever see him in the forums! But he is all in on this one. There’s something very fishy about that!

Let me tell you something: it has long been suggested that ATS is COINTELPRO, and this suspicious activity has just proved it to me. They have shown their hands.

Also, there exists a large group of people who’s job it is to be an “internet troll” or a “shill”. Do I have to explain this to anyone? Does everyone understand what I’m saying? They are trying to sway your opinion by posting sarcastic remarks and either putting down or lifting up whatever notion it is they are paid to do.

What ATS is doing right now is proving in my mind that TOPPT is real and true. Their suspicious activity has shined the light on just who they are.

Any questions? Comments? Be my guest πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Something Strange Going On

  1. I know the OPPT is real! I’m not familiar with the web site your talking about, but I AM aware of all those paid trolls and shills! And that’s exactly what “they” do. Make you second guess your self, and start arguments and general disagreement between the users. They also target leaders in the groups. It’s really disgusting. Thank you for sharing this experience with us though πŸ™‚

    • Welcome! In fact, I have seen people admit online that they used to do this for a living. It has been posted on Golden Age of Gaia and KP’s site. This is a fact, you guys.

      As a whole, we (all of humanity) probably agree on waaayyyy more things than we think we do, because of these shills. They put people down calling them “silly” and “senseless” and so forth. I can spot one from a mile away! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey, this was great. I haven’t been keeping up with ATS.

    You know, as well as I do, the OPPT is real. I’ve been through all of the documents with a fine tooth comb. They’re absolutely legitimate.

    Look at it this way: if the OPPT was a fraud then what would the mainstream media do to it? Dissect it, deconstruct it and pronounce it to be fantasy. But they won’t touch it. Why? Because it’s a gun loaded with the truth and it’s pointed right at their faces.

    The behavior at ATS is not surprising, dearest, and you know that. ATS is just like any good intel site: bad guys and good guys square off constantly. Our goal is to flush out the rats, just like you did. ATS is still a top notch source.

    A seasoned pro like yourself knows, it’s all about balance. The bad guys are just doing their jobs.

    Nice piece of detective work. This earns you a merit badge!

  3. Shannon, the trolls are out in droves these days, I can spot them too. They are notoriously argumentative on all subjects that are taboo.

    I believe the OPPT is legit, why else would we hear about it on ATS. We know not to get too distracted by the lame stream media, they didn’t report on the meteor until a day later.

    Good work Sherlock!

  4. Excellent work! Interesting how it’s banned, then not. Yes, I think it is legit, or ‘they’ would not be so very afraid if it. The closer we get, the more frightened ‘they’ become. Keep up the good work & thanks for the heads up. They just proved it’s legitimate! Nice of them to confirm this. Ha!

  5. Oh yes they are a very seedy outfit. That’s why I quit following them long ago. Disinfo to the max. That’s what they get paid for. Highest bidder gets the show so someone paid them big time.

  6. OPPT is ‘absolutely’ legit. You don’t have to believe it is or is not. It is verifiable in the UCC filings. I know how someone can “say” it isn’t legit but I don’t know how anyone can “think” it’s not. Do your due diligence and see for yourself. Case closed.


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