The Illusion of Separation

by AngelicView

SeekingYouHello my fellow incarnates! Today I’m going to talk to you about separation, and show you by example how it’s really only an illusion. Really!

We have to remember that our bodies only contain a percentage of the total of our spirit/soul. Let’s call that part of my soul which exists in this body right now my “mini-me”. The rest of my soul is still at “home”, wherever that may be for me. Because of the veil, I really don’t know exactly where the rest of my soul is. But that is what people call their “higher-self”.

There are probably other percentages of my higher-self living down here on Earth as other mini-me’s. That is what many people call “parallel lives”. They aren’t necessarily living the same kind of life I am, or having the same circumstances as I am, because if you think about it – the purpose for us to come here to Earth is to learn, and so what would we learn if we had 30 percent of our higher-selves spread throughout 3 bodies and they all had the same kind of lives? Not much, I’d say.

When we are all “upstairs” or on the other side of the veil, there is no separation. At all. If I want to see my friend, Lynn, all I have to do is think about her and we are together in an instant. Now, if Lynn wants me to see what happened with her and her friend, Joe, previously, she just simply places that into my mind and it’s like I was there with them. See? No separation. And so being separate is one thing we come here to Earth to learn about. We cannot have that experience on the other side of the veil.SeparationIllusion

Now, I will use myself as an example of how separation is only an illusion. On Monday of this week my sweet dog died 😦   (See, “All Dogs Go to Heaven“)

Of course, I was devastated. I spent the last 8 and a half years of my life with her by my side. Although I am still sad (this is 3 days later), I realize that our separation is an illusion, and something that I’ve come here to experience.

After I leave my 3D physical body (or “croak”, as Abraham calls it) I will return home. My dog will meet me when I get there. I will be so happy to see her and she will be so happy to see me, too! Now, it seems as though I’ve missed a lot right? She’s been over there on the other side of the veil without me all this time! Right? Wrong.

Remember that my higher-self has been over there – at “home” – the whole time. And so after I greet my friends and tell stories about what I did down here on Earth, I’ll reintegrate with my higher-self. Then all the things she’s been doing during the time I was down here living on Earth will become my experiences, and all of my experiences I had here on Earth will be her’s, as well.


While my mini-me was down here slaving away for “the man” (lol), my higher-self is up there going to parties, lectures, travelling the galaxies, and many other things. When my mini-me comes back to her, then not only will I remember that I did all those things while “I” was away, I will have experienced it all, too! And so there never was any separation at all! Does that make sense?

And so every time my higher-self throws a ball for my dog or cuddles up with her, that is me. And when I get there, I’ll realize that I never really was away.

So now my mini-me is feeling much better. I am relearning to live my life now without her, knowing that our separation is truly only an illusion.


5 thoughts on “The Illusion of Separation

  1. That’s certainly one way of seeing it. These higher selves have all the fun whilst we feel the pain. Our pets are very much part of our being, much like everything is I suppose. They act as teachers, playmates and I think importantly they teach us about the loss of love. As humans with a longish sort of life span we are subject to the trauma of loss quite often, unfortunately even if our perspective allows us to see the greater aspects of existence, we still feel that loss of contact and familiarity . The beloved pet spirit awaits until it is required again in this life until its pattern develops to the next stage. I am sure yours is around your feet somewhere.

    • Thanks PNF! But just so you know… this article is not recent. I just stuck it to the top because I felt it was relevant for some people right now. This actually happened a couple of years ago now. I still maintain to this day, though, based on my studies that this is how it works… or something very similar 🙂

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