Gently Guiding My Way


AngelicView: This is a short NDE from someone who was having a triple cardiac bypass surgery when things went wrong. It is an atypical experience, but I love it none-the-less due to his unique way of getting to the Light. Take a look:

I then recall that I was slowly swimming in the clearest, blue tinged, warm water that I had ever seen and was totally relaxed and free of any care or anxiety and, strangely, I had no requirement for taking a breath.  

I then realized that I was being accompanied by four Manatees who were guiding me downward at about a 45 degree angle toward a large black wall. They were two ahead of me and two at my sides and were gently guiding my way. I then observed that they were also not rising to the surface to breathe. 

As we approached the wall, an aperture, (which resembled the iris of a camera,) began to open to slowly reveal a bright, warm, white light. The light began to grow brighter and warmer as we approached. As the light began to engulf me and my gentle companions, I grew more comfortable and relaxed.  

Just before we reached the opening, the aperture began to slowly and deliberately close. The manatees then gathered below me and began to guide me to the surface as they and other mammals lift their newborn for its first breath. As we broke the surface and I tried to take a breath, I heard the noises and activity of the surgery where I had been resuscitated. 


One puzzling thing about this experience is that I had not had any previous experience nor familiarity with Manatees other than to have casually read about them in magazines or books.



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