A Free Nature


AngelicView: Many of us wonder what happens to a soul like Hitler on the other side. “A Free Nature”, the name of this article, is that state of being when we can be free because we have forgiven. We have learned that all things happen for a reason, and with a Plan.

Another article on this site that was an ADC (After Death Communication) dealt with this very subject. It is a very good read, in my opinion, and it’s called “Forgiveness is Freedom” if you’d like to take a look.

The reason why I’m posting this today has to do with truths that I feel may be coming out soon about our world and our leaders who have had power over us (even if we didn’t always realize it). They have caused millions of deaths, directly, and many people are going to be shocked. At least I have to say that I hope the truth will come out soon. 😉

For this article, I’m going to repost a short article from Transients.info by Laron. It was written in 2012 but it has the same meaning today. It’s his take on some Dolores Cannon material – and I am posting here because I believe that they are right.

Take it over Laron… ↓

Laron – How do we define morality? As of this moment in our history, in the year 2012, our modern society has a good understanding and view of how it is defined. If we go back in time, things have been very different. What now may be judged as a bad thing, may have been acceptable back then.

When we think of evil or ‘bad’ people in our history, we may consider Hitler or even Jack the Ripper to be on the list.

When stepping out of our practical day to day lives and into viewing morality from a spiritual sense, it’s not what we may expect it to be.

Morality would come into question if our way of life suddenly had an upheaval and life as we know it changed very drastically. There are many outcomes that could occur within the next year, as a result of the current times.

I am nearing the end of the book, Between Death and Life – Conversations with a Spirit, by Dolores Cannon and I have made a few notes along the way. One of the topics that came up that was fascinating to me was the way we all judge good acts and bad acts, negative and positive – morality.

When I am consuming more information on life after death, from any source, I rarely pick up new information that I don’t already know. But this book is the exception. It has some very good bits and peaces of information that I haven’t seen written anywhere else. It’s really worth getting if you want to learn more about life after death.

Through one of her clients, Dolores was conversing with an entity and first asked about the morality side of things with Hitler. The answer was not what you would expect. The second person she asked about was Jack the Ripper. This is where I will be quoting the full response as I think it’s fascinating what information came out as a result.

Dolores – “What about somebody like a ‘Jack the Ripper’? Would that not affect him at all in his next life? (She was looking at the relation from someone who had a previous life with a lot of negative actions, and how it related to their next incarnation)

Subject – “Certainly it would. And please, we tread carefully here, for we wish not to offend your sense of proprieties nor your moral standards. For we feel that your sense of morals is very delicate and we wish not to disturb these. However, we would please ask that you bear with us while we give you an insight which you might not have. Beautiful2Perhaps there were lessons learned from that experience of, as you say, Jack the Ripper, which were positive for this person. Of course, there was much harm done to the victims, and by your social standards the crimes were heinous. These acts were not acceptable social behaviour. However, again it could be said that this individual learned through participation in those acts. Maybe a lesson of what indulgence is, of what it is to be self-involved and without regard for human life. This was perhaps an important lesson for that individual. We would also say that perhaps there were those lessons learned, difficult though they were, by those you would call ‘the victims.’ And could we also perhaps inject another possibility here. That the participants in this episode, unseemly as it is, were voluntary from their planning stages before their incarnations to participate in this event. And to so give to your society a yardstick by which the standards of your morals could be measured. An example of what is or is not acceptable to social behaviour. Do you see that in all actions, whether good or bad, there are lessons learned? Not only for those who are direct participants, but those who are bystanders or observers. So were it to be said that this was a horrible crime, then that could be accepted. Yet it could also be accepted, without denying the horror of such crimes, that many lessons were learned by all involved. And let me speak of the life force. That consciousness which was in the body was not killed. It was simply transferred to another plane of existence. The life force, which is even in every cell of your body, was transferred and was not lost. The simple physical makeup of the body changed from one of an organised state to one of a disorganised state. Technically speaking, death is nothing more than rearranging molecules on a physical level, and displacing consciousness from a vehicular enclosure to one of a free nature.  Life has always been and life always is. There is no such thing as taking life, for life simply changes to another form. We speak here strictly from a technical point of view with all moral standards and emotional values removed.”

Laron – This doesn’t mean that there is no karma involved if a negative act is performed. That was covered in depth before this topic, in the book. This is basically explaining that what we view as good and bad, positive and negative, is not as black and white as we may think. Dolores asked the question about what would be considered a sin, since the information she received said most of the sins written in the bible were modified by man over time (obviously…), and the reply came was that suicide is the only true sin when viewing and judging our actions from up there. But even then, there is no judgement from that side.

Life is about lessons, learning, growing, raising our vibration and becoming more than what we started off being. The more our mind can be open, the easier and faster the process is.


4 thoughts on “A Free Nature

  1. I really enjoyed that one as it really made me open my mind and understand a concept that I just don’t really think about much.

    • Well, we certainly thank you for your contribution. You and I have very similar tastes – even though I don’t share everything, your articles are always interesting to me. 🙂

      • I didn’t get a notification!!! My fault maybe.. didn’t tick the box.

        I am lucky I have a place where I can share pretty much everything I am interested in. I guess it does show the real me…

  2. It is a very difficult concept for the incarnate and some of the disincarnate to come to terms with. That aspect of non judgement and an almost amoral approach to everything that passes. Yet that is how it is.

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