An Endless Stream of Pearls of Light

PearlOfKnowledgeAngelicView: This is a short NDE story that I just had to share – a child drowning experience. The string of pearls of light contained…. well, you’ll see 😉

They brought me into the emergency room and began to attempt to resuscitate me. They were not having much success. All this time I am floating around them.

I tried to communicate with them but they did not hear me. I could hear them speaking as well as hearing their thoughts and they thought it was hopeless.

I had no pain or discomfort. Eventually I began to look around the room and noticed what I can only describe as a black hole or void that followed me around. I some how recognized it and went into it. I had no fear. When I did this I found myself in a tunnel of light with a sensation of speed like I was moving faster and faster. I came out the other end into an area that was misty of foggy looking. I heard a voice tell me not to stop but to keep going. I was flying through this misty place for what seemed to be a bit of time and eventually I came to the end. I saw a blackness, like a starless sky may look … except there was one light. It seemed small so I headed for it and as I did it got bigger and bigger and bigger …  I was going to enter this light. It was now what might be like standing before a sun except it was of a pure white light. As I was about to enter it two large swirling energy forms with human like shape emerged from it. They said to me [in my mind] “what are you doing here”? I said “I’m going into the light “. They said “It is not your time “.

I tried to assure them I was going into the light but they denied my passage.

They were adamant it was not my time. Then I noticed I was a ball of light. I no longer had the shape of a human being. My consciousness was spherical in all directions at once and I had a god-like knowing. Then all at once I saw my entire life pass before me in minute detail … In fact I saw much more than words and deeds but how they affected those around me. It was like energy radiating from me that rippled out like a pebble tossed into still water eventually touching every thing around it. I saw how my actions hurt others even indirectly. I was devastated. I had such a great grief I get choked up even now thinking about it. Then this beam of light came out of the huge light and enveloped me. I was like a baby in its mother’s arms I felt secure and loved and at peace. Then the two figures showed me how I could look into myself. I did so and what I saw was like an endless string of pearls of light. I approached one and touched it.

I saw an entire life time here on earth… I was in what appeared to me to be 16th century France. I was in military garb and was carrying a sword. I was a drunkard and a braggart and fond of dueling. I died face down in a ditch PastLivesafter being run through the heart . I looked at another. I was a soldier in a Grecian phalanx and again I was run through the heart and died in battle. I looked again and this time I was a priest in Egypt I knew the secrets of the temple of that time. I looked again at yet another and I was a priest of the temple yet again, but this time in what we call Atlantis. I walked a sacred path for initiates only and knew the advanced technology of that day and of the Pyramids. I looked again but this one was different. I was not a human being I was something that I can only describe to you as a Pan type being – part goat and human. I tended flocks of strange creatures on a small planet that was smaller than earth and had large boulders and crystalline structures projecting from the ground. I knew my time was short they were calling me back so I went way way back and touched on one last sphere of light. I was a creature that lived in darkness or void with out shape or form.

They pulled me back and I was before the light like before . They said I had to return to Earth because “I had things to do”. I told them I didn’t want to.

I looked out for the first time in the direction I had come and I saw all of creation. It was like a moment frozen in timeless eternity in an instant.

The next thing I knew I was flying down the tunnel of light again. I popped out into the emergency room and slammed into my body… and everything was black and there was pain in every part of my body.

AV: Thank you, Robert.


4 thoughts on “An Endless Stream of Pearls of Light

  1. Is this a forced imprisonment on Earth? I think Earth has been used by reptilians as a feeding ground with forced reincarnation for some time now. Soul traps etc. Id he / she wanted to go and was not allowed, that sounds very hostile to me. Is this recent??

    • Hi Vandreren! Well, a lot of people think that is the case. Some of my close friends feel that way (about the imprisonment). I think it’s possible that some people may have that experience of the imprisonment while others do not.

      My theory on why that person may have not been allowed to leave is possibly because it wasn’t one of their “exit points”. Everyone has “scheduled” exit points in which they can leave their 3D bodies if a) their mission and goals on Earth is completed, or b) they cannot complete their mission. It is ultimately our higher self that decides, because our “little self” doesn’t have that wider perspective that our higher self does. “We” (our little me’s) want instant gratification while our higher self wants to accomplish it’s goals/mission.

      As far as whether this is an older one or a newer one… I think it’s a few years old. It’s hard to remember for sure because I pour through so many of these accounts on almost a daily basis looking for great ones to share. But I think it’s a few years old.

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