Called to a Higher Service

AngelicView: A very interesting STE (Spiritually Transformative Event).

In The Temple 

My first recollection of this experience was to find myself within a large circular white marble temple. I was standing on a galleried landing, the balustrade was made from carved marble and atop was a smooth handrail, also made from marble. From the landing I could peer over to the main Angel46floor of the building and see many people wearing robes milling around with some kind of expectancy.  In the centre of the main floor appeared to be a large round solid marble table, to my mind, this was the buildings centre stone. A few moments later, in walked a powerful beast it had  an vulgar exaggerated human form, with its large muscular arms it hurled one of its fist at full force onto the stone. The impact was so great that the building actually shook, so much so that the building began collapsing segments of white marble pillars, began falling from above and crashing to the floor. At this moment, the people in the temple hurriedly began to leave the temple through a large pointed arch open doorway which radiated with white light.  

My own journey at this moment took me from the galleried landing, down a wide marble staircase which was curved to the shape of the building, looking down I noticed I too was wearing a robe and was careful so as not to trip up on it whilst trying to leave the temple as quickly as possible. The feeling of anxiety grew the longer I stayed in the building. I descended the staircase, walked from the main floor, looked across the main floor towards the beast which was still striking the centre stone and walked out of the temple.


The Light and Gathering Outside 

As I left the temple  I walked into what can only be described as pure dazzling white light, the air was still, it was calm.  Looking back I recall seeing the temple doorway being dark, the shape of the doorway was clear to see. 

The people who had been in the temple were assembled outside, some in groups, others alone, there was still a level of anticipation amongst everyone as they stood on the level ground. I couldn’t physically make out peoples faces, just the presence of them being there, everyone was dressed in robes, which I remember were a deep red/purple color and may have been fastened around the waist with a tasseled cord. 

During this experience I didn’t interact with any of the other people, but feel like I do most of the time, content with being just myself and happy enough being on my own. 

Where I was standing, there appeared to be a cliff face, it went up very high and was made from marble as well, but in its natural “rough” form. I should add that I couldn’t actually see the cliff, it was almost like I “knew” without having to see. 

People begin Rising 

The air of anticipation was so great here, we had to leave this place. With that thought in mind I looked across the groups of people and witnessed some of the people beginning to gently float upwards, they assumed a horizontal position, mid-air, and seemed to be drawn upwards in a very gentle floating motion. Somehow I knew this was the only way to leave, and that these people were of God, to leave it would take every ounce of faith EnhanceTheLightwe had. My dilemma began in that very instant, the faith I had wouldn’t even be enough to raise a speck of dust. With my heart heavy and feeling weak, all I could do was close my eyes and see what happened. Feeling a bit foolish and very self conscious I stood there for a few moments desperately wishing to get away. With eyes closed it seemed quite dark, my mind darting around with a whole myriad of feelings and emotions, but then, it happened , my heart jumped into my mouth! My body became weak, so much so I couldn’t sustain it, but in the same instance it was overridden by another force, the air became warm and billowed around as I began rising upwards, my chest filled with the same comforting warmth. My eyes adjusted, and while still closed everything seemed light again, but this time things felt more sensuous than physical. 

The Angel Singing 

Whilst in this heightened state, I began to hear a most beautiful female voice singing, this wasn’t just ordinary singing, its range went far beyond that of anything human. The tone was compelling; it filled the air with beauty and came from all directions. My heart told me who was singing this, it was not a person, but an angel, only a heavenly being could sing in such a crystal clear and infinite way. The angel didn’t sing words but rather what you might expect from an angel – every heavenly note possible strung together to make a tune which I cannot explain in human terms. It was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. At one point I wanted to join in, but alas, my voice wasn’t a match – I relented and absorbed myself in this present beauty. 

As I floated higher, embraced by the warm air and the beautiful angel singing, my spirit, (that very part of us that our Father placed there when we were ourselves created) began to awaken. It was like someone had turned the ignition on, I was getting closer and closer to the top of the precipice, my eyes which were closed could see the light becoming even brighter, the warm air became increasingly absorbing my anxiety was gone, this place felt like home.  


I sensed that not so far away from where I was going there was waiting a very special person, the brilliant warm white light appeared to radiate from a circular area not so far away and from it came the most overpowering and enveloping feeling of pure Love. I was almost leaping for joy, I knew in that very same instance that it was Jesus who was there, even thought I didn’t see him his loving presence was quite prevalent. My spirit and very being was filled to overflowing with pure love, much stronger than any humanly ties, I knew instinctively that I was loved eternally and was astonished to know that my Lord could ever contain so much “Love” just for me. 

In that very same moment, I found myself sitting up in bed, out of breath in a state of shock/surprise, where had I been? This wasn’t just a dream, it was a journey that I’d been sent on. Maybe the reasons for it will never be known, was I being called to higher service that night or was I given such a privileged insight into the heavenly realms to help me on my walk through life.



5 thoughts on “Called to a Higher Service

  1. I have interesting dreams sometimes, but cannot remember the detail quite so well. Last night I was a psychic who was trying to catch the person who was making Global Warming… maybe I will try to remember enough to write about it.

      • Thank you for read it. In comparison to the dreams on this site, it is lame. I’ve been thinking about the deeper meaning of the Scientist vs Psychic theme of the dream. You have a wonderful relationship with Science in that it encourages your spirituality, but I often look at ways mainstream science makes fun of Psychics (curious nature). Also I feel my traditional High School Science background conflicts with belief in the metaphysical. So even through the dream has so many stereotypical elements (Mad Scientist/Evil Minions) it is interesting to me.

        • I think that while spirituality perhaps can’t explain the “why’s” of things… spirituality is (thousands of) years ahead of science! Science will catch up and explain why things are the way they are – and I love to see their progression every day 🙂

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