Introducing: Remote Viewing

AngelicView: If you’ve never heard of remote viewing, let me try to acquaint you to it – because I think you may find it as fascinating a subject as I do.PersonStars

Remote viewing is very real, and it started many years ago (perhaps about 50 years ago) by the military. What they do is to search out people who are naturally very psychic and in touch with their own consciousness and then proceed to train them further to actually view events or scenes that are happening either elsewhere, or even in another time period – past and future. 

When it all began, the military would use these remote viewers (people who are experienced in remote viewing) to see what their enemy is up to, for example. Back in 1995, the military “closed down” the remote viewing program (although no one actually believes it was actually closed down). 

Well, after these experienced remote viewers retired from the military, they went on to continue to practice their art. Courtney Brown is one such person, and he heads up The Farsight Institute, a non-profit organization that specializes in remote viewing. 

I know this sounds very crazy, but it’s real stuff, and it has been backed up by much evidence. A lot of this evidence is more anecdotal type of evidence, but evidence none-the-less. 

I think this is absolutely astounding and amazing stuff, and I also believe it is the future of the human being collective to be able to do this type of thing. These people have viewed actual scenes from the past. Some of those sightings include the sinking of the Titanic, the shooting of President Abraham Lincoln, scenes from The Civil War in America, Atlantis, a planet that explodes and becomes the asteroid belt, and so much more!

They have also seen the future. The problem may turn out to be that the future is malleable and not set in stone. There are also potentially multiple timelines to contend with. And so that part of remote viewing is still in the experimental stages. 

Remote viewing is not limited to the Earth. They can see other planets, as well. Your consciousness can go anywhere!

There are some quantum mechanics involved in this study (well, when you break it down it’s really all quantum mechanics at work), and so if you don’t know some basics on the subject, you might want to check out these fascinating videos which are designed for the regular person to learn some basics. 

This video I am getting to – below – will blow your mind. 

December 26, 2012

Time Monk Radio Presents: Courtney Brown


5 thoughts on “Introducing: Remote Viewing

  1. That was a case of synchronicity , I have been thinking and reading up on this. The radio show was excellent to listen too. Thank you Angelic View

    • Yes! This interview blew my mind. I had heard of remote viewing but never really gave it that much thought before this. I am glad I clicked on that video – really mind-blowing stuff – and believable to those who have the ears to hear. 🙂

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