A New and Bountiful Beginning

AngelicView: I started this blog in search of truths – spiritual truths. I have been studying NDE’s for about ten years or so, and I have found them to be the best in delivering of those truths that I seek. And so I have included many of them in my blog. OurInnerEye

I don’t know why it came as a surprise to me that many people do not read my blog to find spiritual truths! Many people come here because they have lost a loved one and they read the NDE’s to – in a way – see where it was that their loved one went. Perhaps find out what they may have experienced. 

It is in this regard that I post this article. In her NDE, this person came to meet with her father who had previously passed away. She had second-guessed her decisions regarding his end-of-life care. I thought it might help others who have felt the same way when caring for someone who is/was dying. Here you can see that once a person’s 3D body has died, they live on and they know it was their time to go. If it wasn’t, then they’d still be here no matter what medical decisions you have made.

 I found myself sitting Indian style at the bottom of a beautiful tropical lagoon. The water was a beautiful crystal clear turquoise type of color. The sand was a pure and bright white, the visibility seemed infinite. There were numerous tropical fish swimming all around that were so vivid in color it seemed as if they were plugged into an electrical outlet and covered in neon lights (difficult to actually describe). I had never seen anything like this before – there was no plant life…coral …rocks…reefs…etc…just white sand, beautiful water, the fish and myself. I remember thinking …”well this is kind of weird”… “how am I breathing underwater on my own ?”….better yet….”where am I and how did I get here” … it was then that something above me caught my eye. I looked up and could see the waters surface about 10 feet above me and beyond that a ball of light. very bright and descending in my direction.. I watched and as it broke the waters surface it dispersed and engulfed the lagoon and beyond. Thinking it was blinding (but not sure if that was an instinctive reaction or not because I do not recall being blinded or even sensitive to any of the brightness of the entire experience) I looked downward at the ocean floor.

Suddenly a wooden post impaled itself into the sand about 3 or 4 feet away at somewhat of an angle (a post similar I am guessing to the type JESUS may have been crucified upon). However there was no cross section,…just a post. I began to look up and as I did I saw a pair of feet in sandals and a pair of incredibly pure, bright white pants. (also appearing to be neon for lack of a more accurate description ) as I continued further upward I was totally amazed to find that it was my deceased father who had passed two years earlier. He was diagnosed with a golf ball size brain tumor in the center of his brain stem and was inoperable . Two weeks after the  diagnosis it began to bleed and he fell out while walking out of a restaurant and was transported via ambulance to the nearest hospital. No living will, no do not resuscitate , …etc… we did not know for certain how to proceed . life support? feeding tube? try to operate? All we knew was that our father was a good man and lived an exceptional life treating us and those around him well and did not deserve to suffer and prolong life as a vegetable nor would he want to. We chose intravenous pain relief and oxygen with no feeding tube. (make him pain free and as comfortable as possible on his way out.) Three opinions [“options“?] all with the same ending. He would not live through surgery and if by some miracle he did he would be a vegetable. He passed three days later somewhat peacefully. His heart just stopped. Racing faster in the end in an effort to increase oxygen levels it just got tired and quit. Needless to say it was not an easy choice for us. (lots of room for second guessing)

As I realized it was him I realized that I had left life as I knew it and somehow (I do not recall the journey to where I was) had come to this place of beauty and total tranquility.  (I don’t know if it has anything to do with it or not but we buried my father at sea. we spread his ashes out of Newport Beach) My first reaction was to say “WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO DAD….I’M SORRY.” He just smiled down at me and said …”IT’S OK SON, YOU DID JUST FINE. I AM IN A GOOD PLACE. ITS WONDERFUL BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION. IT WAS MY TIME “…  He looked so perfect and so at peace. I can’t really describe how awesome and calm and perfect he looked. When he passed he was all gray beard and mustache , 73 years old. As he appeared before me he was much younger (in his prime with thick wavy bright deep red hair as he had when he was younger, only much more vivid and intense. Any imperfection or flaw he had was sculptured, chiseled away to a smooth perfection.) HE LOOKED PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL AND CONSUMED WITH PEACE AND JOY AND OVERFLOWING WITH UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.. I COULD GO ON AND ON…. WE VISITED FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE HOURS.  (afterward I discovered I had been without a heartbeat for 1 min and 14 seconds) WE LAUGHED AND HUGGED AND CRIED (AND EVERYTHING WORKED…NO FREEZING OF LIMBS ,…NO INABILITY TO MOVE..) and then he hopped down off his post and turned on the ocean floor and started to walk away. I jumped up and said…”DAD… HEY,… WAIT A MINUTE ” AND BEGAN TO FOLLOW HIM AND IT WAS AT THAT MOMENT HE STOPPED, TURNED AROUND SMILED THIS HUGE HEARTWARMING AND INDESCRIBABLE SMILE AND SAID…” NO SON , YOU GOTTA GO BACK . THEY’RE FIXING YOU, ITS NOT YOUR TIME.” Then he reached out and touched my shoulder and I don’t know how to describe what it felt like but I believe upon him touching me he placed my life back in me and I woke up in the hospital back to life as I knew it.

It ended up being caused by a blocked intestine , rendering me unable too empty my bowels , which in turn poisoned my blood which over worked my kidneys , which shut them down  , putting me into cardiac arrest which took me to my NDE and when I awoke I aspirated in my lungs and passed back out waking up three days later with tubes coming out of everywhere, going who knew where and I would do it all over again and again just to see my POP  and know that something absolutely incredible awaits us upon our departure from this human life . and I don’t know exactly what it looks like but I know this………”WHEREVER MY FATHER WENT IS ONE AWESOME AND WONDERFUL PLACE “…because…”HE NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD, NEVER LOOKED SO AT PEACE , SO COMPLETE.”  I really cannot find the right words to do justice in relating this whole experience. I believe without doubt “IT WAS REAL, LIKE NOTHING I HAD EVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE , NOT EVEN CLOSE.” I don’t think I gained any special powers nor do I have any more answers to the mysteries of the world , I do not know the future except that death is not an end, but a new and bountiful beginning.



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