Jim Self 12/20/12

AngelicView: This is two excerpts from an interview called “Keeping Pace With the Shift” in which Jim Self was the guest. The interview was conducted on 12/20/2012.Transdimensional

Video Description: An excerpt from the Awakening Zone, Sandie Sedgbeer: Conversation at the Cutting Edge – Keeping Pace With The Shift – Winter Solstice 2012 Edition.

2012 has been a very eventful year, and the good news is that we’re all still here! Throughout the year, international teacher and author Jim Self has been providing us with monthly updates featuring his ‘take’ on the Shift. Looking back, we can see that everything Jim has pointed us to has come to pass. So now it’s time to take stock. 12-12-12 will soon be over, and 2013 will take us right into the “eye” of the Shift. So what have we learned from 2012? Where should we put our attention in 2013? And how can we apply what we’ve learned to creating a better world for humanity and for us?



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