A Vision: A New “Track”

Train_Tracks_by_bubbleycheeseAngelicView: This is a very interesting story about a couple who were driving in their car, when the woman had a vision of an impending crash in which she would die. After the crash was averted, she saw something that makes me think of a new Timeline. I believe that this was to be one of her Exit Points. 

For those who are not aware, I believe that we all have created a number of Exit  Points – or scenarios in which we can remove ourselves from this life – before we incarnated here. This was originally taught to me by Sylvia Browne (Author and Near Death Experiencer), but since has been confirmed by my study of NDE accounts. We can take one of these Exit Points if: a) our work is done here, or b) we cannot bear our life any longer, and wish to develop a new Path.

In a flash of a vision, I saw us having a head on collision and me dying. I was shown in slow motion and with a high level of alertness and awareness “train tracks” and how my train tracks were coming to an abrupt end. It felt like I was in the 1800’s in the middle of nowhere just as train tracks were being laid in the American wilderness. I was very clear that this was “the end of the line” for me and my life. The vision was more factual, than emotional as if I were watching a movie.

 Then, as if the conductor of the train, I felt and saw (as if looking out the front window of a train), the train being lifted straight up into the air and placed back down, very gingerly, on a parallel train track to my right of where I was. This “other” train track had been there all along. This would be my “new” track for my train and it had no end in sight. 

Moments before, as my husband drove towards the head-on collision (that would have occurred around the bend of the construction zone) I let out a terrifying scream when I saw “the vision of us crashing and me dying”. Not sensing danger, he was immediately taken by surprise by my blood-curdling scream. Though I could not make out any words (only screams) he trusted me as I motioned not to go forward, pushing myself back in the car seat and even lifting my legs as if to avoid a crash. Trusting me that something was terribly wrong, he swerved quickly to the right instead of driving forward on that “3rd lane” and we crashed our car into an embankment that was cement but surrounded by large empty plastic barrels.

After this NDE, for months, I would have nighttime dreams and daytime visions with “sacred geometry” (triangles, grids, parts of what looked like blueprints) and “accounting ledgers” (instead of numbers it was symbols, but something was being ‘listed’ and ‘tallied’ or ‘added up’). I also FELT a tremendous PEACE and had an unexplainable KNOWING that everyone and everything was connected as ONE and that LOVE was all there was. 

I also feel, that somehow, I am more intuitive than before and also less judgmental. In addition, I no longer fear death as it is clearly not the end.  

Who knows what might have occurred had we been on the highway that evening …. or why we experienced so many “detours” trying to get home. 

Overall, I feel I got a “second chance” to live — and am very grateful to be alive and more “awake” (with awareness) than ever.





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