Split in Two

Trees1AngelicView: Here is another example of an NDE where there is the appearance of two separate souls (the Spirit soul and the Body soul) that inhabit the body – because after she left her body, she saw the body screaming in pain. Although this is not fun for us to think about, it does lend some clue as to the nature of Life.

I was hiking with friends and I slipped and fell approximately 50 meters.  I landed in a tree which broke my fall.  I sustained many injuries including vertebra fractures, sternum fractures and ankle fracture.

When I was falling, time seemed to really slow down.  I was very aware of my environment and I experienced a lot of emotions including fear, sadness and hope.

I did experience a slight “life review” in which I saw my family and focused on their faces for a few minutes.  There was feelings of disappointment because I knew that I may not ever see them again.

Once I had landed, I was conscious and I waited for the ambulance to arrive.  I had no NDE experiences at this point in time.

A few hours later when they had rigged up ropes and climbing equipment, I was moved from the tree on a spinal board.  This was very painful and it was at this point that a strange thing happened.

Firstly I felt like I had split in two with my physical body remaining on the ground.  The other element was where my awareness was and it felt as if this was a ball of energy (I could not see this because my awareness was gone from my physical body).  The energy ball hovered at the level of my eyes about 10 cm away from my physical bodies face and watched.  I could see the physical body screaming in pain and crying but I felt no connection to that person.KittyLove

After what seemed like an eternity I traveled as the energy ball up to a place.  I don’t know how I traveled there but it was above me somewhere.

This place was dark and it had lights of different colors travelling through it.  The colors where yellow and orange and green – no blue colors.

When I could see this place, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and excitement.  I saw a dark area with millions of brightly colored lights travelling very fast through it. (AngelicView: This is discussed in the book, “Journey of Souls”) I felt like I had arrived home.  I was impatient to enter this ‘highway’ of light.  It was almost as if I had somewhere I wanted to be. 

I tried to enter but could not.  It was as if there was a glass panel stopping me.  I was then told by a voice that I needed to go back down to my physical body.  I had a conversation with this voice and said that I was disappointed with the physical body because it was broken.  I felt as if the physical body had the potential to cease movement which frightened me as I was an energy ball and needed to keep moving.

I was then told that I needed to look past this and return.

I returned although I have no recollection of how.

The next minute I was back in the physical body and felt ‘whole’ again.  I was very frightened by the situation as I was being carried along a cliff path on a spinal board.

Shortly after returning to my physical body I looked up at the men carrying me (about 4 of them) and I realized that I could see large ovals of colored light around their heads.  When their ovals of light came close to the other guys, they connected and the color changed.  The colors where orange and yellow.

I also saw 3 small tennis-ball sized ovals of light hovering between the men.  These were aqua blue – a color I had never seen throughout the whole experience.  When I saw these I instantly recognized them as spirits that I had known before.  They were very comforting and we communicated although I am not sure what they said.  After we had communicated I felt instantly calmer and my pain decreased.



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