“The Flesh is the Test of the Spirit”

It was summertime and strong wind and rain were blowing up the pasture. I went to go check on the horses; I needed to make sure they were safe. One horse had gotten himself under the chain around the farm shed, looking for grass. I let the chain down off the shed with one hand. Standing in the pouring rain with my arms outstretched, the lightning struck, and I did an uncontrollable electrical dance as my muscles spasmed. I felt no pain, and all went black. I died.

Next, I found myself standing on nothing, way up in the universe, and there were distant colorful planets all around me. I could see misty pinpoints of stars, and when I moved my arm back and forth it made the stars look wiggly, like a reflection on water. I felt dizzy. I had a sense of being able to see not only in front of me, but all around at the same time. Floating just a few feet from me, I saw a man with a see-through body like mine. He spoke to me with a voice that I heard in my head: “Don’t be afraid, it’s ok.”

Meanwhile, we were speeding toward a great elliptical ball of spinning light, brilliantly white in the middle and yellowish on the outside edges. The closer we got to it, the more I felt overwhelming Love; it seemed so warm and comforting, I felt like a child being held.

We stopped. The bright light was still far from me. I wanted to go on; I felt like a magnet, irresistibly drawn. The desire to “blend” grew stronger the closer we got. I knew the light beyond was the very Presence of God, heaven itself! A glowing luminosity appeared in front of me, coming together to form a head, shoulders, a body. A voice called out from the golden sparkles massed in front of me.

“What have you learned?” he asked.

The voice was so soft and tender, yet the presence of Divine Authority was there; I knew that it was the voice of God’s own son, Jesus Christ.

Then life events unfolded before my eyes – times when I showed anger, and when I showed love, appeared like a movie. I could feel the anger and hurt of the other person whenever I had been mean; and I also felt the anger as it rippled on through to others. Then, where I showed love to people, I felt that too. And I felt how much further that love rippled out from person to person, as a warm pulse triggering cause and effect – such joy!

Then Christ said, “The flesh is the test of the spirit … Love each other.”

And, I faintly heard voices singing the most beautiful melody I had ever heard, singing from the white light. A hot tingling sensation filled me to my toes. I was told, “Welcome to the world of healers.”

Then the Christ sparkled and faded away. Beauty and colors twinkled around me, like being in the midst of a sparkling aurora borealis. The spirit beside me went on and pointed out different stars, planets, distant colorful swirling lights of all kinds, and gave names for all of them. He also gave me answers to thousands of questions. Reams of information seemed to be exploding in my brain, like an empty library being filled.

I then felt myself sinking, as if falling through a bed. I was being pulled back.

Now, I do healing work in three clinics in California, and I fly all over seeing people get well, through prayer and hot hands. I never believed in healing or even near-death experiences before. The healing happens when I remember how it was up there, and I see myself in front of Christ, holding the sick person in my arms. Then I feel that warm tingling again and the miracles happen, like I’m connecting to God just from my memory. I can’t wait to go back. Until then, I’ll try to make a better movie for my life review.



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