Heavenly Puppy

AngelicView: A lovely NDE that involves (you guessed it!) a Puppy!

6 years ago, I was at a Picnic with a bunch of friends. We were having a good time, fishing, playing baseball and Frisbee. Well, The heat kind of got to me and so, I started to walk over to the table to sit down for a bit……  

Everything suddenly faded away! Then, I’m in a wide open field. I felt the breeze blowing and the warmth from the sun. I could see thousands of miles in all directions. I could see and sense, every detail of every blade of grass that was in the field-from all directions too! The grass was in the field was kind of bluish. Green, but blue in tone. Almost like Turquoise in color. Then, I see something running towards me. It was a little Puppy. It was Blond or Golden Yellow in color and I pick it up. It seemed to be so happy to see me! I thought, “He looks very familiar…..where do I know you from?” I asked. “I know you from somewhere!” He just kept licking my hands and tried to lick my face. His tail was wagging, a million miles a second. In the distance, I could see, what looked like a wall of people coming towards me. I never did see them as clearly as I saw the puppy. But, I sensed I knew at least some of them. But who were all there others? I felt calm. Then suddenly, everything was gone.


Next thing I remember, I’m thinking to myself, “I’m dying”. Then, I opened my eyes and sat up. There where 2 Nurses in the room and they both looked at me in shock and then, ran out of the room! I get up off the mat, I was on and look out the door. Wondering what happened….I try to wrap a sheet around me that was on the counter. I leave the room. Then, two Doctors, meet me in the hall, and pull me back into the room again. They sit me down and start hooking everything up to me. All they kept saying was, “Relax!” “be still!” “Take it easy!” They also took the toe tag off of my Big toe.  

After 20 minutes or so, they then tell me what had happened. They said, I was brought into the Hospital at 1:23 p.m., by Ambulance-due to a heart attack. They rushed me into the Emergency Room! At 1:27 p.m.-I “flat-lined”. They worked on me for over 15 minutes to try to revive me. They couldn’t. They used the Electo paddles on me, on 3 different occasions-but after that…..They pronounced me dead at 1:41:23 p.m.  

After 6 hours, I wanted to go home. They said all my “Vitals” looked good and perfect! But they wanted me to stay a few days…….just in case. I said no. Against their advice, I took a Cab home. I called my friend and him and his wife were just totally blown away! They could believe it! they were told I was dead! They were hysterical! I told them to calm down-I’m ok now. We’ll it didn’t take them long to get over to my house. I was making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches when they arrived. We all sat down and they cried.  

What’s odd is, 2 days later I was sitting and watching TV, and I just shut the TV off when, a car pulls up into my driveway, and some guy gets out and comes to the door. All he asked was-“You like animals, right?” I shrugged my shoulders, “Yea..?” He goes to his car and gets out a big box from his back seat, brings it up to the porch and there in side it, was a Puppy-no bigger than a, loaf of Rye bread. The same Puppy I recall seeing in the Hospital-in my dream. He was so happy to see me, he tried like hell to jump out of the box when he saw me! I pick him up and he licks at my face, madly! Wow he was feisty! Meanwhile, the guy was taken back a bit and says, “Darn-he sure likes you. He never did this to anyone! He always nipped at people and growled!….I only brought him over because a lady by the name of Norine said you liked animals and would take him.” I told him, “I know no woman by the name of Norine.” But, I said, “Yes I will take the Puppy anyways, though.”  

My Dogs name is Blu, he is a Shepherd/Collie mix. He’s my Buddy. And I believe in my heart-he was given to me, by God. 


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