One Moment in Time

AngelicView: I wanted to share this absolutely stunning SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body) experience with you. The man is involved in a car crash, and just as the van broad-sides his car he moves out of his body and inspects the crash and the body in grand detail to determine if it’s still inhabitable or not. AngelCloud

I was pulling out of a side street into stopped traffic on a 4-lane. A driver indicated he would let me cross his lane, unaware that there was a cube van driving coming down the lane next to his. As soon as I was in the lane, I was broadsided by the van. The driver side window was down, so I did not hit my head in the impact. 

I looked up and saw the van barreling toward me. There was nowhere for the driver to go other than through me. I remember thinking I’d be hit and might die, but I wasn’t afraid. I was upset because my children were at the beach and would be in need of a ride home. I was worried for them, not for me. 

When the vehicles collided, time stopped. I felt exceptionally alert, and was not in my body. I was and within the vehicle above and to the right of my body. It felt perfectly normal to be in this state, as real or perhaps more real than when I’d been in my body. 

Now time stopping in an accident proves to be a very interesting experience! The first thing I did was view what had happened from within the vehicle. Every shard of glass from the windows was suspended, not falling. I was caught up in the beauty of the moment, admiring how each shard of glass refracted the sunlight differently. They looked no different than other shards of glass from a wreck, but these were all alive with light and I could perceive every shard in it’s entirety. My spirit moved about the shards in admiration for a few moments, and then turned to the ‘task’ at hand. This body (I felt NO emotional attachment) had been in an accident and I wasn’t sure it was still inhabitable. I know that sounds odd, but that was the question in my consciousness… was this body still in tact and could I still ‘use’ it. My consciousness moved in front of the body and examined it, almost like a scan, from top to bottom. No damage. I was pleased, because I needed to pick my children up. I knew they would be confused if it was time to go and I wasn’t there for them. I realized I would need time to arrange new transportation, so there was an instant ‘blip’ of urgency to return to the body, and then I was within. 

The part of this that amazes me is that everything I describe in the prior paragraph happened in the instant that I was hit. There was no passing of time; all of this understanding simply came at once. 

The driver of the cube van was certain he had killed me. He ran over and I greeted him, in a more or less jovial way, so that he would not be concerned. I told him I was not injured. Though my mind was still in shock and I hadn’t fully checked for injuries, I knew there was no damage because I’d checked while within the accident. Police and medics arrived, and I assured them I was fine. For whatever reason, they did not attempt to check me for internal injuries, and I was able to retrieve my children from their swim.

~Every sense was amplified while time was stopped. During that full moment, I could perceive all things from all angles, such as the suspended glass shards. The freedom to move about let me see the effects of sunlight through multiple perspectives at once. We cannot do this in body, and as a result we experience only a small portion of the glory that is.Angel8

~I could see everything with perfect clarity, to the finest detail at an instant. Vision was 720 degrees. I could see the full 360 around me, and also all beneath and above as well. There was a ‘focal point’ with which I was engaged, but it did not impair my vision of other surroundings. 

It was not like when you look at something now, and see what you focus on clearly, while all else around it is a blur that you can bring into focus. All was in focus, and I chose what to direct my perception at.

~There was no passage of time, so nothing happened on earth during this event. I was able to view my body, and was aware of the precise nature of the damage to my vehicle. Things that I could not have known before I was hit, were exceptionally clear right within that moment.

~I was calm and collected, much as in life. Viewing the body was a matter of determining a course of action to take next. There was no worry, nor was there fear. I was concerned for the confusion my children would feel if they finished swimming and I wasn’t there to pick them up. I felt compassion for my children, and love for them.

~It was very apparent that I am not my body. The body is a mode of experience, not a source of existence.

~I realized that the spiritual nature of the world is ignored in our society. I realized there is infinitely more to existence than what the sciences suggest. I did not return knowing there was a ‘God’ but rather that our concept of God is incorrect. God is All That Is, and we are a part of All That Is. All thoughts we have of separation from God are illogical, because we are a part of God. 

I cannot explain the origin of this understanding, except that my views of God and spirituality changed when I returned to my body. What I understood when I left my body was not what I understood upon my return.

~We are one. Perception of isolation is the myth. One cannot be isolated from God, when one is one with God.

~The emotional detachment from the body was significant because it was such a stark shift from what we experience in life. I realized that the spirit is meaningful, to an infinitely greater extent than the body, which is also meaningful.



2 thoughts on “One Moment in Time

  1. I have always found that experience of detachment when out of body a bit disturbing in a way. Once you return to the sense of being in the world again that gestalt feeling leaves nothing but a memory. It makes you wonder about the nature of mind/spirit how utterly devoid of anything but the feeling of interest and wonder. I have never really got use to it and I must say although for that moment you realise your eternal nature you also realise that the eternal really doesn’t understand many of the aspects of our existence. I suppose that is our purpose to somehow educate creation. It’s funny because back in the flesh we are trying the opposite to understand the eternal . No wonder eternity exist Ha! Ha! You do have to laugh.

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