Transcending Human Expression

AngelicView: Excepts from an NDE of a teenager.

~I looked down on the people in the room. They looked somehow different as well. It was as if their outlines had been traced with a crayon of light producing some kind of glow around the lines of their bodies. The air had become a purple hued fuzz, like the air molecules were a translucent purple. I could see the air, and then I sensed some kind of hissing sound, and a strange sensation of darkness as I floated through what would have been the ceiling. I was in the storm now, I could sense the snow falling as I continued to merge upward with something to which I was connected. There came a sensation of great attraction. I would not call it speed exactly, more like the world was rapidly moving away from me than I from it. The scene below me seemed to stretch away in an infinite distortion.

~At this point I was aware of a great journey. A journey I had just begun, of a great distance to be traveled, only a portion of which had I traversed. My senses changed in this motion as well. I no longer had a sense of sight, nor of temperature, or of movement. I could not feel pain nor do I recall hearing. The only sense I do recall at this point was a deep sense of love. Deeper than I had ever experienced before, though it was a familiar feeling, I recognized it as love, it seemed to emanate from all points toward me, and from me outward. It was a warm feeling, a comforting feeling, a sense of perfect well-being.

~There was also the sense of a great burden having been lifted from me. I had been here before. I knew where I was by now, though I cannot name this place. I had returned from whence I came, and I don’t know what it is called. Though I have heard many labels applied, this could have been heaven, purgatory, some kind of samadhi, a collective of souls, I personally do not know what to call it. I will only try to describe it as I remember, as I believe to label the place is to call it something it is only partially. I had been here before.

~I must try to explain that which cannot be put into words. This place was a part of me and I a part of it. We are not and were not separate, even as I write these words, years after the experience; we are still one this place and I. The experience of being there is to exist as love, inside love knowing only love. It was as if the emotion of love is what in the end and in the beginning I have always been. Love is what I have only been. And, to extrapolate that to human existence, we are all connected in this way, inside this place, which is all things, and all people, life is love and love is life. Every atom in the universe is connected in this way.

~As I floated away from my body I was somehow aware of the air molecules, not in a scientific way, but such that there was a connection between the air molecules and what I had become, or rather, what I had always been. In this frame of mind I am always connected to all things. I have also said in conversations about my experience, and continue to assert, that what is really going is so much bigger than anything I had ever experienced in church or in literature through any medium. It transcends the human capacity for expression. In my awareness, I became or returned to being a part of this.

~The overwhelming love and understanding, the type of telepathic like communication, the understanding of the lack of time continuum, the knowledge of connections to all matter, the vast amount of knowledge present at a moment outside time, the memories of the “place” to which I returned, the knowledge of the workings of the universe and life. So many things have little language equivalents.

~Existence outside the senses and outside time is difficult to explain. I was still me, I had memories and identity, but I was not in this world, nor was in a body. My mind was “merged” with the universe, I had returned from whence I came, to “the Place” I was before I was born. The normal everyday stuff involves a sense of temperature, the sense of sight, hearing, the feeling of my skin, clothes, wind…none of this was present during my time away.

~Yes, it was as if I could see the air, I also seem to recall seeing as I “floated” through the ceiling. It was like being able to see atoms, not as solids, actually more then see them, I could feel them also.

~AngelicView: Trying to describe the “Tunnel” experience: It was more of a distortion I’d say. It was as if the world was stretching away from me, like being at the center pole of a big top tent which kept rising making the walls of the tent into steeper and steeper angles stretching infinitely to a long string.

~I have since seen a great many entities, some could be described as angels (human forms with wings) and a other I call “critters”.

~The connection between all things is amazing…if there is truly anything in this universe which is sacred, this is it.  

~One statement I have always made in a number of ways goes like this; What is really happening is so much bigger than any work of religion, fiction, or imagining I have ever heard from the human mind. What is really happening with us, life and our souls is eternal, infinite and divine. It defies description.

~ I know I am supposed to talk about this.


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