Transported to a Different Life

AngelicView: When I read stories like this one, where the subject is immediately transported to a completely different life, it makes me wonder what reality really is. How marvelous it is to ponder these things!

WebOfLifeI was on site visit for one of my Interior Design sites in Mumbai.. The building was under-construction and there were no safety grills installed yet to the huge windows. The apartment I was designing was on the 6th floor of a high rise. 

It was summer and the heat was unbearable. It was afternoon time. I had had a heavy breakfast before reporting to work. I was taking site measurements when suddenly there was black-out before my eyes. I was feeling giddy due to dehydration. I told my staff that were helping me then to continue with the job, while I moved to an airier space in the Living Room. There I felt slightly better. 

But the place was full of cement and dust – there was no place around to sit. As I walk on a (Right, Below Knee) prosthesis since the age of 9yrs, I could not manage to stand for too long, especially under these conditions. So I sat on the window sill with my back towards the exterior side of the building. Everything drew to a blank after that. 

When I opened my eyes, people around me were splashing water on my face. I was seated on the slab and one supervisor was holding my arms to support me. I was shaking and trembling vigorously. I could not recognize anything or anyone around. All of them were asking me questions, feeling glad that I had “returned”. As quite a few minutes passed by, I began figuring who was who in the room. They told me I was unconscious and my body was shaking hard for a good 20 minutes before I opened my eyes. 

This is what had happened : 

As I sat on the window sill of the 6th floor, a blank drew before my eyes once again. I fell unconscious and just let my body loose. I fell backward, out of the window and out of the building… and began slipping downward. The owner of the apartment had gone to the 5th floor for some work with an engineer. They were by chance standing near to the 5th floor open window. As they noticed me slip, in a reflex the client caught hold of my leg (the natural one) and the engineer supported him. I was very frail at 48kgs of body weight in those days. 

They kept holding me like that on the single limb while the rest of my body swayed outside the building…. upside down… until my own staff came and puled me in. The client and the engineer were too scared and shocked to act any further beyond this. Meanwhile, I had slipped straight into another world… into another life. There I was seeing everything in the first person,Artist02 not in the third person. I mean, I wasn’t seeing a video tape of mine… I was REAL… When I was witnessing the world around.  

I was sleeping on a four poster bed, so I couldn’t see my legs or body. I could just see the people who were standing then – my elder brother (around 12yrs old) and my mother. They were both brown skinned and dark complexioned. Not the same family I have now. But they seemed to belong to the Indian middle class nevertheless. I still remember the ambiance of the room vividly. My brother and mom were having a conversation – they both were standing. I do not remember details of the conversation now, because I did not repeat it to myself again and again after I came into this life again… but they both had been talking with straight faces, but the talk was not about anything serious. I lay on the bed listening to them. I was probably a girl child. 

I was bored by their plain talk. None of them were paying attention to me or entertaining me or smiling at me. I closed my eyes. For a long time my eyes were closed but I could hear their conversation. Then I opened my eyes and I was at the construction site. I could not identify my body, I didn’t know who/where I was and who the people around me were…… because all I knew about myself was THAT Life. 

The supervisor says they were splashing water on my face and trying to wake me up for a long time… But I did not sense any of this while I was in the other life. I was not connected to THIS body at all! I spent long days in disbelief. I had begun recollecting and correlating things of my current life…. But in my heart I always knew that THAT was the REAL world. I was AS real as this one… It was NOT a dream. I saw no white light or passage or floating above my body… I was straight transported to another life. For days after the incident, whenever I recalled THAT life, this one would seem unreal… and when I tried to convince myself that THIS life was what I’d lived for 25yrs, my soul refused to believe that I hadn’t lived the other life.  

Meanwhile, I did not realize my fall from the 6th floor balcony, I did not feel it when the two Samaritans caught and saved me from thrashing to the ground, I didn’t know when they carried me in… nor when they splashed water on me for so much time.

        ~When I was living THAT life, I was aware of my entire past of THAT life… just like now I’m aware of my past in this life.

        ~I realized that both that life and this seemed equally real when I was living them. But once out of that life, it was difficult to believe that it no more held significance or relevance in my existing lifetime. Consequentially, I realized that this life too , that seems so real and serious to me now, is not a reality… It’s probably a projection of the mind just like that other life was… and it all depends on what projection I’m currently living in. Once it’s over, it will hold no meaning… just like I cannot use THAT life (or its relations, property, objects) in this life anymore. But “I” remain immortal… whether I live that life or this one… I KEEP LIVING through everything!!  

TRUTH is that what NEVER CHANGES… So in my experience, the lives that keep ever-changing are not the Truth. Then what is?? 


         ~In that life, I was content and one with the world… There was a sense of unity and calmness… I felt one with everything around… unlike my ongoing lifetime.

         ~In that life… I KNEW that my elder brother loved me very much – I was his pet. And that love was REAL, it was COMPLETE… unlike the family love I’ve seen in this lifetime that’s hinged with selfish interest at some point or another. It is beyond words. I have not seen that kind of love in this lifetime… neither in my own life nor in anyone else’s.

        ~Before the NDE, my Hindu culture had always taught me about reincarnations and rebirths… but I had learned that this series of lifetimes occurs one after the other… in a row… It was a totally new discovery for me to find that the mind can be switched to play different lifetimes at the same time. All my spiritual study and research started only after this NDE… when I realized that what I already knew was only partial Truth.

1) I began witnessing miracles practically everyday… Impossible things would happen and facilitate what is safest and most convenient for me. 

2) My inner voice was awakened… and I’m not speaking about conscience. My conscience has always been active. Have been a hardcore righteous person all my life, with strict discipline in every aspect. The inner voice would guide me on my actions… and following it would bring great prosperity and goodness for all. 

3) My Kundalini Energy awakened. 

4) I got assigned my purpose in life.




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