“I’ll Remember it on My Birthdays”

AngelicView: This amazing NDE happened when he was 8 months old due to suffocation. 

While my mother was breast feeding me she fell asleep. I slippedAkianeBaby down to the end of the bed and must have suffocated long enough to pass over. That’s the logical theory anyway. I seem to remember being visited by the light before that point in the middle of the night while sleeping in my crib. That’s why I crawled into Mum’s bedroom in the middle of the night. I was scared the light was going to take me away. So she fed me, fell asleep and found me near death in the morning stuck in-between the mattress and tightly tucked blankets. Mum’s quote is. . . “I can’t believe you didn’t sufficate down there. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I don’t know how you got down there?” It was 18 when we first talked about that fateful night. I was able to tell her what happened. I knew it was true. I knew it happened. I had just put it to the back of my mind all of those years. That was the night I met God.

Immediately I was in the presence of the light. This time, because I was out of my body it was a perfect experience, devoid of fear. Ecstasy, love, light, eternal life, God has won the war over evil. God controls everything and God loves us all. 

I asked, “Did I die? Do I have to come into the light?” 

God said, “You can come now or later, the choice is up to you. You have no wrongs to be made right.” 

Because the light was so enticing I thought I would float a little closer. The closer I got the more ecstasy I felt and I began to lose my self in bliss, to the point where I almost couldn’t pull back. At the crucial moment between eternal life and mortal life I thought about my mother. 

“No! I can’t leave my mother!”  

I suddenly found myself floating above my peacefully sleeping mother. 

“I can’t leave her. I will live. And I will dedicate my life to glorifying the love I see within her.”  

With these words I re-entered my body. This was not a pleasant experience.

I clearly remember the transition of being an all powerful, all knowing soul that was weightless, fearless and could communicate clearly and understand the essence of all living things, to a frightened 8 month old baby, inheriting human limitations, confusion, fear and a sense of historical sin and bad karma! 

(As I entered the body I saw images of an ancient earth and knew it was billions of years old and also saw an ancient ‘cave man’ screaming in pain.)  

Akiane_TheDetectiveThe light remained in the room but now it was hurting my eyes and I was angry with God. I felt by becoming human again I had been cut off from God. I felt I had been tricked. I was afraid I might never get back to that heavenly place of peace and eternal bliss. And I was exhausted by the entire experience, which seemed to have spanned over billions of years so to speak. Now I just wanted to reach my mother. Then this whole experience would be over. I crawled up and into bed and lied with mum but the light continued shining. I felt the only way to stop it was to crawl down to the end of the mattress and jam my head in-between the blankets and use the full length of the mattress to filter out the light. So I did. As the light faded I heard a voice say, “You must remember this night. For it is of utmost importance to your life.” Then I said to myself, ” I’ll remember it on my birthdays.” 

On my fifth birthday when the candlelight flashed in my eyes I recalled the entire experience. I knew then that I would never forget it. It did happen. I met God. As I recalled communicating with the light my ‘normal’ five year old friends sat around the table happily eating fairy bread. 

I remember thinking, one day I will share this knowledge with the world. Then they wont have to be afraid anymore. This would become my life mission. At age 27 I began work on an allegorical animated feature film about my life and my near death experience. It is called “Bluey and The Great Spirit Moon.”

~Time doesn’t exist. There is no clear beginning and end. Some information received during the experience is revealed when I’m ready to understand it or apply it in my own life. I remember the event as though it was yesterday. In fact it is clearer than yesterdays memories. Still I was able to remember enough to prove to my entire family that it must have happened. I simply knew too much about the design of the house and the events of that night. We moved out of the Lauderdale house when I was 10 months old. I knew every detail.BabyAngel2

~[The Light was] Brighter than the sun but it doesn’t hurt your eyes, whilst out of the body.  Millions of straight protruding lines of dazzling color. It is not only physical by emotional and warm and understands and controls all things.  The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Time is a universal and human element. The realm of God is eternal. In the presence of the light there was only the eternal now. Over the whole experience images flashed in random. Not just from beginning to end.

~ I was in the presence of special knowledge, etc., and while I was out of the body I was unlimited in movement and could communicate with earthly things by being connected to them, but knowledge was only knowing what things were and how they felt. When your’e a soul there is no need for special powers. Nothing to feed! Nothing to fear!

I have predicted many future events through my art work. I drew the death of my grandmother and grandfather three years before the event and in 1988 I drew a picture that I entitled “The End of Innocence” It featured the falling of the twin towers.

 I’ve always been different. I’ve always known God exists and that makes me a positive person who is unafraid of anything. I have a musical and artistic feel that is otherworldly. 

That is because the light of God is bright in me. People can just sense it!

(When I was in an abusive relationship for ten years that light became dull and my physical appearance changed. I was far less attractive and magnetic)

(AngelicView: I can relate to this.)

I was allowed to live. I have appreciated every second of my life and I cherish my family and all of man kind. I love the Earth and our universe. That’s why we humans are here after all. To enjoy but not to destroy.

Oh well, “one out of two ain’t bad.”




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