Tolec: A Video Message

AngelicView: I really hate to post things on this blog that are controversial between Lightworkers. I wish I was psychic and knew what is going to happen, and who we should trust and believe – and not. 

If you’ve read my posts here before, you know that I don’t follow any channelings – but I also do not hold any judgement against anyone who does! I don’t know what the truth is exactly.

I do try to live my life in the “now” moment – appreciating each and every moment I have here on Earth, even as I am excited to move on to a better life – whether that life be here on Earth in 3D or in another realm – I don’t know. But when I look back on my life here, I don’t want to have the feeling that I didn’t appreciate any of it and I was always just wishing or hoping for more. And so, because of that I feel that this video message from Tolec 99% resonates with me, even though he does make a couple of controversial statements.

Tolec: Ina Maka – A Way to Calm & Inner Peace

Video Description: 

November 21, 2012

A commentary on: 

the severe weather & earth changes we are all experiencing all across the globe, and; the imploading, broken & corrupt banking system, the crippled global economic system, the dark ruling global elitists, the loss of their masters, the Reptilians, and their infighting due to the power vacuum at the top of what is known as the Cabal, the Illuminati, the ‘Powers that Be’, on their way to becoming, the ‘Powers that Were’.

Therefore, given all of the above –

I have some specific suggestions for – one relatively easy way – for people to help achieve inner calm & peace… in this increasingly dramatic, changing world we live in today. Enjoy.

Andromeda Council


2 thoughts on “Tolec: A Video Message

  1. be well 🙂 and let us see what actually happens on dec. 21 and one year out from there. we should be active all the same and resist shots, say no to inflation, taxation of the middle income people, stop using their currencies, stop funding the wars etc etc. and, all those bunkers that out gov. has been building, we need to investigate what they are for and why they are there.

    I’m exited and I will do some things while we are still 3d that I might miss not having done while we are here. 🙂 🙂

    come whatever may, we are eternal I believe this as well.

  2. In some ways parts of this message should have been relayed quite early in the year to prevent some hysteria about the end of this cycle. I do consider still that past the December date no future has been set in stone the likely hood is that the time lines merge and the further becomes a new page of creation . There has been considerable psychic manipulation going on on both sides of this opposing arguement . In truth humans are eternal beings and much that we consider reality is a construct of our own making. The mind we all share has its own process and the determined reality issues from the overall will. Like any psychological process the darker aspects have to be recognised and integrated before being transformed into something new. To me this has been the way of things. Spiritual growth in the person often has very exotic powers accompanying it. What remains to be seen is how this happens on a world scale. Life is eternal and all we do creates the manifestation moment by moment.

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