Excuse Me While I Whip This Out…

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a little note here to let you all know… I’m still alive! My life has become very hectic lately and I’ve been so busy with 3D-life!

My Grandmother has become very ill in her antique-ness. My parents had to take her into their home to take care of her. Then she lost consciousness in my mother’s arms and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. They have her stabilized now in the hospital, as of this writing. Her poor little body is just giving out, but she is trying to hold on! If she does transition soon, I know that she has had a long and full life. But this has caused a lot of stress on the family, as it always does when people go through something like this.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, I’m a nurse by profession. And at work we have recently initiated a whole new computer system for everything we do – all our charting. The amount of stress this new system has put on our unit is practically indescribable. Nurses are going home from work hours late and in tears! The system is not user-friendly and it is our only recompense if, for example, someone five years down the road wants to sue the hospital or the staff. We will not remember that patient and so it is our charting that says what we did or didn’t do. And so it protects us, as well as the patients, as a record of what happened (or didn’t happen).

A meeting was called and a too-small room was packed full of management, union representatives, and nurses to hammer at this issue. I was one nurse who was asked to represent my colleagues at this meeting. I don’t know how other professions are, but hospital management are notorious for not listening to it’s nursing staff as far as what the needs for the hospital are. And so while humbling, this was a very challenging task.

The good news is that after a long meeting jam-packed into a tiny room, we were able to get the hospital to afford us some additional training on the new computer system and some extra nursing staff while that training is happening. Another emergency meeting is scheduled for Wednesday this week to pin down exactly which parts of the system are not working right and how to tweak it to be more user-friendly. This meeting, of course, will be eight hour on 1st shift (where I work 2nd shift). And so that ought to afford me very little sleep time!

In addition to all that, it was my daughter’s 13th Birthday! I had a party all planned at my house with the cake ordered and friends all coming and my daughter woke up that morning with a high fever and throwing up! So I had to cancel the party and re-plan it for five days later. Then, she had gotten money for her Birthday, and so I had to take her shopping to spend that money (which, I’m sure, was burning a hole in her pocket!) Wowza! What else could happen?

I got home a bit early from work last night and just wanted to relax a little bit here, in front of my computer, and the power was out. Now, here in Michigan, it’s 32 degrees. It was extremely cold in my house (along with no lights or TV or phone or internet). I couldn’t even get my phone to pull up the internet, which is unusual. And so I sat with my dog and my cat in a cold and candle-lit house for about four hours before I decided to go somewhere where there is power (my parent’s house).

As it turned out, the power was out for about eight hours. And so every time that happens, I always feel just a bit more thankful for electricity!

So today then, I had promised my daughter I’d take her to see “Breaking Dawn II”, and it was also my best friend’s baby shower! But fit it all in, I did! 🙂

And so I just wanted to let you all know why I have been away for the last week or so, and not posting here. I haven’t forgotten about my blog, and I see that most of you have found interest in other articles here, that perhaps you haven’t read before.

Don’t forget to use the “Category Cloud” to look up your favorite subjects! For example, if you love to read NDE stories, just click “NDE” in the Category Cloud and it’ll bring up all of those stories posted here.

By the way, have you been reading the “Daniel Papers”? I have been fascinated by them. If you haven’t seen them, they’re posted on “Removing the Shackles” blog-site.

Love! Love! Love!

Shannon 🙂

14 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Whip This Out…

  1. Hello Angel,

    I was missing your posts… My 3D world is also a little messy here also, but no worries 😉

    Love and Light


  2. Oh Shannon, I hope your grandmother’s health continues to stabilize and you get the much needed rest you deserve. Thanks for keeping us posted and for all you do for humanity. Nursing is a noble profession, I’m sending extra energy your way to get you through this harrowing time at work. Happy belated birthday wishes to your daughter.

  3. Much Love to you from across the ocean here in europe 🙂

    Nursing, have you been forced to take vaccinations? those are damaging for health, most flu shots contain mercury as far as I have read. your CDC admits that on their own site.

    anyway, be well and Let us hope we can be liberated soon to 4d. anyway, I had a thought. is the system playing us? are they planning something and want us all focused on different conflicts and scenarios so that humanity does not unite and put a stop to the elite and their plans for extermination.
    I think we should focus on getting rid of puppet politicians and get real people in there who will expose and stop powerful interests at the top of the pyramid.

    • Hi Balder! For some reason your comment got caught up in the spam filter, I apologize for that.

      Yes, they try very hard to get us to take the Flu Vaccine every year. If we choose not to get the vaccine, then we must sign a paper which says what we are “risking” since we have refused the vaccine! I never get it and always just sign the paper. As a nurse, however, we are forced to give vaccinations to people who want them. And there’s not much we can do or say about it.

      • that is ok 🙂 I love all your postings here!

        and, I have a friend who is working in the medical industry as well over there. she says that she will be fired if she tries to avoid the flu shot. very depressing. She can no longer sign a waiver she says 😦 I can’t remember her state I will ask her next time i talk to her.

        I wish you Much good luck getting better 🙂

        • Yes, I can imagine there are probably a few bad ones out there. The amount of detail that the hospital and other agencies want you to go into in your charting is astounding! …And they don’t want to pay extra staff to work while you spend hours charting. So they try to come up with these systems that will “make it easier”. lol!

  4. http://hobbywriting.blogspot.com/

    Hi ,
    since my son died in May, he was only 21 and died in a ca crash (passenger) I read all i can get about NDE, especially your posts. I did read alot about that issue before, also strongly believe in angels and that there is more to life than this 3 d world, as you call it, I might adapt this quote, also my son gave me a message during reiki sessions I am taking since then, that he is fine and that all I ever told him, or was talking about is true… I read lots of Doreen Virtue books, Abraham Hicks and Dr. Demartini, but still sometimes the 3 d world overtakes and I am down again…. I started a blog a few years agao, which I now remembered again, but whenever I sit before the pc and want to write, my mind is blank.
    I admire you for your blog and I always thought, blogs like this would need a full time blog writer, hearing that you have a 3d world life also was surprising and I take my hat off for you, coping.

    Please visit my blog and maybe you can write a post about me and the blog and promote it a bit, this might help to get more focus on writing my blog on regular basis, as I love writing, my dream it to write a novel one day…….
    I also started a website with acrylic painting art, which I started as therapy and want to sell now to people who see also the love and light in the paintings I received while painting them…will post the links on next comment….

    Love and light to you and your family….how do you cope with death around your family, does the 3 d world also get to you or are you not affected by it and the old believes, we were told by others…????
    I am also on FB Claudia Schönmetzler from Namibia

  5. eternalloveart.weebly.com

    My Website
    under Writings you can find lyrics, I also got a message from my son to write lyrics during a Reiki Session….so far only in german, but you can await English one soon

    Love and light
    claudia Schönmetzler

    • Dear Claudia, I am so sorry to hear of your son. But I am glad to hear that you have received a message from him from the other side. How great is that! Yes, I think NDE’s definitely serve as being helpful to anyone who has lost someone. What better way to see for ourselves where they are and what they are experiencing? At least at the beginning. And then I’m sure it just goes on from there. Sylvia Browne is someone who I’ve read most of her books. Her psychic predictions didn’t come true. But she was a near-death experiencer, and all of the information she has provided on life on the other side of the veil completely resonates with all of the information I have read in these NDE’s. Somehow I think even the best psychic can’t predict what comes next – because we haven’t created it yet.

      I started this blog in May, and it does involve a lot of research to find the best stories to bring to the table for you all to read. I genuinely wish I didn’t have a 3D j.o.b. and that I could do this full-time! However, the Bills must get paid or else there would be no blog (because I’d be living in a cardboard box 😉 ). And yes, when I get home from work I often feel that I have been brought down, vibrationally! But it doesn’t take long after being in my home with my babies (dog/cat/child) to bring me back up again.

      I am a painter and I love to use acrylics. I could use some tips! I’ll visit your blogs. 🙂

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