Tolec Video: 11/11/12

AngelicView: This is a “Round Table Discussion” with Tolec as the main guest. Jay Perron and Rebecca Jernigan are the two people who are running the show/interview. The other guest is Thomas Hughes. Thomas is the person who claims he has had communication with “Bigfoot”, who live on this planet. I did not post that interview with Lisa Harrison, but I did listen to it and it can be found here. I also heard a clip from Alex Collier.

What I listened to tonight was the last hour and a half of the rebroadcast of this show and it is now almost 3am here so I’m going to have to wrap it up for tonight. But I know I have a lot of people who visit this site that love to hear from Tolec (including myself) 😉 So I want to get it out to you.

On a personal note, I’ve done a lot of inner soul searching since Tolec’s latest claim that a false flag alien “landing” would take place before the “real” benevolent Beings land. One thing I have to keep in mind is that I have to trust my self. My own inner intuition.

I like to see things with my own eyes before I believe them completely, as a lot of people do, I’m sure. Like channeled messages, for example, just in general. Someone says they can channel SaLuSa (just an example). Do I trust this person who says they can channel SaLuSa? Usually, I intuit that, yes, I do trust that person. I really believe that they believe they are hearing or seeing SaLuSa. Then I have to ask, who is SaLuSa? And that is where my red flag has to go up just a little bit, because I have never met SaLuSa, personally. I don’t know this Being. I don’t know with my own experiences who SaLuSa is or if what he or she says can be relied upon. And so I take it all with a grain of salt.

I don’t follow channeled messages anymore, just so my readers know. I did about two years back, but then I had to stop because none of their promises came true and really the messages are repeating themselves. And I am friends with a lot of people who follow their every word. And that’s okay. I don’t look down on anyone for following them. I feel that with messages like this, for me… I can’t discern like I want to because I have no voice or face to go by – absolutely nothing besides the written words on a page. And so I feel that I can’t properly discern whether or not the message is from a benevolent source – or not. And so I just choose not to follow it.

On the other hand, with someone like Alex Collier, I have a face to look at and a voice to perceive with my senses and with my heart. With Tolec, I have a voice and a personality to perceive. I can get a feeling about the person and whether they are well-intentioned or not. And I feel that Tolec is well-intentioned. I feel that he is truly trying to help. But on that same token as when we were talking about SaLuSa, maybe Tolec isn’t talking to who he thinks he’s talking to. Maybe he’s actually talking to the “bad guys”, and doesn’t even realize it. And so we really have to take everything we hear with a grain of salt. We have to be able to discern for ourselves when or if the situation arises.

Do you ever just get a feeling about somebody? I hate to name any names. But you see them, like on TV, and you just know that they are a bad person. I call it the “willies”! For example, when I see Hillary Clinton, I get the willies. Even though she smiles and she talks in friendly tones, I just feel that she’s deep down not a good person.

Well, this is exactly the way that Tolec says we can decipher these malevolent ET’s when they land. They might smile and say nice things, but what do we feel when we see them? And he says that this phase won’t “last long” (however long that is). And they are saying that this happening on Earth will be a catalyst for waking up people to using their heart and their intuition – because they’ll have to. It will be the only way to tell (besides broken promises) whether they are “good” for us or “bad”.  And, in all reality, they say, if ET’s come around and say things like they are going to “save” Earth or “save” us humans – run the other way. Because the raising of the vibrations of Earth (or “ascension” or “human evolution”) is a natural process. It is not anything that is controlled by any ET civilization. And so if this kind of thing is uttered by them – that will be our “red flag”.

I talked with my own higher self and my own spirit guides about a possible false alien landing. First off, I am not psychic. Never have been. So even my guides and higher self either don’t know or won’t tell me the future. But basically what I got from them is that if something like that happens, I need to stick close with them – my guides, my higher self. I need to trust that I will not be led blindly to follow someone who does not have my best interests at heart, as long as I stay centered and listen to my guidance. And I’m sure that each one of you will also be guided. Just listen and feel. You’ll know.

Also, almost to the end of the discussion, they mentioned Chris Thomas, the man who says he can read the Akashic Records. They said that they asked him about this false alien landing and he said that he could not answer as to whether or not that will happen because the Akashic Records is only a… basically a historic record of our past. So since it hasn’t happened yet – it is not entered yet. His interview is posted here if you’d like to check it out.

Video Description: Tonight i am joined by Tolec of the andromedan Council (, Rebecca Jernigan and Thomas Hughes. Questions about the upcoming dimensional changes, planetary changes, the False Flag alien attack, and many other subjects in this special extended episode – uploaded via


4 thoughts on “Tolec Video: 11/11/12

  1. I think we would feel it if they were “bad” but who’s to say we’re correct? Would those who feel that they are good listen to anyone feels they’re not, or vice versa? It’s the same with the President. Some feel he’s great while others feel he’s very bad. Who’s right? Does it matter? When does the BS end?

    • These are all thoughts that I have had, too. I think I’ll not worry about it until and if it happens. And then, if it does happen, I will be in meditation and prayer and really listen to my guidance as far as whether to allow myself to follow them or not. I think it would be smart to not get on any ship until 2014. We have to trust ourselves and our guidance. Our guidance has led us to discover everything we have so far! These Beings (our guides/angels/higher selves) are not going to let us down.

      As far as President Obama is concerned, some people say he’s our “savior” in a way and will lead us into the Golden Age, while others feel that he is the “antichrist”. Perhaps the answer is somewhere in the middle. I was completely dumbfounded, too, on whether he is a good person or not. When I look at him I think he’s a great soul. But with the NDAA and other things he has done, the “fruits” that he produced doesn’t show that he is a good soul at all. And so I’m in a “wait and see” area with him right now. To tell you the truth, I didn’t vote at all in this election (and that is very unusual for me). That’s how confused I was. I am quite certain that elections are rigged anyway, and so felt that my vote wouldn’t count anyway.

  2. Its 2014 now, I listened to Tolec’s explanation of why the Awakening didn’t happened yet (4-D time being different from 3-D, and that the Awakening will be event driven not a set date). I know that a lot of NDE’s talk about something happening, but I am afraid that there will be no Awakening. An Awakening seems to have been promised for centuries, why suddenly now? I know we need it, but I am afraid that progress will continue to be slow.

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