A Beautiful Land Like No Other

AngelicView: Astonishing NDE 33 years ago due to scuba diving equipment failure.  Remarkable for several elements including the observation of a watch he had on during the OBE phase while passing over significant earthly distances.  Remarkable observation of his diving partners of his body’s color returning toward normal while he was under water and not breathing.

I was 17 years old and had completed a scuba diving program back in 1972 and had been diving with a couple of High School friends on a not to regular basis. The beach we dove at was located in Corona Del Mar, California. That day as I left to go diving my mother was really worried as she asked me not to go diving and in fact asked me to give up the whole hobby. Of course being 17 makes you immortal so I just said, “OK, Mom don’t worry”. Our dive began like all the other ones, we were cautious didn’t really dive in more than 20-60 feet of water and there was always three of us, Richard, Ricky and me. 

I noticed that my primary oxygen had failed since I could not suck any air out of my regulator.  I struggled with it but gave up. It wasn’t an issue since we were in about 40 feet of water and I had my air reserve valve. I pulled on the wire that led to the reserve took a big hit of air and on my second breath no air, my reserve had also failed. Actually I couldn’t tell you today if it was the air or the regulator that had malfunctioned. By no means was I an expert scuba diver then or now. Because of the problem with the primary air supply I had falling back behind Richard and Ricky so now I began to become afraid. I had already let the air go from my lungs so I had no air now and a free ascent without any air in my lungs didn’t look like a good option. This free ascent thing was my weakest point in my diving certification, which was duly noted in my final exam. 

I tried to get Richard and Ricky’s attention but they didn’t respond to me. The truth be told. We had all been fooling around with each other and so they must have thought I was trying to get them near for another round of slapping each others mask off.  I gave them the underwater sign for “out of air” they responded with their middle fingers and I just floated there helplessly hoping they would come over and give me some air. They didn’t come and now I was just focusing on trying to keep my regulator in my mouth before losing my consciousness. I could tell the moment of blacking out was quickly approaching and I started to get really worried and afraid that this was it for me at the young age of 18, with so much yet to live. Now I was really scared and I thought about how disappointed my parents would be especially my Mom. She never liked the whole scuba diving thing and on this day actually gave me some grief about diving. Over the years I come to understand and respect the very close psychic bond I have with my mother.  

Just before I blacked out I remember how afraid and worried I was but just milliseconds before I did black out this feeling of euphoria came over me. I felt no fear no pain nothing I actually felt happy and free it was really weird. Then I am above the beach looking down at the area where our gear was, our ice chest, personal belongings. I could look out onto the water and see our diving buoy out there beyond the breakers. I knew Richard and Ricky were still underwater. I felt very much alive and very much intact. The only thing missing was my diving equipment which immediately led me to worry because we rented it and we had to pay for it if something went wrong. But every time I worried about anything this calmness would take over and then I would become worry free. To this day I hate heights so my attention immediately went from losing my diving gear to how I was able to fly and float. Once again that calmness took over, the same calmness that I felt just before I lost my consciousness. 

I started to look around and I noticed that I was moving in a northwest direction and now I really began to pay to very strict attention to what was happening to me. I couldn’t tell you if I were whole or spirit or anything like that. I felt whole and with my physical body, I had on my diving watch. I actually began to notice that I could control my movement in flight and actually stop myself when I concentrated on stopping. If I stayed stopped to long I would begin to vibrate really badly. With my fear of heights well I thought I would fall out of the sky. When I stopped concentrating on being stopped I would again begin to move as if someone or something were in charge. I felt carefree and worry free but to a very extreme degree.  Every time I got scared it was immediately replaced by total happiness it was an awesome feeling. 

I noticed that the direction I was traveling in would eventually take me back to my city. I remember clearly floating over Disneyland and the Knott’s Berry Farm it was very strange. I had the distinct feeling I was being guided by an unseen force. I could not see anyone just the ground and the sky to the horizon. I decided to measure the amount of distance I traveled by measuring the distance with my eyes between features on the ground. Then use my watch to time the distances traveled by the second hand on my watch. I don’t know why I did this I remember the feeling just came to me and it seem like a practical thing to do considering what was happening. Of course this would have been a very imprecise measurement but it just seemed to be the thing to do.  

Well it didn’t take long for me to realize that I couldn’t really eye ball the ground accurately for distance measurements so I became frustrated over time with the process. However, before I gave up on the project I did observe and intuitively (I could really feel it inside, very strong feeling) concluded the following. At one point I noticed just by luck that while I was trying to eye ball distances by looking at ground features and timing them with my watch. I noticed that my watch always remained the same ticking off seconds, linear. But the distance on the ground did not remain constant it varied from un equals distances some repeating some not repeating my speed was not linear it varied but my watch did not. So that deep intuition that seemed to be with me throughout this whole experience led me to believe something was really wrong.  

I tried to be scared but I couldn’t it just wouldn’t take hold and I wasn’t very surprised when I entered the city I live in from the southeast after all this was the heading I had been on since I left the beach. I finally ended up floating above my home, wanting so very bad to just drop down and walk in, but I couldn’t.  I did stop myself since I had been practicing that since I began the journey. There I was floating above my home. I could feel my mother’s presence it the kitchen I could sense exactly were she stood. I could sense she had become overwhelmed with grief and was very worried about something but I could not figure out why. I began to vibrate again and for fear of falling out of the sky and through the roof of my house I relaxed and once again I began moving. 

I now observed that my course from the beach changed from a northwest direction to a more northerly direction and just a tad east. I had been paying very close attention to this entire experience, feeling it, observing it making sure I remember the details that I have shared here. I took one look at the new direction and I could see Rose Hill Cemetery in Whittier, CA since I was airborne I  instinctively  felt that I would be crossing over the cemetery if I remained on this new course heading. I soon entered the cemetery from the south. I was surprised when I was stopped by some unseen force. Until then all the stops had been initiated by me when I concentrated on stopping. At least that is how I felt about it, again with a very strong intuition that I was correct in these thoughts and assumptions. 

As I looked down I could clearly see that I was above my family’s burial plots which were already occupied by my late Grandfather and Great Grandmother. There were other burial plots that were empty but also belonged to my family.   

Out of no where a voice says to me “What do you think about what is going on down there”. Out on the horizon just in front of me is this man just his head appeared. He looked Hispanic with this giant mustache and he spoke to me and I could see his mouth move. He was fading in and out of visibility sometimes transparent, then semi transparent, then almost solid but never really solid. I had the intuition that he was the one guiding me and protecting from falling out of the sky on my journey from the beach. Then to my house and then to the cemetery. I have over the years come to call him “The Guide”. He once again said “What do you think about what is going on down there”. So I looked down again and I didn’t expect to see anything new. Since I had been looking down at the family graves for what I thought was a long time anyway. Before the “The Guide” appeared and started talking to me. 

When I looked this time there was a funeral going on down there. But this funeral below wasn’t there a second ago and that I knew that for sure. I was too high in the sky to really make out what was going on down below me. I knew it was a funeral because I could see the casket but I could not make out any people. It was the first time I had seen people on the ground during the whole journey. I turned to The Guide and said “Can you get me any closer so I can see the people better”, he kindly responded with “No”. Which forced me to look back down and try to figure this out by myself.  I clearly remember focusing on the people standing the closes to the casket when a woman who was being held by a man breaks loose of his grip. She literally threw herself onto the casket and in English and Spanish said the kinds of things a mother would say when her only son dies at the age of 17. The whole experience now became so very somber so very real. I tried to be really disappointed, in shock but I just couldn’t get sad or worried which helped me tremendously, as I would have freaked out if I could. But I couldn’t. I looked at The Guide and said “that is my funeral isn’t it” he responded with “Yes”. I looked down again and now I could see my friends and the cars of those times. Many friends where there, my mom and dad where near my casket. My little sister and her boyfriend also stood near my casket. My girlfriend who I would later marry was also standing close by. If I could have become depressed I would have but I could not feel any misery, hate, pain, fear nothing everything was just OK no matter what I saw or felt. If we could all feel like that in this world it would be a very special world… 

The Guide then said to me “You have to decide if you want to go or come with us”. But I was to busy trying to feel sometime about my own funeral and I couldn’t feel anything. The Guide once again said “You have to decide if you want to go or come with us”. Not being able to feel any fear or anything didn’t prevent me from being snippy with The Guide so I said to him “You have said that twice now, you have used the word US twice and it is just you and me here, what do mean when you say US”. I said in a snippy voice.  

At that exact second a land appears behind The Guide a beautiful land like no other I have ever seen in my life. I have traveled to many places here on earth but have yet to find a place where the plants and trees glowed like they did in this place. It was like a beautiful tropical jungle I could see birds flying with three distinctly separated tails not like the birds I had seen here on earth. I could see plants and trees that made no sense to me. It was so beautiful so peaceful and very bright, everything was bright and alive. By now I was beginning to understand what is going on here. I know now it isn’t anything earthly that I am looking at or for that, matter experiencing. I began to make observations once again.  

I notice that the second this land appears it was separated by a deep canyon The Guide and I were on one side and this tropical paradise was on the other side. To the degree I could get worried, I was concerned that I could feel this place calling my cells to cross the canyon. Actually it felt more like my atoms were being pulled or attracted to this place. Instinct told me if I cross the crevasse I could not come back. Yet this place called my every being. I wanted to go there very badly but I knew if I did I couldn’t come back. I thought of how this would impact my sister, my parents, my girlfriend and my friends if I chose to cross.  I thought about never being a father or having children. I was only 17 and I wanted to experience more of life. So I continue to concentrate on not letting one single atom or cell cross the divide that was before me. Yet I had this uneasy feeling that I belong there, that I originated from there. That this place was my home and that everything came from there, seen and unseen. I really wanted to be there go there but I knew there were consequences if I cross the divide. My intuition during this entire experience was my only guide and yet I always felt that I had been there before anyway. 

The Guide said it again “You have to decide if you want to go or come with us”. I looked at him and I said “Why do you keep saying US it is just the two of us here”. At that second from behind this magnificent land a man walks down from the sky as if there were invisible stairs. I could see him taking steps downward but he never really touched the ground, he seems to float and never really came in contact with what I would have perceived to be the floor or ground. His movement in this way appeared to me as being not very natural, and I notice unlike my guide he was solid, I could not see through him.  

While I struggled throughout this experience to fully understand it, figure things out which I did very slowly. It didn’t take me very long to figure out who just walked down from the sky. It was Jesus Christ. (Which, these days I call the “Divinity Figure”, trying to keep it non denominational). Well I knew it was because I just knew it, he looked “some what” like all the pictures I had seen on earth of him but then not exactly like all the pictures. It is a pretty awesome feeling to be looking right at Jesus Christ the son, of God, as he is known here on earth. He was dressed in this long robe which was blue, he was a slender man (being) much more handsome than ever depicted in his pictures on earth. His hair was a loose curly golden blond kind of long but not to long. Just one look at him and you felt like he was your family, your father. My cells and atoms wanted to fly right over there and hug him but I knew if I cross that canyon it would be a pretty permanent journey. My instincts were what prevented me from crossing the canyon, intuitively I knew what would happen if I crossed. I wanted to keep my options open if there was any such thing. 

Many times over the last 33 years I have thought, if I had the chance again I would jump at it. So many times I have thought – Why didn’t you go for it – dude you missed the journey of a lifetime. 

It is hard to describe but it seemed like we just looked at each for what seemed to be hours. The first second I saw him I knew he knew everything about me, my past, my present, my future. I had the feeling of being worthless or maybe better said mundane. I could feel and sense there was nothing I could say to this being that he didn’t already know. I could feel him inside my head, I could feel his thought just slightly ahead of everything I was feeling and thinking. I REALLY wanted to go with him but I was already planning my excuses not to go. I felt bad because I could feel him in my head and I could feel I could not deceive this being in any way or in any thought. It was just like they said on earth. He was all knowing, all seeing and you could feel it. But he seemed so very relaxed very forgiving as well, I had many feelings while we just stood there looking at each others.  

Jesus then said to me “You must decide if you’re coming with us or would like to go back”. It was then I realized the most amazing thing in my entire life – he was speaking directly into my head and his lips never ever moved. I could feel it coming out of his head and into mine, my ears were never used when I communicated with him. It was simply amazing that I was communicating with this being in a telepathic conversation. It blew me away and it made me feel so different and so special all at the same time. It seemed very natural to me for some strange reason and I thought about why I couldn’t do this in my old world. I could distinctly feel he knew what I was going to say before I even though of saying it. I attempted to talk with Jesus telepathically but my efforts were comical at best. My mouth always moved sounds came out of it, but I had a good idea of the concept. Which up to that point for me was something humans are not capable of doing, I still felt very much human. I just thought of good reasons why I didn’t want to go with them and why I preferred to go back, while being very respectful and trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was surprised when he said to me “I knew you would make that decision”.  

He didn’t make any further comment’s, he just nodded his head in agreement and smiled at me. I instinctive just kind of floated there waiting to be sent back. Jesus speaks to me again, in my head not through my ears. He said – “I have work to do through you one day” and I thought back to him “Any time I will do anything you ask” and he said “You will have a long life” and I thought back “Thank You”. As he turned away again I notice he didn’t seem to touch the ground. Boom there I was back in the water with Richard and Ricky so close with these looks of extreme fear in their faces. That gave me the chance to rip their regulators out of their mouths and breath and breath and breath.  

We then began to all share the air and start upward to the surface. Once on the beach I just laid there blown away by what had happened, it total disbelief of what I had just experienced. Very emotionally moved yet calm and feeling pretty lucky that I was back in this world. I asked Richard and Ricky what had happened and they told me. They had turned around to come back for me since I had falling behind them a little too far. Once they came back to me they said I started to change colors I went from a light brown to a blue then a deep blue and then a dull gray. I just floated there in the water while I was this pale grey lifeless person. They told me they were afraid to touch me or move me. They said that after what appeared to be 5-10 minutes at least to them they noticed that my colors began to change again. They said I went from pale grey back to dark blue, and then pale blue and then I was light brown again. They looked petrified with fear when I looked into their masks. That is when I seized their regulators.   

Once on the beach both of them kept demanding an explanation from me, they could sense something had happened to me. But I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it because I couldn’t believe it myself. I was trying to figure it out and I wasn’t doing very well with it. I asked Richard to drive us home we had come in my car that day. We usually dove pretty early so we had the rest of the day when we were done. We returned the diving equipment we rented and we were soon on the freeway. Once again the questioning started “What happened to you”. “Something happen to you, tell us what happened to you”. I could barely sit up in the front passenger’s seat, I felt weak and tired I felt very strange. I finally told Richard and Ricky that something did happen to me but that I wasn’t really sure how to explain it to them. I told them they wouldn’t believe me if I told them what had happened. 

~I saw transparent entities and solid ones. My eyes were subjected to beautiful colors that seem to glow or irradiate from trees and plants, the ground, the rocks, the birds all seem to glow bright with intense color and clarity. Depth perception seemed enhanced as well.

~ I felt no pain, no worry, no harm, no fear it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! To feel any bad emotions in this world. At least that is how it felt to me. You could feel great emotions of peace, belonging, eternity the feeling you have lived and would live forever. You felt, I felt one with the universe – corny but TRUE.

~A guide appeared to me and he was fading in and out of reality, he would be transparent the somewhat transparent. I could always see through him no matter what state he was in. There was always a spot where I could see through him. I thought I felt I knew him but I never recognized him for someone I had ever known but I had a strong feeling he knew me and protected me. He spoke to me many times but he used his mouth and I heard him in my ears. 

    ~Jesus Christ or some being representing himself as Jesus. Jesus seem to float never really touch the ground. He was solid all the time. He could read my mind. He spoke to me and his mouth didn’t move. He spoke into my head I never heard a single word he said in my ears. Our communications were strictly telepathic. I recognized him as Jesus Christ. 

~after my NDE I was in two car accidents that should and would have been fatal. Yet when they occurred – this is going to sound really out there – so here goes -… When these accidents happened to me I of course became very scared I knew I was going to die in them, just because of what was happening to me in the car I was in. Both times I was alone and spinning all over the freeway. But the fear yielded to the feeling of total happiness like in my NDE. So when that hit me in the middle of the accident (both times) I recognized the emotion and feeling from my NDE. Immediately I became totally unafraid. I also felt the sensation of a big glass cover being put over my car. Like a force field to protect me. During the second car accident I actually let go of the wheel right after the glass force field was put over my car. I could see cars crashing into me and then being repelled with no damage to my car or the ones I was suppose to be hitting or the ones that were hitting me. Sorry if this sounds crazy but is is the TRUTH. So Jesus in way said to me he would protect me so I could accomplish his request of doing something for him. Also he said I would live a long life, these two accidents happened when I was 18. So I have always attributed my survival to what Jesus had said to me.

~When I first left my body I had my diving watch on. I took some very un scientific measurements of the distance I traveled by watching the ground for features and measuring them by the second hand on my watch. Totally unscientific. But my conclusion was and has always been. I was measuring time in an altered time. The ground never moved in a linear fashion the distances were erratic at best. The distances were always changing sometime repeating and then instantly become longer or short than the previous distance. Yet my watch was always ticking with out change. My intuition and impression were that I was in a different time zone. One where my earthy watch was of no use or inept at making any measurement or reflecting time.

~I find it hard to believe that we can worship some many God’s as a function of some many religion’s. Some of which do and do not believe in Jesus. It is a joke that we have so many interpretations. The whole thing is out of focus. Yes my beliefs have changed – I believe now that soul of life energy has existed and will exist until eternity. It has always been this way and it will always be this way. we cannot die just live our lives in different ways than the way we experience life here on earth.




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