Bridge to Lemuria

Bridge to Lemuria

Faith Spina, Kauai Hawaii

I wanted to share this wonderful video with you today. This woman, Faith, has had some wonderful experiences. She seems to have such a great understanding of our reality. She takes us through her life experiences. Many years ago she said that a Being told her that she was from Lemuria. Now – after years of learning experiences – she claims she can actually see Lemuria – the City of Light. She tells us all about it.

Video Description: Faith Spina is a Spiritual Midwife and Muse. Her calling is to help
facilitate the soul’s “unlearning” by guiding people to remember the
TRUTH of who they are.
Faith is a “teacher’s” Teacher who focuses her energy on sharing the
Mastery process with those who are ready.
She has written three books under the name of Vicki Spina. She has
appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, CNN and many other television and
radio shows.

Faith lives a magical life in Kauai in a sacred Mandala home with her
wise cat Olivia.

Faith offers customized one on one coaching/sound healing/energy
sessions. She offers individual retreats to Kauai where she spends
in-depth time with each person, taking them to sacred energy spots on
the island and assisting them with integrating the Lemurian

Faith also reads the Akashic Records and works with individuals

Faith can be reached through her “Bridge to Lemuria” page on Facebook
or email at

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2 thoughts on “Bridge to Lemuria

  1. I can’t tell you – in words – how much I enjoyed this talk with Faith and Lilou. Thank you, two wonderful beings … so uplifting! Since I was quite young, I believed in and have read about Lemuria and Atlantis.

  2. Hi Faith, I listened today to you speaking to Lilou last year October and it meant such a lot to me … every day is just amazing for me as I learn and understand more and more … Thanks for sharing who you are ,,, but actually what I want to say, I will go and visit Kauai some time in the future … I will contact you … I just know that I must go there ….. sending you lots of love …. Petro..

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