Tolec: Cosmic Event Update

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Update   10.27.12
As you know, we have all awaited the arrival & the near Earth fly-by of a very large asteroid, “Silver Ray”, aka “Ouskaar Nata”​, which would trigger specific earth change events to happen… the ‘popping off’ of undersea volcanoes triggering subsequent earthquakes off of the coast of Oregon… which would then cause the destruction of of the last Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base [which was taken & cleared out by the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council the last weekend of March 2012].
Just within the past 24 hours the Silver Ray asteroid while on its trajectory toward Earth space was literally, physically, ‘bumped’ out in space.  It was hit by a space rock about the size of an old, very large, very heavy 1960s Cadillac, which as a result moved the asteroid’s original trajectory to instead now travel past the back side of the Moon, instead of having a close Earth fly-by.  Because it was bumped, it is no longer on its original elliptical orbit heading toward Earth space, and it will pass by our sun, Sol, and instead head out into space.
Therefore, as an alternate plan, the people of Procyon will take the necessary actions to instead permanently fill & seal the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base, and not destroy it.  Here is why:  the current tenuous physical condition of planet Earth in its now perpetual state of evolution and change toward becoming a higher dimensional world, the near ending of its millennia of 3D cycles, the continued major movement of the tectonic plates, the stresses being put on these plates, the highly elevated amounts of magma now moving under the Earth’s crust – these are all valid reasons why an attempt to destroy this final Reptilian undersea base at this time would put far too many Earth people at serious risk… in a highly populated region in the general area where this undersea base is located.  If the people of Procyon of the Andromeda Council decided to destroy this base it would likely trigger a major earthquake event in this area… killing millions of people.  Rightfully, the people of the Andromeda Council will not take that risk.   It is a cautious, wise & prudent approach and course of action.  
I will provide the location of the final undersea Reptilian base, which I will reveal in extensive detail, sometime in the future… when it is safe to do so, and many scenarios on this planet have played themselves out.  Please understand, there is a huge responsibilty & risk that I bear knowing what I know.  The reality is that certain parties would truly enjoy removing me from this planet without second thought… should I reveal the exact strategic nature, location and composition of this final Reptiliain undersea base at this time.
Further, please hear & take very seriously into the totality of who you are regarding what I am about to say with respect to this next topic:
there were only ever a total of fifteen (15) Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea operated bases which functioned as the major operational bases and hubs of the power structure of the Reptilian run & operated Cabal & Illuminati on this planet.  Fifteen bases total.  No more.
And now, all of these undersea bases are either destroyed, cleaned up, shut down, and/or filled-in like this last one will be.  No matter what you are reading from other people anywhere else today.  There are no more functioning, operational, Reptilian undersea bases on this planet today.  None.
As to the visitation of Ambassador Tanka, Diplomat Maka and Vice-Chairwoman Tania with the people of planet Earth –
this is a very important matter, one for which I have been extensively planning over the past few months, and one which I am very much looking forward to have happen.  I also know full well millions of people around planet Earth have looked forward to this visitation happening.  And at least from all of the people I have heard from… the sooner the better.   However;
The deep entrenchment of Reptilians, and moreover Reptilian control and influence, into the highest levels & power structure of the remaining Cabal & Illuminati human members is also deep & pervasive throughout all of the top levels of our global society… as I wrote about in my article, [click on link here] – “The Hard Reality & A Difficult Truth“.
Therefore, as a result of the above situation – there are major, significant events… events that have yet to take place on this planet, non earth change events, concerning the people of Earth which will likely need to be completely ‘played-out’… before the people of the Andromeda Council can safely visit with the people of Earth.
Predominant among these events, a race of supposed, seemingly benevolent ETs will “land” and reveal themselves to the people of Earth… very much like in ancient times, having what Earth people would consider to be super powers, and/or god-like powers, and looking by all appearances to be very light, of light, seemingly angelic looking…  looking & acting, at the beginning, like benevolent, higher dimensional humans.  They will present themselves as benevolent higher dimensional humans, which they will not be.  They will be re-engineered Reptilians.
They will also likely make many promises… they have no intention of keeping.  Their only goal is to perpetuate the current paradigm of their purposeful, continued ‘enslavement’ of the people of Earth… by any & all means possible.  They intend to hold onto power on this planet for as long as they can, keeping the power structure of the Cabal & Illuminati in place.  Their power structure.  They will use any and all means possible, including deception… to convince humans into believing these ETs care about Earth humans best interests.
And nothing can be farther from the truth.  It will all be a lie.  All they care about is keeping their power/strangle-hold of Earth humans in place, while continuing to use humans… as nothing more than a consumable resource… very much like humans today, so far, use cows. Reptilians have done this to many times before not only to countless other humanoid planets, but they have ‘Reptilianized’, completely colonized, other galaxies as well.
Please keep in mind, this will be a very dangerous period of time on this planet.  Though I do believe… it will not last long.
We humans are pretty sharp, sharper than they give us credit for.  Fool us once, fool us twice, fool us three times…  and be very very careful.  We will take control of our lives.  The fall of the both the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall are really good examples of this.
I believe, at some point, people of Earth will finally decide with one unified voice, “no more“… no more of the status quo, no more deceptions & lies, no more financial & ‘life’ enslavement hardship…  enforced by a system which works for no one… except for the Reptilian, Reptilian/human hybrid, and human Cabal & Illuminati elites still in power today.

Therefore, as a result, the above situation I just described will need to come to a final ‘head’, a final conclusion… before it will be safe for Earth people to openly visit with…  Ambassador Tanka, Diplomat Maka & Vice Chairwoman Tania, and immediately following them the people from the four (4) Andromeda Council planets, as they keep their promise to come to Earth, travel to countries & cities around the globe to informally meet, visit & speak with the people of Earth… as they provide insight as to what Earth will be like in the future, after all of the changes have completed… as Earth begins her life as an even more beautiful, higher dimensional world.

16 thoughts on “Tolec: Cosmic Event Update

  1. I like to read Tolec. This one is the opposite of one I just read on another site that said Ashtar, Sananda & Obama are going to announce disclosure together for October surprise. If that happens, who is team light and who is team dark? Tolec & Beth can’t both be correct.

        • I’m not sure what you mean by the “round table”.

          I have to admit that the Tolec articles have been extremely popular on this blog – for sure!

          It’s just that I’m not resonating with this one. So I’m not sure what to do. Is everyone else resonating with this message?

  2. Shannon,
    I recommend not posting these Tolec articles but it’s your blog. This is the first one I’ve read in several months and I have no idea what he’s talking about. No idea.
    What I DO know, and so do you, is that an override button exists to put an end to any deceptions and drama and bring this game to its finish.

  3. It was SUCH a disappointment to read this article. As far as I’m concerned, again we have excuses. These messages seem more of human beings than from our star brothers & sisters. If its not one thing, its another. I would assume that they are more organized and more intelligent than this message. But that’s just me. 🙂 I hope I’m not offending anyone. I guess I’m feeling bitter…

    • No offense taken! I felt exactly the same way. I’ve let it sit with me for a few days now and pondered it. I had almost expected Tolec to come out on his site and say that his site had been hacked and someone else wrote that…. “Ha! Ha! Ha!”. But, no. He did write it. It seems to me a complete turn-around from everything he’s about. Who knows if it’s really the message he’s getting or if he’s a disinfo agent? There’s a lot of people out there who think he is a disinfo agent.

      His credibility is going down with me. I also would not want to immediately trust just anyone who lands on Earth, either. I don’t want to be stupid or naiive.

  4. Dear Shannon
    I just came to your blog yesterday and I really like what you write and gather for people to know and understand.

    I also understand that you are a nurse for new born babies. That is wonderful. You have a very kind and good heart.

    Now, I have been reading a lot of stuffs from various sources like The 2012 Scenario, Lucas 2012 info, in5d and so on. I also like to read Dolores Cannon articles and Edgar Cayce prediction.

    The problem is what if or what happen if 21 December 2012 comes and goes and nothing happens? To be honest with you, I have 3 little kids to feed at home and I am putting my entire business plan on hold for more than a year plus already.

    I have sold my house and my car is in the mist of taken over by the bank because I have stop my entire future business plan. Since we are going to ascend or die, why bother to hold on to this material stuff anyway. Right?

    We has less than 1 month and 21 days to go before 21 Dec 2012 for the actual event to happen. If 2013 comes and we are celebrating it. Then that means all this talk and channeling is all a scam or some big cosmic jokes.

    By then I will most probably be declare bankrupt by the court. So I really hope what you are saying is true to your words and not something that you created out of thin air…..

    Best regards

    • Hi Raymond. I’m so sorry to hear you are in such dire straights! I know a lot of people are – and I’m about one missed paycheck away from being there myself.

      I want to let you know, though, that I can’t think of anywhere on this site that even talks about Dec 21, 2012. I think you may have the wrong idea – I never said anything would happen on that day.

      In fact, the article you are responding to – Tolec’s – he doesn’t teach that anything will happen on that day, either. He says something big will happen in 2014.

      This site has mostly NDE stories, who many of them talk of some kind of human evolution in our future – but none of them say anything about Dec 21, 2012. And so I would advise not to make any financial decisions based upon the thinking that something big will happen on that day! 😉

      I wish you well. 🙂

  5. I do believe this scenario. But the whole waiting thing, waiting and waiting is unbearable and it does seem odd to me that the visitation process has been postponed, I would wish they could come, to me they sound like the good guys. and, if by summer (late summer) of 2013 no contact has happened I will have my trust shaken a bit. I still look forward to jan. 2014 though. mid level 4D sounds fun! 🙂 and I must say that I do feel something changing.
    I remember that I have heard from several sources that time will change significantly from the end of 2012 and forward.

    I have a question for you angelicview, do you have faith in Tila Tequila and her message? She says she can quantum hop, shift dimension, that she met “the big man upstairs” while being dead or near dead and that she has original documents from the masonic / illuminati / biblical writings. Where it states that the were old alliances doing changes and activating different genes in our forefathers…. go to her youtube channel and look at her updates. She says she has been banned from fb and now youtube. and that she is in fact an angel. And that many angels and demons walk among us doing spiritual battle, in a way….

    • I have heard of her but I remember the people who were talking about her mentioned her in a negative sense. But I’ve never looked her up for myself. Perhaps I should do that and see what she’s saying. Thanks 🙂

      • Cool, thank you 🙂 some of here links here and there are broken or unavailable..
        This site is her primary site as far as I know and her radio shows in archive here “”
        her radio has a lot of break ups, white noise, crackling issues. but some of the things she says, and some of her guests / callers are very interesting 🙂
        this one I liked. “”

        There is a lot and well… other than the normal geo political conspiracies, bio weapons like HIV, Morgellons ( morgellous ) disease, GMO etc. this is a layer on top which makes the amount of problems we are facing enormous. Not even counting the risk of disinformation campaigns to throw us off track.

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