The Silent Road (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

AngelicView: In Part 1 we saw that a soldier was killed in a WWI shelling, and wandering around was able to find a man who saw his spirit and was able to communicate with him. The soldier along with another entity they call “the Messenger” wished for their communications to reach the people of Earth. The man to receive their communications is Wellesley. 

Wellesley took down some messages from the soldier and the Messenger and now he is beginning to feel more comfortable with the communications to start asking some questions that come to his mind. Keep in mind, this was in 1917!

20th March 1917, 8 PM

W.T.P. (That’s Wellesley)  Do you really see brighter times ahead for the human race? 

Messenger. My son, you need have no fear. Your world is now plunged in
grief and chaos. The hour is dark, the outlook strangely gloomy. We can see
the light behind the thunder-clouds. Improvement in world conditions is
already taking place despite the war. Few kings will be left in Europe or, for
that matter, anywhere. Russia will lead her people toward peace and joyful
emancipation. The illumination of a New Day will be reflected in the soul of
the Slavonic race and will become apparent everywhere. In time to come
the dawn will break over Germany and the Northern peoples, sweeping
before it the cruel darkness of ignorance and despotism.
Tribulation will be great; revolutions must be expected, but nothing can
withstand the light. Vast changes lie ahead. Were I to tell you of these
miracles, you would not credit them. We see regeneration in Persia,
transformation in India; uprisings in the Far East and new discoveries;
revolutionary events in the New World, North and South; but the light will

Fear not the breaking down of barriers everywhere. Make the paths
straight! The Lord of lords is destined to make a divine progress, and the
ways must be prepared.

W.T.P. This is all very wonderful. How will this new spiritual radiance make
itself manifest?

Messenger. You are already witnessing its leavening power. The world is
not in such darkness as it was even five years ago, and this despite the
warring of the nations. The light dawns within individuals first and then the
radiance spreads. Outwardly its influence will show itself in many great
reforms. In time the very air will become purer. Climates will improve;
disasters caused by earthquakes, sea and air, will slowly diminish; but there
will be cataclysms first. Conflicts between religions will cease the bitterness
of sect will die away.

Women will hold equal rights with men. Great women, inspirers of the race,
will rise up in East and West. Diseases – physical, mental, political, social –
will gradually disappear. This must sound incredible to you. Remember
that a spiritual remedy is becoming available for human sins and discords.
It will veritably prove the elixir of the new age and will be within reach of all
mankind. The Christ spirit will dwell among men with healing in its wings.

W.T.P. Will the barriers between this world and the next be broken down?

Messenger. The veils are already thinning. As the race becomes regenerated
from within, all need for barriers will disappear, and death will lose its
awful sting.

The piercing of the veils must come about through spiritual and natural
processes of mind and heart, and not through the employment of magic,
ritual, or trance. (AngelicView: In my opinion, having an NDE is a piercing of the Veil).

W.T.P. Will a new religion become necessary?

Messenger. The spirit will re-illumine all religious faiths. The new religion
will be one of service and fellowship and unity.

W.T.P. How long will this take?

Messenger. I am not a very high being; and to me are not revealed details of
all these wonderful happenings. So far as I am allowed to see, peace will be
re-established during 1919. Although actual fighting may end in 1918, it will
take many years to bring poise and peace into actual and permanent being. (AngelicView: Dates of WWI were July 1914 until November 1918).

W.T.P. [What about] America?

Messenger. Her hour of tribulation is at hand. A splendid destiny will come
into view. So long as material wealth remains the idol, so long will the light be held back. You must expect revolutions of a peculiar order at no distant date. (AngelicView: I have seen similar references in NDE’s, and perhaps will make a post on it someday….)

W. T. P. And how are all these wonders to be brought about? Are we to
expect prophets and teachers in our midst?

Messenger. Great lamps will shine forth in East and West. The period of
revelations is upon you. The light is for the whole race, but individuals must
reflect it within themselves, that it may become readily available for all.

Rise up and proclaim the dawn of the New Day! You can all become
prophets and seers in this new dispensation. ‘The people that walked in
darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow
of death, upon them hath the light shined.’

Physical birth and death are not forever. Generation and dissolution as
known to you will be transformed, transfigured. Herein dwelleth a mystery
that cannot yet be unveiled. The road to its unveiling is the pathway of
spotless purity.

W.T.P. What about social evils and injustices, poverty and ignorance, lust
and greed? Can all these become transmuted?

Messenger. My son, have faith. Realise that the love of God is indeed allpowerful. The Golden Age will not be ushered in the twinkling of an eye, as
is thought by some. The law of evolution must be respected and cannot yet
be overruled.

Extremes of wealth and poverty will disappear. Yes, this is so. The war itself
has become a ‘celestial instrument,’ as you have already been told.

Governments will become simpler, less unwieldy, localised, filled with the
ideals of justice and brotherhood.

The Oneness of Humanity, as emphasized by the great prophet who
manifested last century, will become recognized, and as a result of this, vast
reforms, social and ethical, will gradually be introduced throughout the

W.T.P. Your utterances are so utopian that I fear it impossible to secure a
fair hearing for them.

Messenger. Compare 1817 with 1917. Compare 1900 with 2000 A.D. The
latter comparison is only possible through the exercise of faith and vision.
Much that I have foreshadowed will have become visible before the year
2000 A.D. My son, I give you my blessing and wish you God-speed.



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