Edgar Cayce on the New Age

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A.R.E. marketing director, Jennie Taylor Martin, sat down with A.R.E.’s executive director and CEO, Kevin J. Todeschi, to talk about Edgar Cayce and 2012.

Jennie Taylor Martin: Kevin, we’re asked this question all the time here at A.R.E. What did Edgar Cayce say about 2012?

Kevin Todeschi: Well, the bottom line is, the numbers 2012 are not in the Edgar Cayce readings. What Edgar Cayce did talk about is the change of an age, or the New Age, the Aquarian Age. He gave quite a bit of information on what this New Age will be about, what this transitional period is all about, and what we can expect.

In 2012, of course, according to the Mayan calendar … [it comes] to an end on December 21, 2012. So, lots of people are expecting something to happen. Maybe the Mayans knew something we didn’t. Should we be worried about the end of the world? None of [the] Cayce material [indicates this]. Cayce talked about how we’d enter into a New Age that would be known for three things: purity, global consciousness, and a height of spiritual consciousness that we have yet to encounter.

Just in brief, in terms of purity, he suggested that eventually, this New Age would be known as the Age of Purity. Now I don’t think that he’s suggesting that on December 22nd, the day after the Mayan calendar comes to the end, we are all going to wake up and say, “Oh my God, we are in the Age of Purity!” I’m thinking instead it’s that a generation or two will look back and will say, you know, I think something really happened around 2012, with an awareness that something changed in terms of our world consciousness.

In terms of global consciousness, Cayce suggested that everyone on the Earth is part of a family—a brother, a sister—and part of this New Age consciousness would entail us becoming aware of that responsibility to one another; that regardless of the nation we were in, or where we were in the Earth, we would become aware that we had to help someone on the other side of the world. And that’s something that would be a part of where we’re heading as well.

And the third component of this New Age, this new global consciousness, this new Aquarian Age, will really be a spiritual consciousness in which Cayce suggested each and every soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the Divine. So those three things: purity, global outreach/global consciousness, and spiritual consciousness.

Jennie Taylor Martin: In practicality, how can a person speak with God?

 Mayan Calendar 2012Kevin Todeschi: Let me give a short term, and a long term answer. I think in the short term, and right now, in many, many ways the Divine is constantly communicating with us, but we’re just not aware of it. So that, for example, through our dreams, through our intuitive hunches, through our feelings, through our inspirations, through the relationships that are brought into our lives, through our experiences … I think all those things have a Divine counterpart; that somehow the Divine is trying to communicate with us. The challenge is that we are not hearing the Divine. So, in the short term, we’ll have more and more of those experiences, and awaken to the awareness of “now wait a minute, there is something for me to learn, or someone is trying to tell me something,” and that someone is the Divine.

In the longer term, I think what it suggests is that we will become aware of the fact that this is a Divine communication, we will also tune in to what Cayce described as God Consciousness or Christ Consciousness, the awareness within each of us of our oneness with the Divine, so that somehow getting in touch with our connectedness with one another, and our connection with God; and so being able to speak with the Divine would suggest to me that we will be much aware of how somehow we move through life with each other and very much with the Divine in our hearts and our minds and our souls; we are all connected somehow even though we are still individual.

Jennie Taylor Martin: What can a person do to prepare to this coming New Age?

Kevin Todeschi: That’s a good question, and I think Cayce would say it is something we should actually prepare for. In fact, on one occasion he gave this reading to a woman and told her that only those who are actually preparing for a New Age will ever become aware of what is going on around them. In other words, we might be entering into a New Age, and lots of people won’t have a sense that anything is different. Maybe we wake up on December 22, 2012, and say, “Nothing happened.” But in truth, there is a change of energy going on, and the Cayce readings suggest that if we want to be a part of that, we should begin to apply the very best that we know in terms of our relationships with other people, our connection to the Divine, and even our attunement to ourselves regardless of our religious background or belief system. I think the Cayce readings would suggest that we could all agree on three things: that it is important to love the creator, however we might define that force; it’s important to love one another; and it’s important to love ourselves. And that certainly is a part of preparing for the New Age. Now I think it’s ironic that lots of times people say they are very interested in preparing for the New Age and yet they are not speaking to their neighbor, or there is someone at work they don’t like and they are not trying to heal that relationship. So I think whatever is front of you in terms of something that is out of synch in terms of harmony, those are the things we probably need to address.

Jennie Taylor Martin: Thank you, Kevin, for taking time to talk to us about 2012.


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