Light As a Feather

I was extremely alert. I remember a heightened level of certain senses such as telepathy which once I was able to realize the ability, made me more aware of consciousness than I had ever experienced in normal every day.


I was able to see but the colors were so much richer and brighter. But the depth perception seemed different. Everything was telepathic and all-knowing so I didn’t have to “look” and use my eyes the way we do normally. I was able to see form as well as non-form beings at the same time.

So much love. More love than I had ever experienced. I no longer felt any sense of aloneness. I felt safe, extremely light as a feather, with none of the burdens of my normal life, and at peace.

I was never alone. I was always surrounded by many beings, some were in form and others non-form. I always felt their love and protection. There were times during my life review where I was interacting with other beings in different lifetimes or rather dimensions where certain lessons or karmic experiences were being played out. But I could tell the difference and knew I was getting glimpses of past karmic energy that kept following me to different lifetimes. I saw beings that had passed over and I saw beings currently in my family or circle of friends who are still alive and in physical form. There were also beings I did not recognize but I felt their love.


I was able to understand why I had become sick through my life review. And I was able to see exactly what energy or belief was being held within my spiritual vibration that was being carried from lifetime to lifetime or dimension to dimension. It was very clear. I knew what it was I needed to do in this lifetime to clear that energy so my spirit no longer has to carry that suffering into another lifetime.

I was able to see that the universe consists of different dimensions occurring at different levels of what we call time or speed. Some are happening at the same time, some are in the past and some are in the future. It was fascinating. I’m still trying to find words to communicate in detail that this is real. I’m not a scientist but I know what I experienced was real. It was not a dream. If I could take a snap shot or movie reel of what I witnessed for everyone to see, researchers would truly see that the events that occurred, how they occurred, why they occurred, and how they relate to what is happening now in this world are completely connected, without a doubt.

It was clarified that we are not alone. We are always surrounded by loving beings when we cross over and even now in this existing dimension. I know that we are always safe and protected. And I know that no matter what our circumstances, who we are perceived as or judged by the world, or what we have done in this lifetime, that we are all pure love. It’s as simple as that. And we are all here to remind each other of our pure essence and what we can create in this 3-dimensional world through love and co-creating.

I learned that we are all one in the same sharing different experiences. And that because we are all one, we no longer need to communicate in the way we think we need to. Telepathy, for example is real. Not only did I experience it on the other side, but I’m experiencing it at a heightened level now that I have returned.  I was shown that the concept of heaven and hell only exists in this world. It’s a term we have created using an agreed upon vocabulary. But the truth is heaven or hell is existing right now, not in the afterlife. The afterlife is beautiful, pure, loving, and safe. The struggles and heartaches we put on ourselves in this world is the hell that we have defined. And what I learned is that no matter what, we can change things to create heaven on earth here right now.

I remember at some point asking to be directed to the “light.” I was ready to move on. I didn’t want to return. I had suffered so much in this lifetime and I felt I had disappointed so many people. I remember thinking “Oh, wow I had been so worried for so long that if I ever died I would be so worried about my loved ones, especially my husband. But everything is great. We’re not alone and we’re all safe and protected. They are going to be just fine!” I honestly felt that everyone in my life would be better off if I just continued onto the white light. I knew it would be hard on them at first, but I felt that in the long run they could move on with their lives and not have to deal with the health struggles that had invaded our lives the past couple of years. But there was a point where I changed my mind and I remember indicating that I wanted to “take back” my initial request of being sent to the white light. I remember telling the beings that I wanted to go back to my family. I made the choice to come back.

I was made aware that my body would heal and that it was safe for me to return to my body. I remember a series events that took place in this large house with all white walls. There were other beings of form around me that I was communicating with. At a certain point I found myself in a white room with no one around. Everything was pure white. I was in my form and seeing everything from that perspective. I had been placed on what felt like bed, even though it didn’t seem to be a hospital. I do feel that I was in some grand place in another dimension where my body was being allowed to rest. And that it needed plenty of time to rest before I could leave.

The biggest impact was the series of events which showed me why I had struggled so much in this lifetime. What patterns I had been carrying in my energy field from lifetime to lifetime. It was incredible. I really felt it and still do in all of my cells. I can see how disease and wellness really do begin at the energetic level. But most importantly I learned that I did not create my illness on purpose but I allowed my body to continuously carry certain energy patterns throughout many lifetimes. And that now that I was being shown this, I had an opportunity to return and clear this energy pattern so my spirit could then be at peace, no matter which dimension it traveled to.


Many of those close to me have told me they have noticed a change in my energy. That I’m a lot calmer now than I used to be. I find myself now able to let go of issues, dramas etc. a lot faster now, within minutes. In crossing over, I learned how to let go of issues almost immediately. I was never able to do that before. Someone would do something to hurt me, or say something that offended me and I would hold onto it for decades, literally! I also learned how to immediately read my energy levels and tell whether or not I was depleting myself, what was depleting me, and how to rejuvenate my spirit so the negative heavy energy did not implant itself into my cells, which could create future disease in my physical body. The key message for me, was that in this 3-D physical reality we are human, we are form, we do have an ego, and we do have the illusion that we are all separate.

So instead of fighting that and feeling guilty and shameful for not preventing issues that come up, I can now allow myself to be “human”, recognize what energy patters feel heavy and negative, immediately do something or go somewhere to release and transmute the energy, and keep myself connected to the true loving being that I know I am. It makes life much more enjoyable and much more fun! I experienced what it was like, on the other side, to not have the heavy stresses of everyday life. And what’s amazing, is that I see now that I can create that same feeling of being light as a feather here in this physical reality.

That is our heaven on earth.


8 thoughts on “Light As a Feather

  1. Wow, am I glad you posted this story.

    This post and the one above it clarify the Human Mind System problem.

    Okay, Cheri dies and moves into a spiritual state. She has a life review. She goes over lessons she learned. She understands how illness comes from energies. She sees how she has to deal with karma. She becomes aware that we are all loved. She finds out that we are all one. She asks to go to the light, but changes her mind. She returns, but as a changed person.

    Now, the problem with all that? All of that is part of the prison!

    When going through this review and asking to go to the light, Cheri eventually changes her mind. She tells the beings, “I want to go back.”

    Stop right there!

    Edward Alexander spells it out very clearly. Cheri was manipulated at that moment. These “beings” that are assisting her are part of the Annunaki system to keep us enslaved.

    Edward says when we return to spirit and ask to go to the light, we will be tricked into thinking we should go back. Many, many souls do just that.

    To escape the prison, we have to INSIST that we go to the light and ignore any influence these “beings” have on us.

    Yes, these “beings” are beautiful and loving and caring. But they’re also a brilliant part of the prison we’re trapped in and they do their jobs well.

    So, it becomes clear: reincarnation, karma, life lessons, energy issues causing illness, karmic trouble following you life after life; all of this is part of the Human Mind System or prison.

    When Cheri died and saw these things, there was truth mixed in with lies.

    We are all one. Yes, truth.

    We have to reincarnate to learn more lessons. No, a lie.

    The afterlife is beautiful. Yes, truth.

    The spiritual energy we have to clear to prevent trouble in a future life. No, a lie.

    To return to our sovereign integral state, to return to unity consciousness, Cheri should have chosen to go to the light.

    Do you see how she was tricked?

    What was the ultimate outcome of Cheri’s decision? She returned to earth, enslaved in another round of 3D life.

    This is exactly what the Annunaki wanted us to do. And it has worked for thousands of years.

    So, to escape the prison, several sources say the same thing: on your next death you must know that this is a prison and you must keep this knowing in your mind as you pass back into spirit.

    That way, you can tell these “beings” that you want to return to who you really are and not go back to live another meaningless life on earth.

    This is the subtle, clever and ingenious trap that we have to become aware of while we’re alive. We have to become “awakened.”

    Our awakening frees us from the prison.

    Thanks, partner, for posting this. It really helped.

    • You could be right. I don’t know. But because I love studying NDE’s so much, you might find that I post them here often. And in all cases, because the person DID come back, you will find that they have made the choice to return.

      At least we will know that the NEXT time we pass over, if they tell us we need to come back to clear karma, then we know we can say, “no”, and transcend.

      But I don’t want people to see NDE’s as something “evil”. I definitely think there’s a lot we can learn from them.

      You will find that the beings are always forgiving and loving. They feel there is nothing to forgive. We are our own judges and it is our choice to come back to right any wrongs we feel we made. Then we get back here and the veil of forgetfulness gets us every time.

      However, I don’t know that there’s any “they” that are causing this. I believe it’s possible that it was of our own making. It is “we” that cannot live with how we’ve treated others. So I don’t know that there are evil beings behind this.

      But, having said that, I could be completely wrong and backwards in my thinking. Maybe I will find out someday that it really is an evil plot to keep us reincarnating. That story just feels wrong to me right now at this time.


  2. Okay, partner, I want to say just one more thing.

    Remember “The Ascension Papers?” Remember the part where 8 shows Zingdad that we all play the role of Perpetrator, Victim and Rescuer?

    When you say, “It is ‘we’ that cannot live with how we’ve treated others,” then what role are you playing at that moment?

    If we are truly upset at how we’ve treated others, then why would we return to earth and what role would we play when we get back.

    Perpetrator? Nope. Victim? Nope.

    Rescuer? Aha!

    Remember what 8 says: to achieve mastery, to return to unity consciousness, we have to release any connections to these three roles that are played when we are here.

    Remember what he says to Zingdad? “You were a horrible Perpetrator and killed others easily. How does that make you feel?”

    Zingdad says, “Rotten.”

    Then remember what 8 says? “If you feel rotten, then you’re still playing the P/V/R game.”

    So Zingdad says, “well, okay, then what should I say?”

    8 says, “Mission accomplished.”

    See? We have to escape the Perpetrator, Victim, Rescuer wheel of agony to graduate to mastery.

    You’ve played a perpetrator? Good!

    You’ve played a victim? Good!

    You’ve played a rescuer? Good!

    Now, it’s time to go home!

    Don’t worry about how you’ve treated others. In the end, it absolutely doesn’t matter at all.

    Being unable to live with how we treated others is still playing the game.

    We have to ascend above all that. We have to stop playing those roles and move on.

    Now, don’t you get mad at me. These discussions have been very meaningful to me.

    • Oh, no Mike, I’m not mad.

      It does help to put it in “Zingdad” terms, though, because I really do respect his points of view!

      It’s hard to think about saying “good” to the thought of me victimizing others, though.

      But I haven’t quite gotten to that part in the book yet. I’ve been working so hard on this blog. Maybe when I get there and read more about it it’ll make more sense.

      Right now I’m exhausted! I mean I am so tired that when I lay down, I’m too tired to sleep! So I’m gonna go lay down and try to rest now – I’ll be back up later. 🙂

  3. Hi folks

    The crux of the issue here is WHY Cherie B decided to come back. She doesn’t say. Mike makes the assumption that she was tricked. I don’t know that. Without her saying so… I wouldn’t want to guess. The point is SHE DID decide to come back. And now that she is back she is discovering herself in a whole new, wonderful way. She has found a deeper level of self-love, self-understanding and self-acceptance, post this NDE. Sounds like a good idea that worked out well. So then, it seems to me there is no problem with this! Right?

    Mike… I have to say I am not in resonance with the “earth as a prison” model. I don’t know about anyone else, but I do know for a 100% fact that NO ONE is keeping me here against my will. I KNOW that I was hesitant to come here for this incarnation because I was scared I would cause harm. I KNOW my spirit guide advised me strongly to come. I KNOW, scared as I was, that I agreed. My brother… there was no jailer and no trickster involved. Maybe there are these things for others? Or maybe the deep discomfort of a life in separation just FEELS like a jail. Either way. I don’t at all accept that I am tricked into cycling though incarnations here. I will stop incarnating when I say I am done. That is my perspective, lovingly offered without coercion.

    With respect to the VPR triangle. Do you think you are a victim to the tricky Annunaki beings who might mislead you into reincarnating again if you are not super aware when you get to the other side? Do you think these beings are smarter than your Higher-Self? Than your Spirit-Guide? Than all the masters of Light that help you to plan your incarnations? You are only potentially a victim to trickery if you have, on some level, consented to that game for whatever reasons of your own. THAT is how the VPR cycle works. And you get out of it, not by escaping this life and not coming back, but by awakening to your true nature as creator being. Which you certainly can do right here in this lifetime. No exit and no clever recollections are necessary.

    With much love,

    • Okay, Zingdad – thank you so much for your input!

      I am going to read it over a few times more, but it does resonate highly with me!

      Again, thank you for taking the time, as I know you are a busy man these days! 🙂

      • Shannon, Zingdad,

        What a great discussion. I wish we could meet and talk over coffee somewhere.

        I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know who I am and where I am, but in the process of digging deeper to find out, details from reliable sources start to stand out.

        With all due respect, what resonates with me is that this IS a prison and maybe all of us chose to play in it or maybe we didn’t, but the framework exists.

        James of the WingMakers describes it. Hidden Hand describes it. Insider of “Revelations of an Elite Family Member” describes it. Valiant, who posts on Rumor Mill News, describes it. Edward Alexander, maggador, describes it. Professor Argonza describes it.

        All of these sources are respected individuals who share a deep love for humanity and the truth. So many details of what they report are similar that the basic outline of a prison is hard to ignore.

        Zingdad, you’re right. I can’t imagine a power that’s greater than my inner/higher self, but at the same time I always remember one of the most important lessons in this life: there is no right or wrong. There just is.

        So if trickery, deception and lies are used to enslave us here, well, it just is. Perhaps we choose to play the role of inmate or perhaps we don’t. If we choose to play, then maybe we allow our inner/higher selves to be fooled, to go along with the charade.

        I remember an engaging exchange between Insider and a person who was asking him questions.

        The person said, “This is just an illusion. We can free ourselves from this trap if we want to.”

        Insider replied, “Oh, really? Then go ahead. Try to escape. Close your eyes and wish yourself away from here. You will escape only if you remain in your awakened state at your next death and then tell the beings you meet there that you do not want to return to earth.”

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