A Galaxy… and Otters!?!

AngelicView: This one is “Juicy” (as Lilou would say)! 🙂

I was suddenly in this black void and a sparkling happy light came zooming at me extremely fast.  It was kind of like seeing a star shining bright and within less than a second it was enormous and right in front of me. It was sparkling and happy like those sparkers kids have at 4th of July…extremely energetic and bright. It didn’t speak to me but it transmitted to me a “want to come with me?” message.  I am very adventurous so I said yes and together we travelled at the speed of light into a galaxy of bright lights and I knew that all of them were souls or spirits and that each one was a point of light that was another being.  I stayed there awhile until I understood how there were so many galaxies and stars and that they all were alive like entities and that I was probably another point of light.  I had no awareness of having a body, I just felt like I could move anywhere I wanted as if I were a light particle or something. 

I then went to various places…one of the first ones was to a landscape like Mongolia, it was spectacularly beautiful.  The clouds were extremely bright and moving the way they do in time lapse photography and the light kept changing the way the mountains looked and the tall grass in the valley.  I lingered there a while and knew that there really were such things as Sacred Places.  I started to understand that everything that ever was and everything that ever will be were all here at once and that all the knowledge in the universe was right there for us to access if we just believed and reached for it.  I knew that Einstein and Mohammed and Handy and Mozart and all the great artists and scientists had tapped into this knowledge either in their sleep or as a conduit from God or the great spirit or the universal energy.  I was bathed in bliss and harmony, I felt more love than I could even imagine and every thing emanated positive energy, affection, every single positive word in the dictionary could not capture the feeling of eternal bliss that I felt. 

I then thought about music and I was instantly in an enormous concert hall and I was like an air particle in this beautiful theater and my (dead) Uncle Sydney was playing the piano with Arthur Rubenstein and Leonard Bernstein and my uncle looked up at me and smiled and winked.  he looked SO happy and content and I was really happy to see him playing because that is what he always loved to do the most and he looked so vibrant, not like he did when he died. 

I then thought about otters and suddenly I was swimming with otters, but I wasn’t wet or cold.  I remember thinking I should be cold and wet, but I wasn’t.  The otters were very playful with me and kind of helped me swim with them.  They kept looking back at me to see if I was keeping up with them.  They were so lithe and beautiful and so joyous in their element.  They came up into an old beaver den and we all laid in there awhile.  It’s interesting because after this NDE I found out that otters use old beaver dens.  I hadn’t known that before. I never felt that my body was with me, I felt more like I was just a little bright light like a tiny star, but we all communicated telepathically. 

All of the sudden I was transported to the Columbia River Gorge and I was at a nice party and I had some juice that I spilled, but nothing got wet and there was no mess.  I remember thinking that I don’t need anything here, there is nothing cold / wet / bad / uncomfortable – EVERYTHING was eternal bliss.  I met a lot of people and we just stood and chatted, but it didn’t seem like pointless banter, it was more like a joyous celebration that everyone was just happy to be there.  The gorge was green and lush.  I went back out into the galaxies and knew that I only had to think about anything and I would be there. I felt a sense of profound comfort and a sense of peace and belonging, none of which I have ever felt.  I knew that I was ‘on the other side’ and I didn’t ever want to go back. 

  • I later verified that otters use old beaver dens and that the music I heard was by Beethoven and my mother told me that my uncle Sydney had always wanted to play with Rubenstein and Bernstein.
  • I felt like I was travelling through the cosmos.  I  have never had much interest in astronomy, but I knew I was out there in various galaxies
  • I felt that all beings were present, a myriad, millions of beings – it didn’t seem strange or mystical except that it felt like another universe or dimension that was so close to earth we could reach up and touch it but we just aren’t aware that it’s always there.
  • It didn’t feel strange and it seemed normal and mystical at the same time.  It was more like not knowing that this was here and discovering, kind of the way we know Mt Everest is there but until we go there and see it for ourselves we can not believe how enormous, powerful and spiritual that place is.  So it was kind of like seeing one of the worlds greatest wonders and finding for myself how amazing it was. 
  • Time seemed faster and at the same time it felt like all time was simultaneous, as if everything that ever was and is and will be was NOW, and yet time was always moving along like a river. Again, it is hard to describe, but I knew that my prior sense of time was an illusion and not the way it is in reality.
  • I felt like I could understand everything if I chose to…it was like everything was right there.  I compare it to an enormous buffet that had every kind of fruit, vegetable, cheese bread, etc and all I had to do was reach for it and I could have whatever I wanted.
  •  I felt that there was an enormous universal energy and that every single thing on earth had an energy and every star and cloud and every single thing had an energy and that all these things combined were the Universal energy or being and everything had a place or a form that they chose.
  • I felt that I had lived other lives and that I could choose to return to life on earth as  a tree or an otter or a rock or a human or whatever I wanted, but that I really did not want to go anywhere else because I was so happy where I was.
  •  I felt a universal connection or unity but it didn’t really seem mystical at the time, it just felt like this IS how it is, in retrospect it seems mystical or unearthly, but at the time it was just obvious that that is how it is, that everything is interconnected and it was plain and simple.
  • I knew that love was the greatest force around us and that we are all love and love is the only thing that is real, that hatred and pain and hurt and all the negative things were not really the way it is, that we just create these negative thoughts/feelings/actions, but there is no place for these things in the real world which I consider to be where I went in my NDE…there is no evil there so I feel it is an illusion here and that there really is no evil. (AngelicView: Zingdad says the same thing!)

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