Love Earth, and She Will Protect You

I felt compelled to write about this experience today. I feel that Mother Earth has protected me several times. But this one experience stands out from the rest as being more obvious. I wasn’t even “awake” back then – but I knew that somehow I was protected from danger.

I was sitting in my living room painting a winter scene on canvas for my manager. My manager had cleaned up her messy office so well that I told her I would paint a painting for her to put in it.

So I was sitting there painting, and suddenly the wind picked up outside and my windows were open. I looked out the window and just as I looked back at my painting I witnessed it flying across the room. In fact, things were “flying” all over and I ran down the stairs and got into the closet that is under my stairwell and closed the closet door. This is where we go in my house in tornado weather, as it’s the safest spot.

I heard that famous “freight train” sound and a lot of “boom-ing” and “bang-ing”. For about two minutes this lasted. As soon as it quieted down I climbed back up the stairs and what I saw was unbelievable. 

Huge trees were on top of houses. Trees were everywhere! Houses and other properties were damaged. People were slowly emerging from their homes to behold a sight that proved the awesome-ness of nature. 

But when I went outside, I noticed something very strange. All the trees in my yard were standing. There was no damage to my property. The only thing I noticed was that my garbage can had blown away (I ended up finding it two blocks away in someone’s yard). 

Get this guys and gals – All the houses to the west of me had property damage. All the houses to the east of me had property damage. 

It seems as though the tornado literally jumped over me.


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