A Brilliant Quote

AngelicView: Below is what I have found to be a brilliant quote. Just for fun, see if you can figure out who said it. Then hit the “more” tab and possibly be surprised by who I’m quoting here:

“It’s very simple. We do not understand who we are right now. We are who we are because of our level of understanding. As soon as we start to understand more about ourselves, and who we are, we will change our thinking. And when our thinking changes, we will change what we believe then. And that belief in ourselves is what will make it so we create a completely different world.

And when we stop accepting what we know as information and start accepting that we don’t know – and that we need to go out – we need to seek – we need to find and understand what is true knowledge, then the cup won’t be full anymore and we can actually fill it. Right now we’re full glasses, and what we need to do is we need to empty ourselves out a little bit so some real knowledge can be poured in. And to do that we need to eliminate the knowledge that isn’t true. The illusion.

I know for a fact that we create what we believe. We have simply to only truly change our beliefs and the world will bend around those beliefs and the world will change. Just change your beliefs a little bit and see what happens in your life – in reality.

We’re powerful – absolutely powerful! We’re just blind to that brilliance”

~Bill (Wood) Brockbrader

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