Bill Brockbrader

Today this video interview with Lisa Harrison featuring Bill Brockbrader has been staring me in the face.  I had watched the video before, when it first came out (February 9, 2012) and it resonated well with me at the time. I have since become friends with Bill and his girlfriend, Eva, on Facebook.

Right now he is fighting the court battle of his life with people who have a lot more money than he does to fight it. That’s what “they” do to whistleblowers, they try to shut them up one way or another.

I frequent You Tube to watch for new and interesting videos and today was no different. I watched three videos my friend and Co-Lightworker, Bobby – the Fearless Leader over at The Truth is Viral (TTiV) site.

But no matter which video I was watching, over on the right side of the screen was this Bill Brockbrader video. I felt nudged to click on it.

As I began to listen to it once again, it resonated even more with me because I feel that I have more of a background understanding in what is going on in the world – so that what he said made even more sense to me.

Interestingly, my ears perked up on end when he began talking about Iran.

Here, listen for yourself. In fact, listen to the whole interview if you’d like (no one will know 😉 )

The piece on Iran begins at the 23 minute mark.

What he said about Iran – in my mind came the words “Keshe Foundation“.

What do you think?


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