A Visit to Other Planets

Roger and a lady friend were in a car accident together.

In Roger’s NDE, once he reached the Great Light, he was able to ask about life elsewhere in the Universe – and visit other planets! Take a look:

My first question:

Is there life elsewhere?

I guess, you know the answer to that! If you don’t…

It’s a BIG YES!

2nd question:

Are there many planets that have more superior life forms than we have on earth?

The answer is thousands of planets having a higher evolution than you know on earth.

3rd question:

Are there many planets with a lower evolution than earth?

YES, thousands too!

4th question:

Can I SEE what it looks like on a planet with a higher evolution…



In an instant, I was there on another planet!  I was able to see my body there (I can’t see my body in the light).  I’m in the presence of people and am able to TALK TO THEM! HOW GREAT, I THOUGHT!  They where amazed to see me in front of them. I was in some sort of city with flat ground, there were buildings with no windows nor doors, just like big boxes. They had a special way to enter them but it wasn’t very important for me to know it! We were communicating with voice, but through the minds (telepathic), I was able to understand each word (in French to me) and while I was talking, I know I was using another language with them. This was all done automatically.

They were asking me where I come from…They wanted to see in my mind the stars I could see from my planet!  The result was good! They were also asking me where on earth I was born, what was the area I liked to see and what I liked to do on earth…I told them I was born in a village called Caplan…I like scuba diving in Port Daniel and New Port, Quebec.  They wanted to see in my mind what it looks like and a map of those areas!  They asked me to show them… If I wanted to.  The result, again, was good as I was capable of mentally showing them the map!  They asked me where I was taking the energy to survive; I knew right away they were talking about food in a strange way! I told them about the plants that we eat on earth and then they also said: Are you also eating what used to be alive? I said yes.

They told me: We knew there were primitive civilizations but not as bad as that!  They were really surprised that someone coming from such a primitive world could meet them on their own planet!  I asked the one (kind of in charge or representing the group).

Where do you take your energy here to survive?

They said: We take it from the cosmic power as you do, but directly instead of going through natural interfaces as you do.

I also asked : Do you sometimes travel to other worlds?

The same one said: Yes we do, and showed me a space ship… Almost like a airplane but without wings.

I asked him what kind of energy are you using to travel so far?

He said: We are using a gravity generator to get almost unlimited speed!

I talked the problems we had on earth with great acceleration due to the G-Forces involved.

He said: Our gravity generator affects the entire space ship including people on board, so there’s no G-Force at all affecting passengers or crew.

I remember, by the way, that physically-speaking they where shorter than us and walked slowly compare to us. Also they didn’t have any hair. They had a strange uniform which moulded their skin as if it were part of it.  It was hard to tell where it will began and ended!  They told me, we might go to see your planet sometime in a near future but it is very far from here. I said, “no problems but be careful”! I said goodbye and thanked them for the information, etc. I went away from them and at night, I took the time to look at the stars… It was nothing like on earth, and there wasn’t any moon also, but the sky was beautiful with lots of stars.

(A few years later, some local people including a couple of policemen saw a UFO in Caplan, Port Daniel, and New Port, all on that same night. The same description at the same time in different villages.  It has been reported too in the local newspaper) It has been described has something that looks somewhat like the Concorde plane without wings, but made no noise, not a sound in the air, and was seen only a few feet from the ground and not moving for a while). At that time, I was living in Montreal, more than 500 miles away from there.

Getting back to my story, after looking at the stars from that planet, I decided to go back to my origin and the origin of everything, the Light…What a fantastic trip I thought! When I think about humans having a hard time to reach the moon and back! To me now, going to the moon was as simple as crossing the street, and going to a planet about a hundred light years away was as simple as going to the next village! 

I also asked: (While being in the knowledge level of the light)

Can I see less evolved planets?


Here you are!

There were some primitive cave men (full of hair) chasing strange animals (big ones).  I tried to communicate with them but with no results; they can’t see me nor hear me!  It wasn’t too interesting there, so I’ve decided to go back to the Light.

I learned while I was back that we could not interfere with primitive worlds and it’s the main reason there’s a great distance in between planets to act as a buffer preventing us from reaching their world as it could be very dangerous to their evolution since they must go through theirs by themselves as we need to ourselves. In a next life, we humans will be incarnated on another more evolved planet, because there’s a minimum and a maximum evolution permitted on earth, and pass that point, the most evolved and intelligent person on earth will be the less evolved and the most primitive person on a more advanced world…

I thought about asking some questions regarding earth:

Life will last until what human years as we calculate it now.

Answer: 3587

What would happen then:

See by yourself:

I saw something REAL BIG coming (as a comet, or an asteroid).  Humans were still here on earth at the time… (Will be, I should say).  Total panic on earth, because scientists will know it’s the end of all life on this planet because of that and they will not able to see it long enough in advance to avoid it…I took some time to look here and there in the NEAREST future.

I wasn’t able to bring back exact years nor time as it could affect what should happen for our own evolution. I know as I told my story to some people after 1990, the year of the accident, that there will be lots of conflicts involving the U.S.A., and I remember that it will start right in New York City in a few years from now (1990). I had no information that it would be the World Trade Center, and what year exactly but was sure for NYC, and that all the people of earth would be aware of what would happen. It’s now part of the past (9-11).  After that, the east coast mainly will be affected.  There was a major city in a north central state that would be affected.   Almost nothing to the west coast would be affected. Because of that, as I am sure of it, I’ll never move to a major city on the east coast even if some company were to entice me with a very good six-figure salary to begin with…

I remember, I had ALL THE DATES and EXACT TIMES of every event in each city!

I said to myself, now that I am dead, I can’t change anything anyway… So I went to the end of the conflict… Even more frightening! Because of the conflict with different countries and less investment in space research and NASA, no one can see something happening and approaching earth… Some small asteroid but big enough to cause substantial damage on earth.

The good news in all that is that because of this event, all nations will stop all their conflicts and try to work together instead of fighting each other, but it will be too late to avoid what could have been avoided…Starting from that point, the different nations will realize the stupidity of war and will work together for many years to come, there will be finally peace on earth but millions of lives lost could have been avoided! I know this is not too far away in time.

Getting back to some more positive things…

I went to a higher lever into the light, so wonderful, so much love!  This is higher than the level of knowledge, the level of creation as I call it.  Everything becomes possible… Creating physical things and sharing the creation level with God! Yes I know, it’s hard to believe!

I didn’t want to come back here on earth, because I had come from a place of infinite love and beauty,  but none the less I had underestimated the infinite power of the Light and at that instant I formulated a wish that I’d like to return to earth in order to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. What I didn’t know was that a wish formulated at this level in the light becomes reality.

Upon formulating this wish, I saw myself pulled toward the bottom of the light cone and I slowly found myself outside of it.  I suddenly realised I could see my body once more. It’s then that I saw my friend.  She was coming toward me and the Light behind me.  She was dressed completely in white like a bride, not walking, but as though floating. I had the impression that I was on my friend’s path as she was slowly moving toward me. I was going to bump into her and instinctively raised my arms to prevent this.  She does the same.  As we came closer together our hands touched and I was astonished at the flashes and sparks of light emanating from them.  As  the members of our bodies fused together, it’s when our brains fused that we could read each other’s thoughts perfectly without any possibility of error despite the tremendous speed at which this took place.  It’s here that I make her realise that we’re not using speech but telepathy and want to make a test…I want to see if at this point we can still use speech.

I began to talk and realised that I was using her expressions and vocabulary while conversing, but that this was taking way too long and we returned to our new way of communication…so much faster and with feelings also! She was explaining to me that she would be staying in the Light and that her time on earth was over.  She knew that I, however, was returning to earth and would never forget this experience as it was so much better than what we had known physically.  The feelings of love were growing weaker and weaker and I could now see the wider scope of everything on earth…wars, greed, anger, racism etc. As I was getting closer and closer and I was very much saddened by it all.  Suddenly, I was back in the car, flames leaping all around. I turned and saw my friend’s body and knew beyond doubt that she no longer inhabited it. The Light gave me just enough time to exit the vehicle before the flames reached me. 

An autopsy was performed on my friend and it concluded that she died before the flames got to her.  My healing process was nothing short of miraculous despite the many broken bones, the attending physician was stupefied by my progress.  I have returned with a few paranormal talents and some gifts.



2 thoughts on “A Visit to Other Planets

  1. Thank you for sharing, you amazing experience. I had a experience of the spirit world, so I believe everything you’ve said. God bless you

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